Extra Stats Derived From The NFL Scouting Combine Numbers

Now that we have all of the drill times and distances in from the 2013 NFL combine we can have a little fun with the numbers. Below is a table that list the offensive linemen, defensive lineman and linebackers. The table shows the height, weight and four other stats that are derived from various combine numbers and I will explain those next.

Keep in mind that the tape trumps everything. This is only a post about playing with the combine results, but it might show you an area of a players game that you might want to go back and watch specifically.

KEI – Kirwan Explosive Index – This is the Pat Kirwan stat that I have written about before several times in the past. This number is derived by adding the vertical jump, broad jump and bench reps together. To convert the broad jump number to work in this formula you merely divide the inches jumped by 12. Kirwan explains in his book that any player with a number over 70 gets his attention.

Formula: Bench + VJ + BJ

LA – Lateral Agility Score -This is a lateral agility stat that I have used for several years and it is derived by subtracting the 20 yard short shuttle time from the 40 yard dash time. The higher the number the more agile the player is thought to be. Whereas a 40, 20 and 10 yard dash measures short, intermediate and long range speed, the short shuttle was designed to measure flexibility, burst and balance.

Formula: 40 Time – 20 S Time

SS – Speed Score – This stat was created by Football Outsiders several years ago. Players with different weights and build will not run the 40 equally and this stat takes that into consideration and is better explained here on ESPN.com.

Formula: (WEIGHT * 200) / (40 Time ^ 4)

LOWX – Lower Explosion – The root of this stat comes from the Kirwan Explosive Index and it focuses more on the lower body power that a player has. It uses the vertical and broad jump numbers and takes into account the players height and weight.

Formula: (VJ+3.5*BJ)*(WEIGHT/HEIGHT)/3000

A few quick observations from the numbers. Linebacker Kevin Minter had a good combine outside of his 40 time. He also didn\’t run the short shuttle, however, and that is one thing scouts will want to see come his pro day.

Southern Mississippi linebacker Jamie Collins also showed great speed and lower body explosion as he nearly jumped out of Lucas Oil Field. His upper body strength, however, is in question thanks to his 19 reps on the bench. It is hard to read into that, however, because he has such long arms which hurts players on the bench.

North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper had a solid week at the combine and should be a first round pick come April. Is he the top guard now? Alabama guard Chance Warmack will have something to say about that at his pro day.

Add your own observations below of players that you think the Pittsburgh Steelers might have interest in.

