Steelers 2013 Salary Cap – Release Savings Of Every Player Currently Under Contract

Fans must be in a cutting mood as I have received several request to post how much each Pittsburgh Steelers player currently under contract would save against the 2013 salary cap if released prior to June 1st.

You can see the current cap situation by following the link above and below I have listed every player currently under contract along with their 2013 cap charge, their cap savings if cut, and the final year of their current contract. The numbers that are in red mean that specific player would actually cost more money than their currently scheduled cap number to releases.

As you can see, the players that offer the real savings ends with Jerricho Cotchery. As I have pointed out in a previous post, the only real fathomable candidates to become salary cap causalities are James Harrison, Brett Keisel, Willie Colon and Cotchery.

Restructure candidates, as I pointed out after the season ended, are Ben Roethlisberger, Lawrence Timmons, LaMarr Woodley and Antonio Brown. There is roughly $20 million saved by doing those four, and I fully expect those to take place over the course of the next several weeks. They have to.

So what about the possibility of designating a player a post June 1st cut and releasing him early in order to stretch out the dead money over two years? For starters, each team can only designate up to two players for this kind of release. On top of that, the team still must carry the original cap hit that player was scheduled to count against the 2013 salary cap until June 2nd. See the problem?

For example, if the Steelers wanted to tab Harrison a post June 1st cut and release him early, they still would have to carry his entire $10.035 million cap charge on the books until June 2nd. As you can clearly see, that is not a feasible option. The only option the Steelers have with Harrison is to either cut him prior to March 12, or get him to agree to a base salary cut of at least $3 million or more. Restructuring his contract is simply not an advisable option due to his age.

So who would qualify as a candidate to be a post June 1st cut? Really there is only one at would be Colon. Releasing on a regular schedule only saves $1.2 million, but releasing early with a post June 1st designation means that he would ultimately clear $5.5 million in cap space come June 2nd. Releasing him that way, however, would create a dead money charge in 2014 of $4.3 million.

Happy cutting.

2013 Salary Cap Saving By Player

Harrison, James$5,105,000.00$10,035,000.002014
Polamalu, Troy$4,862,500.00$10,137,500.002014
Roethlisberger, Ben$4,100,000.00$19,595,000.002015
Miller, Heath$3,812,000.00$7,958,500.002014
Clark, Ryan$3,500,000.00$4,750,000.002013
Keisel, Brett$2,825,000.00$4,500,000.002013
Taylor, Ike$2,545,832.00$9,454,166.002014
Hood, Ziggy$1,992,325.00$2,990,860.002013
Colon, Willie$1,200,000.00$7,650,000.002015
Suisham, Shaun$1,087,500.00$1,762,500.002014
Cotchery, Jerricho$1,000,000.00$1,500,000.002013
King, Justin$715,000.00$715,000.002013
Woods, Al$630,000.00$630,000.002013
Cromartie-Smith, Damon$555,000.00$555,000.002013
Rolle, Brian$555,000.00$555,000.002013
Wilson, Kion$555,000.00$555,000.002013
Carter, Chris$514,300.00$595,700.002014
Gilreath, David$480,000.00$480,000.002013
Johnson, Will$480,000.00$480,000.002014
Malecki, John$480,000.00$480,000.002013
McCoy, Jamie$480,000.00$480,000.002013
McFadden, Marshall$480,000.00$480,000.002013
Pianalto, Zack$480,000.00$480,000.002013
Ta\’amu, Alameda$480,000.00$480,000.002013
Ventrone, Ross$480,000.00$480,000.002013
Victorian, Josh$480,000.00$480,000.002013
Butler, Drew$478,332.00$481,666.002014
Golden, Robert$478,332.00$481,666.002014
Robinson, Adrian$478,332.00$481,666.002014
Allen, Cortez$457,125.00$652,875.002014
Beachum, Kelvin$457,052.00$491,474.002015
Paulson, David$457,052.00$491,474.002015
Gilbert, Marcus$456,600.00$880,204.002014
Brown, Curtis$424,700.00$685,300.002014
Cheadle, Justin$405,000.00$405,000.002014
Fangupo, Hebron$405,000.00$405,000.002015
Green, Isaiah$405,000.00$405,000.002014
Hrapmann, Danny$405,000.00$405,000.002013
Moore, Kashif$405,000.00$405,000.002014
Moye, Derek$405,000.00$405,000.002014
Reed, Bert$405,000.00$405,000.002014
Spence, Sean$227,310.00$636,345.002015
Worilds, Jason$165,000.00$985,000.002013
Adams, Mike$42,475.00$805,375.002015
Timmons, Lawrence$20,000.00$11,160,000.002016
Pouncey, Maurkice($273,375.00)$2,527,875.002014
Brown, Antonio($600,000.00)$6,200,000.002017
Heyward, Cameron($844,096.00)$1,828,644.002014
Woodley, LaMarr($1,120,000.00)$13,240,000.002016
DeCastro, David($3,161,772.00)$1,775,886.002015

