You Shouldn\’t Expect Roethlisberger To Do Next Offseason What Brady Did This Offseason

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did his organization a huge favor on Monday when he signed a three-year contract extension. The move helps the Patriots lower the cap hit on Brady in 2013 and 2014 for starters, which will free up a ton of cap room to work with during free agency.

In his old contract, Brady was already scheduled to earn $30 million by the start of the 2015 league year. The new contract guarantees him $33 million during that same time frame. The final three years that were added onto the deal are guaranteed from injury only and the base salaries in those years are $7 million, $8 million, and $9 million respectively. In other words, Brady received $3 million more in guaranteed money and he protected himself long-term from injury. Oh, he also saved his team a ton of cap space and will likely be canonized after his playing days are over.

Sure, the back end base salaries could have been higher, but there is no way that Brady plays until he is 40. I just can\’t see it.

The Patriots cap charges on Brady in the final three years of the extension are $13 million, $14 million and $15 million respectively. Those are all very easy to swallow should he still be playing. Should the Patriots want to part ways with Brady after the 2015 season, it appears that there will be $12 million worth of dead money involved in doing that. Making him a post June 1st cap cut following the 2015 season would result in $6 million in dead money in both 2016 and 2017. The cap won\’t remain flat forever and $6 million will be easy to swallow in both of those years should that be the end result.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is expected to have his contract restructured any day now to free up cap space for the Steelers, but it will not receive the accolades from the media that Brady is getting. Next offseason, when Roethlisberger is more than likely to receive an extension, you can bet that he will not want the average value of the Brady deal pointed to as a template. You cant blame him and you shouldn\’t be mad at him either.

Brady has already had a few cash grabs while Roethlisberger has had just one outside of his rookie contract. His next extension will more than likely be his last so he needs to get what he can. That amount, however, will be fully dependent on how well he plays in 2013. It will also likely depend on what the final deal looks like for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Many believe that Flacco will get somewhere between $118-120 million over 6 years prior to the start of the 2013 season.

Brady was basically paid to rearrange some money on Monday. He received a little more guaranteed and protected himself from injury by doing so. Sure, it looks good on paper, but he shouldn\’t be considered a candidate to become the next Pope when the Cardinals have their conclave.

  • mjfsteeler

    I agree Ben deserves more money than Flacco & others but it would be truly Awesome if he did something similar to Hansel from the patsies! If winning is the most important thing…?

  • mjfsteeler

    Any chance Steelers make a few exceptions to their extension policy & extend a few guys earlier than usual? Ben, Heath, Troy? Here’s hoping Omar Khan stays with the Steelers forever cause that dude’s a cap wizard!

  • Kusko_Ken

    I’m sure if Ashley was pulling in $45mil a year Ben would at least entertain the idea.

  • TJimmy

    You have to wonder what role his durability will play in the contract discussions.

    His injuries this past year contributed to the season being derailed and his late interceptions didn’t help. The year before, the Steelers had to go to Denver on the road, in part, due to his injuries.

  • Ahmad

    So technically it’s a “contract year” for Big Ben. Expect him to play his butt off.

  • Pete

    The Steelers have been doing everything they can to improve the O line the past few years. They scored a coup last year with Adams and DeCastro. They brought in a new OC, part of his job being to keep Ben alive. I don’t think durability is an issue. The O line will be one of strengths of the Steelers in a couple years. This should help Ben’s longevity. He’s only 31.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    The new collective bargaining agreement and the flattening of the cap have made the contracts for the high end players very onerous. When #7 and #56 were given their contracts, I bet the Steelers anticipated the current cap to be at least in the $130M’s given the rate of acceleration at the time.

    I don’t think the Steelers and most of the league are adjusting well to the new cap landscape. I hope the Brady contract is a template for getting things back in line so players can be slotted more appropriately on the roster. Otherwise, the Steelers are going to end up with a handful of very good players eating up most of the cap and with the rest of the roster filled with rookies and guys near the minimum. I don’t think that is the model they want.

  • TJimmy

    But then a better offensive line wouldn’t have kept him from holding onto the ball too long with his injury this year, nor helped him when he rolled out of the pocket and got injured last year.

  • dave

    This is a great public relations move for Brady – he gets more guaranteed money, more upfront money and yet the average fan somehow thinks he’s making some great sacrifice. It’s amazing to me that after all these years many fans still don’t understand how a simple restructure works and that it is not costing the player anything.