Washington, CorneliusLBGeorgia604026585.7-123.71.05
Hunt, MargusDLSMU608127782.60.09123.70.95
Williams, TourekDLFlorida Int602726080.3-88.70.91
Moore, SioLBConnecticut600624577.60.34104.81.01
Spence, AkeemDLIllinois600530775.90.4387.31.03
Powell, TyDLHarding602124975.20.24107.40.97
Armstead, TerronOTArkansas-Pinebluff604630674.8-0.01124.41.06
Williams, NateDLOhio St603024174.40.44850.87
Williams, TrevardoDLConnecticut601224173.3-110.50.97
Fragel, ReidOTOhio St607530872.40.4688.30.96
Collins, JamieLBSouthern Mississippi603425072.10.32107.91.08
Herman, EricOGOhio604132071.90.1684.20.93
Gooden, ZaviarLBMissouri601423471.90.29117.20.92
Richardson, SheldonDLMissouri602429471.7-92.61.04
Cooper, JonathanOGNorth Carolina6021311710.2394.10.98
Painter, VinceOTVirginia Tech604230670.60.39101.90.93
Lotulelei, JohnLBUNLV511323370.30.5484.91.06
Williams, NickDLSamford604430970.30.29103.81.05
Smith, JaredDLNew Hampshire603330270.10.6990.71.05
Lemonier, CoreyDLAuburn603325569.90.2113.90.91
Jones, DatoneDLUCLA603728369.80.48106.60.95
Minter, KevinLBLouisiana St511624667.9-91.91.09
Kruger, JoeDLUtah606226967.80.3798.90.93
Tretter, J COGCornell-NY603530767.60.491.50.99
Boyd, JoshDLMississippi St602831067.20.588.80.94
Gilkey, GarrettOTChadron St6057318670.5878.80.99
Goodman, MalliciahDLClemson603527667-98.10.94
Porter, SeanLBTexas A&M601222966.9-900.87
Schwenke, BrianOCCalifornia603031466.50.25101.30.96
Mady, LamarOGYoungstown602031765.90.6670.30.86
Johnson, T JOCSouth Carolina604231065.50.5976.80.86
Ansah, ZiggyDLBrigham Young605227165.30.37117.90.95
Werner, BjoernDLFlorida St603226665.30.4397.80.89
Fisher, EricOTCentral Michigan607230665.20.6194.10.95
Williams, SylvesterDLNorth Carolina6025313650.2397.80.94
Jones, AbryDLGeorgia603031364.9-77.60.93
Barker, ChrisOGNevada602530564.80.4880.30.92
Buchanan, MikeDLIllinois605325564.40.3497.70.86
Joeckel, LukeOTTexas A&m606030664.30.6277.60.92
Bostic, JonathanLBFlorida600724564.30.37108.50.9
Barrington, SamLBSouth Florida600724664.3-84.70.9
Quessenberry, DavidOTSan Jose St604730263.80.6390.70.97
Logan, BennieDLLouisiana St602030963.7--0.92
Ogletree, AlecLBGeorgia602424263.70.3199.20.89
Hepburn, BrandonLBFlorida A&M602424063.30.13100.10.87
Watford, EarlOGJames Madison603330062.90.0691.50.97
Brown, BradenOTBrigham Young605331062.30.584.80.9
Johnson, LaneOTOklahoma6060303620.2122.1-
Williams, BrandonDLMissouri Southern St6012335760.4680.61.08
Bakhtiari, DavidOTColorado604229961.90.3589.10.85
Beauharnais, SteveLBRutgers600724061.80.6487.50.89
Wort, TomLBOklahoma600023561.80.27900.83
Dawkins, EverettDLFlorida St602729261.60.1889.10.93
Cleary, EmmettOTBoston College606731661.50.5185.80.95
Gholston, WilliamDLMichigan St606228160.70.3792.90.86
Wagner, RickyOTWisconsin605730859.90.2686.20.95
Pough, KeithLBHoward601623959.80.4382.90.87
Bass, DavidDLMissouri Western St603726259.80.5195.50.86
Stewart, JonathanLBTexas A&M603624259.80.15100.90.83
Taylor, DevinDLSouth Carolina607026659.70.42107.20.96
Thomas, ChaseLBStanford603024459.40.6840.84
Hill, JordanDLPenn St601230359.10.72810.87
Taylor, BruceLBVirginia Tech601223759.10.6275.20.83
Stankiewitch, MattOCPenn St602630258.70.4769.50.82
Warford, LarryOGKentucky603033258.50.4868.50.89
Madsen, JoeOCWest Virginia603331058.20.3784.80.87
Moore, DamontreDLTexas A&m604425057.7-83.30.92
Becton, NickOTVirginia Tech605232357.60.6388.41.01
Frederick, TravisOCWisconsin603531257.60.8264.40.93
Grissom, CoryDLSouth Florida601330657.60.5770.93
Holloman, DevonteLBSouth Carolina601324357.40.594.70.87
Hughes, MontoriDLTennessee-Martin604032957.20.5387.90.98
Foketi, ManaseOTWest Texas A&M605031857--0.87
Mills, JordanOTLouisiana Tech605031656.90.49760.94
Greene, KhaseemLBRutgers600624156.70.5197.90.85
Wetzel, JohnOTBoston College607031555.80.6570.90.87
