Antonio Brown Says Teammate Throwing Rocks At LaMarr Woodley Needs To Come Out

On Wednesday Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown got his turn at sharing his thoughts on the anonymous player speaking out against the play and conditioning of linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

Brown, who was a guest on the ESPN show First Take, said that his third year with the Steelers was a lot different than his first two.

“It\’s definitely disappointing,” said Brown, referring to the comment made to Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Woodley.

Brown was then pushed more to talk more on the subject.

“Our team was a team last year where the guys weren\’t really together,” Brown told Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. “As we know in the NFL, you got to have a band of brothers. Everyone has got to be together and it has to filter down from the leadership. And for guys to throw a guy like LaMarr Woodley, a pro bowl player, under the bus just shows you the men we had in our locker-room, and its something that we want to get corrected for 2013.”

Brown was asked who the situation reflects on and what does the team need to do moving forward to ensure the same kind of problem doesn\’t happen again.

“It\’s a reflection of the men that we bring into our locker-room,” said Brown. “As a team and as a staff we have to evaluate the guys that come in our locker-room and do a good job of making those guys understand our tradition and what the Steelers stand for. 8-8 was totally unacceptable and we have to understand, and guys have to know, that everyone is going to get a piece of the pie, but we got to be all in and committed to one thing, and that\’s winning.”

“The guy that\’s throwing rocks and hiding his hand needs to come out,” Brown added. “If you\’re going to say something, be a man of your word.”

Brown was asked if he would have respected the anonymous player had he attached his name to the comment about Woodley.

“Most definitely,” said Brown. “No question. If you are going to speak out about something, be a man and claim it. But don\’t go in the newspaper speaking out about our Pro Bowl linebacker and not mentioning your name. Then other guys supporting it. It goes to show you that we wasn\’t a team in 2012. So, some of the things we have to iron out and we\’re looking to get those things corrected.”

Brown was asked if he knows who the player is that made the comments.

“I don\’t know, but I want to know,” said Brown.

Brown went on to say that he believes Woodley will be fineĀ  moving forward into 2013 and will help the team get back on track.

You can watch a full replay of the segment in the video below.


  • Kevin Gobleck

    I completely agree with brown if your going to criticize somebody be a man and tell him yourself and keep it in the locker room! and on another point I love that hat of Antonio’s

  • steeltown

    Let me first say, I agree with Brown…

    But this is all getting a little ridiculous, lets ask every player what they think, huh? Who cares, Woodley was underwhelming.. I hope he plays with a chip on his shoulder now

  • Isaac Reveles

    i dont see the problem. whoever said it im glad they did, he needed to be called out. its called motivation.

  • JPDQ

    Whoever made the comment about Woodley must be the same anonymous person that told AB he looked okay before going on national television in that outfit. All he needed was some glasses without lenses and he would’ve completed the trifecta of buffoonery. Goofy hat… check. Bowtie… check. Glasses… ah, maybe next time, AB.

    Seriously though, I have to echo all the other commenters who are sick of this crap. It’s so obviously a symptom of the bigger “me me me” mentality we have developed on this team that it’s laughable. All these Steelers go on national television or national syndicated radio shows and say, “This just proves how divided our team was… this should be handled in-house, not in the media… this kind of stuff should stay in the locker room, not out in public…”

    And then what they all do? One by one? Well, they go on national tv and talk about it, of course! Because that’s how you deflect attention from the issue and keep it “in-house.” Fools.

    If I were one of the execs in the Steelers PR dept, I would have issued a memo immediately after the comments about Woodley came out that all players and coaches are NOT to grant interviews where they talk about how the team shouldn’t be talking to the media about their problems.

    Everybody wants their five minutes of face time on ESPN though, don’t they?

    Guys, y’all gotta get it together… seriously.

  • Garrett Hunt

    At least he was well spoken and said the right things…. showed a strength in the locker room and moving in the right direction.

    That being said, I do agree with you.

  • Superdriller316

    Butler came out and said it in camp. I have no problem with what was said, should have kept it in house and not in the press. These guys get paid a lot of money to preform and if their being overweight is causing injury, there is a problem. What do we need to do hire Farrior, Smith, and Ward as motivational coaches? These guys need to get their S**T together. This is a team game, not I’m mad cause you fired my golf partner(BA) and I don’t like my new boss. Or I’m pissed cause you didn’t offer me enough money(MW). Who are the LEADERS on this team? Get it in line!!!

  • Garrett Hunt

    Want better people in the locker room? DRAFT MARCUS LATTIMORE. I went to high school with him and can tell you he is genuinely a good guy with work ethic to match. Want to see for yourself? Check out NFL. c o m where there is a great article on him….. “The man with the most to prove”

  • zyzak

    This is getting really crazy, Mendenhall mouth Brown needs to shut up. Woodley will be fine. Brown should worry about his own poor season.

  • zyzak

    Butler said what and please provide a link

  • Superdriller316

    There wasn’t a link. It was on 970ESPN

  • Richard Edlin

    All fair enough and you should stand up … but you should also be at least a little honest.

    Woodley’s managed one pro-bowl appearance in six seasons, so it seems a bit misleading for Brown to respond to criticism by calling him a ‘Pro-bowl linebacker’. That appearance happened in the first half of his career (to date) and looks increasingly like a flourish of promise rather than a consistent track record of success. Given the money he’s on, I think his teammates deserve a little more from Column B.

  • walter mason

    I agree at this point the anonymous person/whistle blower needs to come out and end this. I know I would if it was me. He is being called out publicly in the media as a coward and unmanly and being thrown under the bus as a snitch. But the players are making a big deal out of nothing. It would be different if it wasnt true.

    What if it turns out to be Tomlin lol?

  • walter mason

    I agree but its time to end being anonymous.

  • alex

    actually, yes, you are correct…there is a major lack of leadership on this team…!


    Kiesel tried to talk/motivate the team during the season…unfortunately, to no avail..(not, the lame 8-8 season)

    question, are there still wheels left on this bus…?

  • Maurice_hill_district


  • RMSteeler

    Don’t think it was a player. Could have been Amos Jones. He sure left town very quietly.

  • Mike Carroll

    Interesting. I did not realize this until reading Bouchette’s column today, but AB clearly states “other guys supporting it” referring to the anonymous quote. That would indicate multiple players had an issue with Woodley.