Steelers 2013 Draft Analysis: Running Backs – Early Look At The Rankings

By Christopher DiMarino

This article continues along with my pre combine look at key positions for the Pittsburgh Steelers. For an explanation on how the rankings are calculated please reference the link below:

The Steelers had one of the worst running attacks in recent memory last season. Whether or not the blame is on the offensive line or running backs, it\’s clear that both need work. The Steelers should figure to still have Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer in the mix, but adding another running back would be ideal. Neither Redman nor Dwyer have shown that they can be a full time back, so the Steelers may draft a 3rd down type back or a franchise back. With the needs in this draft and the fact that Dwyer is still so young, it might be wise to opt for a speedster for 3rd downs and pass this decision to next year.

Eddie LacyAlabamarJr5\’1022081mid 2nd43
Giovani BernardNorth CarolinarSo5\’1020585mid 2nd46
Montee BallWisconsinSr5\’1121576early 3rd77
Andre EllingtonClemsonrSr5\’1019776mid 3rd69
Jonathan FranklinUCLArSr5\’1020167late 3rd92
Stepfan TaylorStanfordSr5\’921666late 3rd103
Jawan JamisonRutgersrSo5\’820071late 3rd125
Marcus LattimoreSouth CarolinaJr6\’0220654th97
Joseph RandleOklahoma StateJr6\’0200734th111
Kenjon BarnerOregonrSr5\’9188694th114
Mike GillisleeFloridaSr5\’11207704th115
Christine MichaelTexas A&MSr5\’10221604th116
Le\’Veon BellMichigan StateJr6\’2244744th147
Ray GrahamPittSr5\’9192625th151
Cierre WoodNotre DamerJr6\’0215556th191
Kerwynn WilliamsUtah StateSr5\’8196486th180
Theo RiddickNorte DameSr5\’11200416th213
Miguel MaysonetStony BrookSr5\’9205507th213
Zac StacyVanderbiltSr5\’8215547th216
Dennis JohnsonArkansasrSr5\’8212667th-FA263
Knile DavisArkansasrJr6\’0226627th-FA283
Rex BurkheadNebraskaSr5\’11210527th-FA254
Stefphon JeffersonNevadaJr5\’11210457th-FA282

The chart shown below is all of the data I tabulated for you to get more insight into what these sites think about each player. A * means that this ranking was in a different category than the rest.

NameNFL.comESPNCBSDraftTekWalterfootballDraft Insider
ScoreScorePos RkOvr RkPos RkOvr RkPos RkOvr RkPos RkOvr Rk
Eddie Lacy827913624921-221-2
Giovani Bernard848525913311-211-2
Montee Ball75.67737438082-442nd
Andre Ellington79.7724781*59103-472-3
Jonathan Franklin72.3617943*9093-4113rd
Stepfan Taylor75.657912248352-332nd
Jawan Jamison717112146610442-352nd
Marcus Lattimore74.9566887105235-FA175th
Joseph Randle80.665585913732-3103rd
Kenjon Barner69.368131512*76134-5124th
Mike Gillislee70.3691113859262-4134th
Christine Michael71.44981078125256-FA62nd
Le\’Veon Bell71.276101341116072-482nd
Ray Graham70.953151844*117123-5155th
Cierre Wood61481719913182144-5N/AFA
Kerwynn Williams56.740182125*148N/AFA145th
Theo Riddick51301417419252225-793rd
Miguel Maysonet59411923414191N/AFA206th
Zac Stacy69391619017241215-746FA
Dennis Johnson70622532515201195-6165th
Knile Davis65.4582839312172205-6186th
Rex Burkhead66.5382026118246185-6196th
Stefphon Jefferson60303040710156154-653FA

* Denotes change of pace back candidate

With all of the information out there, at least a baseline is established for future conversation. I will try to break down this data before the combine, but if not, please give me an idea of who you like at RB by commenting below. Please try to keep the discussion about the RB position only for this post and I will continue thru the positions ASAP. Also, if you have any other sites that you think have thorough and insightful draft information, please post them below.


  • Kusko_Ken

    I think RB will be one of those positions were they draft two guys relatively close together, like 2nd and 3rd, or 2nd and 4th, or 3rd and 4th (yeah i’m throwing darts). I could see them doing that at the safety position too. i like monte ball in the 3rd, then maybe lattimore in the 5th? that kid from wake forest is country-strong, maybe a FA signing? I’d like to see us get a wrecking-ball again, i miss the krieder days.

  • Cody Younkin

    I like Stephan Taylor or Monte Ball in the third for the best value. I like Ellington too, but hes just too small if he was 210 id take a longer look at him. Stephan Taylor is the best all around pick though, good blocker and great out of the back field, a true 3 down back.

  • RMSteeler

    No RB before Rd 4. Lots of comparables throughout but need to watch a lot of tape. Get the OL healthy and working together more than 3 games, and you can put in anyone we currently have. Just draft a quick guy that started every game for a couple of years in a big leauge conference that’s decisive on tape and low fumbles.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    For everydown backs:
    #1 Bernard UNC
    #2 Jamison Rutgers
    #3 Lattimore South Carolina
    #4 Tracy Vanderbilt

    I think Tracy would be a really good value being most have him late in the draft

  • zyzak

    S L O W for Taylor

  • zyzak

    Pretty poor year for backs, very slow with no explosiveness not a good fit for Steelers who desperately need one. Mendenhall anyone?

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I think montee ball provides the best value at RB in the third round, also wouldn’t mind taking a shot on m lattimore the guy is the most well rounded RB and has first round talent and we could get him in the 4-5th rounds

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I would take half of these backs over mendenhall

  • steeltown

    This is a tough year to project, but lets be honest there are a ton of productive guys in the 2nd-4th Rds, I wouldnt reach for a Lacy and while I like Bernard, they shouldnt reach for him either. I see them drafting someone in the 3rd or 4th Rds

  • Garrett Hunt

    If he is there in the 4-5 I think they take him in an instant, but don’t think he will make it that far.