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    This is ugly.

    They have really painted themselves in to a corner. Fixing this can’t be done by restructuring and cutting alone. There need to be pay cuts and some extensions to get through both the short and long term issues.

  • HarryBackside

    The situation can definitely be addressed by restructures and cuts alone.The article clearly presents how this can be achieved.

  • Chris Maxwell

    The team will not benefit by releasing Woodley salary cap wise but I think this is more about paying UNDER PERFORMING PLAYERS. Every since he got payed he laughed all the way to the bank step in the Rooneys and fans chest came to camp overweight and laid down on the team. So this need to be the first player cut/traded! Talking about 1trick pony this is a player that didn’t deserve it and they should have gave it to a player who did Wallace!

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Thanks for that well-needed details/article.

  • Are these the actual savings with consideration of the rule of 51 and minimum salary replacements or is this the raw number for the player in question?

    For example, do we save anything by waiving Bert Reed or is his savings eliminated by his min salary replacement?

  • Maurice_hill_district


  • chris dimarino

    Very interesting, Ryan Clark was definitely the number that jumped out to me the most…

  • SteelersDepot

    it might jump out, but it ends there. who will play free safety if you cut him? he is worth every penny of what he will cost in his final season.

  • SteelersDepot

    no. raw.

  • Jollyrob68

    Wallace underperformed this year. He also never goes up after the ball. He waits for it to come to him. Steelers need a big playmaker. I hope the seriously think about one of the two TE in this Draft.

  • Mike Carroll

    Great! Thanks Dave. The savings number makes it easy to calculate the total salary cap deferment number already on the books for each player. And that is exactly what I’ve been looking to find out. For example, the total cap deferment for Ben is $15,495,000 and for Woodley it is $14,360,000. I suppose that number could also be termed the “current dead money” associated with each contract. In any event, I am glad you have posted this article because it really allows for a greater understanding of how the team stands with each individual contract.

  • LouPGH

    Statistically, Ryan Clark played the best football of his career last season.

    Moreover, I’d argue he has been the most consistent guy on either side of the ball the last two years. (Heath is probably right up there as well, and you have to respect Max Starks.) I’m not saying any of those guys are the best athletes on the team or the flashiest guys, but you’re getting 110% out of them on every snap.

    I thought the guy talking about cutting Woodley was nuts, but at least I can understand his frustration. Cutting Clark would make our defense worse, be bad for team morale, and set a bad precedent.

  • LouPGH

    I realize you weren’t necessarily advocating that. I was just addressing the logical conclusion implicit in your ellipses.

  • Mike Carroll

    Now, if my understanding is correct:

    If Woodley’s contract is not restructured this year, then the current dead money on his contract would be reduced to $10,120,000 in 2014.

    If Woodley’s contract is restructured this year (say you convert $8M of his base salary to a signing bonus pro-rated over the remaining 4 years of contract, basically deferring $6M in cap charges), then the current dead money on his contract would be increased to $16,120,000 in 2014.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I understood you can get under the cap with the cuts and restructures. I’m trying to say fixing the cap problems and having the ability to fill the holes on the team would also require changing (via paycut or extension) some of the current contracts. They stand to lose a number of players this offseason and need cap room to replace or retain some of them.

