Ryan Clark Says Steelers Are Fractured & Not As Close-knit As He Thought

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark made an appearance Monday morning on NFL AM to talk about the comments made recently from an unnamed teammate concerning the conditioning last season of linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

“My biggest problem with that is not LaMarr, or is not someone\’s feelings about LaMarr,” Clark said. “My problem is now it\’s public. We were talking about the Ravens earlier, we were talking about the brotherhood, we were talking about the family that they were. We all have arguments with our brothers, sisters, cousins, but that stays in-house. What you talk about then stays there and it doesn\’t get out to the public. So that is the problem. …

“That shows that this team that is normally close, you had the Joey Porters, the Alan Fanecas, just down the line, leader after leader, this team was close-knit. It shows there is a fracture in that. I think that is the most disappointing thing about that coming out.”

The unnamed teammate said that Woodley was awful and not in shape last season, according to a Sunday report by Ron Cook in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Now that a leak has come out of a normally tight lipped locker-room you knew that it wouldn\’t be long until Clark weighed in on it.

Clark responded just as you would have expected that he would and I agree that things such as that should be kept behind closed doors. It indeed shows a void of unity and lack of leadership.

The fan base already knows that Woodley hasn\’t been the same since he injured his hamstring during the middle part of the 2011 season so we don\’t need a player coming forward, especially one not willing to attach his name to the comments, to tell us that.

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert will be at the NFL combine later this week and it will be interesting to see if he is asked by the media to comment not only on Woodley, but the unnamed player that cracked him.

  • steepens

    Each player should be worry about themselves and let the other players do the same.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I don’t know if I agree with Clark here, but that has more to do with if it has been done behind closed doors already. I don’t like stuff aired publically, I think it is better behind closed doors, but if that has been done and he didn’t respond…what do you do?

    Sometimes letting the fans know that the locker room sees the issue as well as they do can help. Maybe it embarrasses Woodley enough that he changes himself.

  • SteelSpine

    This is the kind of stuff that happens because offseason is so long there’s not-enough for sports interviewers & other football media to do so it’s he-said she-said anonomous dunno back&forth maybe said nyah nyah. Lets hope football gets here quick.

  • steeltown

    Ha! Agreed

  • Mike Carroll

    Any leadership that is lacking in this situation, relates directly back to Woodley, not an absence of leadership from other players. When a player is paid the way Woodley is paid, he must be a “leader” by example. If Woodley is truly not working very hard, while clearly underperforming on the field, it’s reasonable to think some other players will come to resent the fact that Woodley not only makes much more money than virtually everyone on the team, but he is also sucking up a huge amount of cap space at the expense of the entire team. I still do not care for the anonymous quote. But, I do believe it’s important for team players to believe the payment structure on their roster is fair and makes sense for the relative rankings of individual players.

  • steeltown

    Is this steepens? Did you used to go on NFL.c o m?

  • HarryBackside

    More and more Clark seems like a guy who would rather be playing for the Ravens

  • Garrett Hunt

    Then it wouldn’t be a brotherhood, or close-knit group

  • Garrett Hunt

    I’m sick of hearing about “we need a leader”. I wish someone would just step up and do it. While there a lot of lead by example players in the locker room, it seems to lack a vocal leader.

  • Dan

    …and because we lost a lot of games. Just as winning cures everything, losing hurts everything. There is always some frustrations, dirty laundry, jealously, irritations, etc. But when you win you don’t think about it, feel it or talk about it so much. When you lose, it’s much harder to keep your mouth shut.
    Hopefully this is just a little venting of the pressure cooker. We are too good of an organization to turn into the Jets. That being said it’s very important to develop and win games next year.

  • Pete

    The sad part about all this is that it’s a commentary about character and the willingness to work to be champions. Woodley clearly doesn’t have this right now and there is no leader willing to step up to keep everyone in line the way a Porter or Ward did. Harrison is keeping his mouth shut unlike a couple of off-seasons ago. I don’t believe for a second that Porter would’ve put up with Woodley’s attitude without saying anything. Porter even got in Ben’s face.

    I’m curious to know how Lewis motivated the Ravens D players to train in off-season or if it was even required of him.

  • SG

    I’m actually kind of tired of hearing what Ryan Clark thinks to be quite honest. And whoever said that about Woodley was only stating the obvious.

  • lefnor

    If Woodley is pissed off right now (i bet he is) and he will train insanely this offseason to prove, i don’t care about that coward anonymous comment.