Barnes, T JDLGeorgia Tech606236955.10.3493.50.94
Kugbila, EdmundOGValdosta St604131754.30.6679.70.88
Bond, TravisOGNorth Carolina605732952.70.3185.30.85
Weaver, JasonOTSouthern Mississippi604331351.80.3771.50.79
Gaines, RogersOTTennessee St606033451088.6-
Oday AboushiOTVirginia605330848.80.6169.80.83
Jackson, MarkOGGlenville St605332848.10.6264.40.79
Johnson-webb, JamaalOGAlabama A&M605031347.70.6375.30.8
Bailey, AlvinOGArkansas6031312--103.9-
Thornton, HughOGIllinois6032320-0.4893.9-
Fluker, D JOTAlabama6045339--85.3-
Lonergan, P JOCLouisiana St6032304--72.6-
Warmack, ChanceOGAlabama6020317--69.8-
Allen, ZachOGNorth Carolina St6020332----
Faulk, ChrisOTLouisiana St6050331----
Holmes, KhaledOCSouthern California6030302----
Jones, BarrettOCAlabama6040306----
Marquardt, LukeOTAzusa Pacific6080315----
Nixon, XavierOTFlorida6060321----
Thomas, DallasOTTennessee6050306----
Williams, BrennanOTNorth Carolina6060318----
Winters, BrianOGKent St6040320----
Dial, QuintonDLAlabama6050318----
Okafor, AlexDLTexas6050264----
Smith, QuanterusDLWestern Kentucky6050250----
Carradine, TankDLFlorida St6040276----
Jenkins, JohnDLGeorgia6040359----
Lewis-moore, KapronDLNotre Dame6040298----
Stewart, WaltDLCincinnati6040246----
Lotulelei, StarDLUtah6030311----
Mcgee, StacyDLOklahoma6030308----
Short, K KDLPurdue6030299----
Williams, JesseDLAlabama6030323----
Jenkins, BrandonDLFlorida St6020251----
Maponga, StanslyDLTexas Christian6020256----
Square, DamionDLAlabama6020293----
Jones, ChrisDLBowling Green6015302----
Simon, JohnDLOhio St6010257----
Alonso, KikoLBOregon6030238----
Brown, ArthurLBKansas St6000241----
Hodges, GeraldLBPenn St6010243--93.1-
Jenkins, JelaniLBFlorida6000243----
Johnson, NicoLBAlabama6020248----
Jones, JarvisLBGeorgia6020245----
Klein, A JLBIowa St6012250--106-
Knott, JakeLBIowa St6020243----
Magee, BrandonLBArizona St5110223--88.4-
Mauti, MichaelLBPenn St6020243----
Mccray, LerenteeLBFlorida6020250----
Moody, NickLBFlorida St6010236--95.9-
Reddick, KevinLBNorth Carolina6013243--97.9-
Sabino, EtienneLBOhio St6020247--97-
Taylor, MikeLBWisconsin6010234----
Edwards, LavarDLLouisiana St6040277-0.29104.40.98
Floyd, SharrifDLFlorida6025297-0.17101.40.96
Geathers, KwameDLGeorgia6053342-0.1778.10.95
Montgomery, SamDLLouisiana St6032262-0.397.90.94
Long, KyleOTOregon6061313-0.31105.10.93
Mingo, BarkeviousDLLouisiana St6040241-0.19109.50.93
Hawkinson, TannerOTKansas6052298-0.5690.20.93
Pugh, JustinOTSyracuse6044307-0.51880.93
Bryant, ArmontyDLEast Central6037263--0.1494.30.91
Te\’o, MantiLBNotre Dame6012241-0.5589.30.87
Watson, MenelikOTFlorida St6051310-0.2879.20.87
Cave, BraxstonOCNotre Dame6032303-0.6275.10.86
Jordan, DionDLOregon6062248-0.25110.80.85
Milhim, StephaneOGMassachusetts-Amherst6036314-0.3683.90.97
Hankins, JohnathanDLOhio St6027320-0.780.50.96
Devey, JordanOTMemphis6065317-0.4883.50.84
Johnson, OscarOGLouisiana Tech6052331-0.4372.90.81
Baca, JeffOGUCLA6033302-0.5994.40.42

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • Thom Kay

    KEI and LA are completely illogical. Please stop using them. KEI needs to be weighted in order to work, as bench, VJ, and BJ measurements are not equal. LA for some reason favors players with slow 40 times. If two guys have the same 20yd shuttle, why would you consider the one with the slower 40 time to have better lateral agility?

    Football Outsiders Speed Score is a neat metric. It’s been especially effective in picking running backs.

  • gdgrandprix@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the post. Very interesting to me. Hope you do RB/WR or any othe positions.
    Been seeing some of these metric’s on Bleacher report and was lost. Love the site! Best Steeler site that I have found.