  • Bob

    I keep hearing that Harrison and Colon are too expensive and have to go but why does no one mention that just as expensive is Polamalu and Clark and a few others. Seems quite slanted.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Because we don’t have depth at safety.

  • HarryBackside

    The worst thing for the cap would be to extend the veteran players who have contracts expiring over the next couple of years. The most important thing right now is unloading salaries so that the Steelers can start signing all of their players who are coming off their rookie contracts over the next two years, especially if they want to try and sign some of them before they hit free agency.

    If you think a player is such a high priority that the Steelers can’t do without him, why would that player choose to pay for less money? What holes are you speaking of? We’re not talking a lot of cuts happening this year. 3, maybe 4. Every potential cut has a back up who played a significant number of snaps this past season.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I think we agree. I certainly want a minimum of veteran restructuring. To answer your question, the holes are all the unrestricted free agents leaving plus who they decide to cut.

  • LucasY59

    Other than that there is no one to play S if they did release Polo or Clark, Clark could be the best player on the Defense the last two years based on Leadership, Stats, Pro Bowl selections.

    The other three involved have all been hindered by injuries, however when not injured Polomalu has shown he can still make some of the plays that have made him one of the best Safeties to play the game. (his presence on the field can change the way the other team plays the game. Peyton being forced to call the timeout in the 1st game of the season as an example) I’m hoping he has 2 more good healthy years for the Steelers.

    I also hope something happens so that Harrison can stay for 1-2 more years (obviously more dreaming than hoping, but unless Worilds plays very well next season, the Steelers need Harrison)

    Colon is the only one that for reasons other than Salary Cap should even be considered as someone the Steelers may be better without. He has been injured more than healthy over the last 3 years and that is not really his fault, but the time he has been on the field has not been overly impressive, penalties being the main culprit, also his skill set does not seem to be very well suited to the possible new blocking scheme.

  • steeltown

    Exactly.. Im down for restructuring Ben and Timmons, Brown and maybe even Heath Miller (pending his point of recovery) BUT I would NOT retructure Woodley again… at some point we have to stop all these restructurings… stop borrowing against future caps.. and I think Woodleys as good as any to begin that

  • steeltown

    Exactly… currently Clark and Keisel are both steals for the money we pay in terms or production, veteran leadership and mindset

  • steeltown


  • steeltown

    I’m sorry, I love Harrison, I do…. but the restructurings have to stop at some point. I know I know we’ll still have to restructure a few regardless, but if cutting Colon and Harrison will help in any regard say maybe not having to restructure Woodley again… then we need to do it…. tough decisions must be made… We gambled, borrowed and strapped ourselves the last few yrs in hopes of grabbing another Lombardi Trophy, but now we’re an 8-8 Team, time for change

    Plus who’s to say a 25yr old Worilds cant be productive.. Harrison is 10yrs older than him and lets not pretend that Harrison hasnt missed games, last full season played was 2010……. same goes for Beachum or maybe Foster in regards to replacing Colon

    Maybe Harrison will take a big paycut.. if thats the case then we should keep him

  • Mike Carroll

    I somewhat agree with you about Troy, but not Clark. Clark is usually on the field and is a good value for his salary. Troy on the other hand has been dealing with recurring calf muscle injuries since the 2010 season. And the secondary went on an incredible run holding every QB under 200 passing yards for the 7 games Will Allen started. Since Allen might best be described as solid and conservative, it made me at least wonder what the team sacrifices to have Troy freelance as much he does. Troy is obviously better than Allen, but if he’s hurt half the time, he’s not worth his current salary and cap charge. I doubt he’d be cut and I don’t really want him to go. It’d be really nice to see a small paycut, but that is nothing more than wishful thinking since it’d be a gift by Troy to agree to it (unless the team was actually going to release him). I do hope he can have a big 2013 season since he is at least going into the offseason healthy this year.