  • JohnnyV1

    Mike, you’re right on! I stated in two other posts on this site the same thing. This has nothing to do with Ryan Clark (who was trying to clean up the spilled milk), it doesn’t have anything to do with the “woodley teammate” who leaked the story. This is all on Woodley. You got paid, now give it all you’ve got and produce. You wanted the big contract, with it comes big responsibilities.

  • Would a 2013 Locker Room Leader(s) step up PLEASE?!?!

  • Superdriller316

    I’m sure what was said was true. The problem is that it was said to a reporter and not to Woodley. When Butler comes out and says the same thing there is a problem, and your not going to bench a 60 million dollar player cause he’s not in shape. No one on that team can come out and say anything bad about another. They all sucked this year, just some worse than others. If you go back and look at history, who is the one person on that team that always has some kind controversial comments? I could be wrong about this one and I hope that I am. BEN… He’s always talking about things that he shouldn’t, I don’t know why either. Last year it was every one talking about Payton, Drew, and Eli, then he comes out that he was playing with a torn shoulder that no one knew about. Then it was the play calling. Someone needs to go in there and bust some heads and get these guys in line.

  • walter mason

    I agree. It was probably said behind doors and it didnt do any good. Woodley should be totally embarrassed. I hope it motivates him.

  • Wait, so Ryan is complaining to a reporter that other players are complaining to reporters? You’re a good player, Ryan, but how about you zip it for once?

  • steepens

    Hey town. Good to see ya again. Yes, one in the same.

  • steepens

    I stand corrected. Let the backstabbing continue.

  • Garrett Hunt

    Didn’t say the backstabbing should continue. Just think the players should look out for each other than trying to be isolated. After all, I thought football was a team sport.

  • steepens

    Didn’t say the players shouldn’t look out for one another or try to be isolated. And, I don’t think the fact that this is a team sport, after all, justifies the unnamed player’s comments in any way. No team needs that turmoil and distraction.

  • Garrett Hunt

    Don’t bother replying because you will probably just twist my words again. I get your point, players should not throw other teammates under the bus

  • Garrett Hunt

    1. If saying “Each player should be worry about themselves…” doesn’t mean players shouldn’t look out for one another, then what does it mean? I don’t think it is possible to look out for someone else without keeping their interest in mind or “worrying” about them.

    2. You continue to twist my words by saying I justified an unnamed players negative comments by saying it is a team sport. If you could read you would realize I said players should look out for one another since it is a team sport. Never did I say I approve of the anonymous negative comments.

    3. “No team needs that turmoil and distraction.” Hey you finally said something I agree with! If this is what you were going for all along, you should have began with this comment for clarity.

  • steepens

    Well, don’t like twisting words? Coulda surprised me. Never did I say it’s not a team sport, that players should be isolated, yadda yadda, but you claim I did. You just don’t like my response. You have an uncanny knack for following me around and taking things out of context. And yes, I stand behind my words, the first player and only player anyone should be critical about is of themselves, publicly. If this wasn’t clear in the context of the backstabbing remarks, then maybe it was an interpretive mistake? Nah. And I could care less what you agree with.

  • Garrett Hunt

    HAHA. Wtf are you talking about?

    Please tell me where I claimed you said it’s not a team sport?

    Following you around? Don’t flatter yourself, I don’t look who made the comment I just look at the actual comment themselves. Not my fault if you say some dumb stuff.

    “I stand behind my words, the first player and only player anyone should be critical about is of themselves, publicly.” —When did you ever say this? Your original post said nothing about being critical of others, it said worry. If you do not know the difference between those words use a dictionary. Also, publicly was nowhere in your post either. Sorry, I am not a mind reader, if that is what you mean by interpretive mistake then yea, my bad.

    The difference between me and you is that I do not twist words, instead I read comments and interpret them for exactly what is written. You, on the other hand, read a comment and emotionally respond as if it a shot at you personally without taking the comment for what it says. Let me break it down for you in an example to help you understand.

    Garrett- “Just think the players should look out for each other [other] than trying to be isolated. After all, I thought football was a team sport.”
    INTERPRETATION- My opinion that players should look out for each other instead of the opposite end of the spectrum which is being isolated. Then used football as a team sport to add evidence to my point.

    Steepens – “I don’t think the fact that this is a team sport, after all, justifies the unnamed player’s comments in any way.”
    INTERPRETATION- You think I said an unnamed player’s comments instead of (and I quote) ” the players should look out for each other”. In this case these are opposite as the unnamed player had negative comments and looking out for someone is a positive thing.