Kevin Colbert Open To Drafting A Future Quarterback

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert made it known again on Thursday in his interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he is open to drafting any position in any round in the upcoming draft and that includes quarterback.

Colbert was asked during the interview if he would look at drafting a quarterback in the upcoming draft and start planning for the future with both Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich being long in the tooth.

“Absolutely,” Colbert said. “You have to address it and your not going to address it long term via free agency. That\’s just not going to happen in our situation. You might be able to get a younger backup in the mix and that\’s something we\’ll take a look at, but you do have to think about the future, because none of our players are going to last forever.

“Quarterback is not unique to that at all in our thinking, so we\’ll be open to any position in any round. As far as the quarterback group that\’s in this draft, there might not be the marquee Andrew Luck or RG3 (Robert Griffin III) in this group, but as we learned last year with Russell Wilson … fourth round, right? Third round.”

This is not the first time that we have heard Colbert say that he is open to drafting any position in any round as he said the same thing after the season ended. While there is a possibility that the Steelers will draft a quarterback, it is hard to imagine that they will do so in the first three rounds.

The Steelers will find out next month what round their compensatory pick will be in that they are expected to receive for William Gay, who left last offseason via free agency to sign with the Arizona Cardinals. That pick might wind up being the perfect one to use on a quarterback, depending of course on how high or low it winds up being and what is left on the board at that time.

While he didn\’t say it specifically, Colbert certainly makes it seem like he is now willing to move on now from Batch or Leftwich, and perhaps even both. The two veteran quarterbacks are both unrestricted free agents once again this offseason.

  • zyzak

    Sean Renfree Duke?

  • GH05T

    they used to say charlie would break like glass if thats so leftwhich would shatter like porcelain keep batch i more year than set him up as an assistant coach but run screaming away from byron lol

  • SteelSpine

    Hopefully any other questions that interviewer asked weren’t as stupid of question. It’s no scoop NFL Radio got that a GM before draft said he is open to drafting any position. Did the asker think Colbert would reply “No we’re not open to drafting __ position at any round in the draft”? As if Colbert would rule out positions publicly to help all other teams in NFL prepare for the draft?

    Jeez, Is there any interviewer with enough imagination to ask Colbert something he actually could give some USEFUL info?

    Folks could reply Colbert wont answer anything, & I agree, but maybe Colbert could give straight answer if a question wont help other teams. For example, could ask Colbert if he knows status of Jerrod Johnson & does Colbert want to bring back JJ or Brian Hoyer (or even Troy Smith). Sure Steelers cut them & therefore odds are he saw enough to not want to bring any back, but JJ was cut before confirmed Leftwich is glass & saw Charlie does not have enough arm strength to reach a deep reciever.

    I think Steelers will draft a QB, rds 4-7. Predicting that is not going out on any limb. I just think if it’s a 7th rounder that player will get cut anyway after 1st year carrying a clipboard, because that used to happen here, so bring in JJ to avoid using a 7th rd pick on a raw developmental guy who’s going to do nothing but carry a clipboard.

  • steeltown

    As far as I know J.Johnson signed a contract in the UFL in 2012 to play for Sacramento

    I agree about maybe not drafting a 7th Rder or bringing in an undrafted guy, although I think Colby Cameron would be a great late Rd pickup, not a huge arm, but very accurate and safe with the Football (exactly what you need in a backup QB) BUT that being said they should definitely consider taking a guy in mid Rds if someone is available… enough is enough with this Leftwich experiment

  • steeltown

    Please draft another QB… somewhere between the 3rd-6th Rd, unless they plan on signing Matt Moore

    Ben has played a full 16game schedule once in his professional career, quality backup at that position is important in Pittsburgh

  • SteelSpine

    Thanks, I vaguely recalled that, but I thought an inferior league’s contract can be scrapped to play in NFL.

  • steeltown

    I guess it could be, but it might depend, JJ was already released by the Steelers once, maybe he’ll opt to keep his job in the UFL where he has job security… but hey who knows