Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Wants To Upgrade Running Back Position Via Draft Or Free Agency

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert joined SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday for an interview following his NFL combine press conference and he talked about several topics related to the team and the draft.

Colbert was asked during the interview just how disappointed he was with the running game last season and if that is an area of priority this offseason.

“It is and we were disappointed,” said Colbert. “And I stated in no deference to the guys that played there, but we weren\’t good enough at that position and that falls on me. We had a lot of guys that tried to take the reigns and be the guy, but quite honestly they didn\’t do it. Again, you felt good about the position going into the season, coming out we didn\’t feel so good and that goes on me.

“We\’re going to try to upgrade and add to the running back position, because I\’m pretty sure that if you get a good runner that the offensive linemen are going to look a little bit better, and hopefully we\’re going to run the ball better.”

When asked if a running back that was on the roster this past season will be on the roster in 2013, Colbert indicated that would likely be the case.

“Well, we have two restricted free agents, Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman, and hopefully they\’re both back in the fold. We have a young man named Baron Batch, who was on our team as well. He broke his arm late in the season. So that\’s the starting point. We\’ll look at the free agent market that\’s coming up and we\’ll look in the draft.”

None of what Colbert said in regard to the running back position was a surprise, but it does sound like Dwyer and Redman will both be tendered as restricted free agents. Colbert, as usual, will look at the available free agents, but it is all but certain that the position will be addressed in the first few rounds of the upcoming draft.

  • Clint Martin

    Bye Bye Mendy!!

  • Jollyrob68

    Keep Dwyer & Batch and move on.

  • SteelSpine

    Ouch, Colbert there said none of our RBs are starter material not even Dwyer. He’s sayin he wanted to see either of them take the starter reigns (from Mendy) last year (probly so wont have to bring back Mendy) & that by now he has seen enough that he doesn’t think Dwyer is starter material. Tho most posters figured Dwyer for backup, some fans mighta still thought Dwyer can carry the load as a starter.

  • HarryBackside

    No mention of Mendenhall. That’s all I need to know

  • Bob Francis

    Lacy should be there for them in Round 1, but I hope they wait to take a RB or get someone in free agency. Would they even consider Lattimore if he were available in Rd. 3?

  • RW

    I can see Colbert looking at getting a FA running back. I know this doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but there are no RBs worth a 1st round pick, IMO, and there are only two 2nd rounders right now (Lacy and Bernard). Given the pressing needs of our team (which I think are ILB and WR), I think a running back can be had via FA on the semi-cheap. I really like Shonn Greene, and if he doesn’t get much attention I can see Colbert making a move. I just really don’t like the RBs early in this draft. I think there are some pretty good values at the end of the draft (like JaWan Jamison and Zac Stacy, or unrestricted FAs to take a chance on, like Kniles Davis). The way I see it, the first four rounds should be:

    1) ILB (Kevin Minter would be nice)

    2) SS (Maybe a Matt Elam or Eric Reid)

    3) WR (A Cobi Hamilton-type would be nice)

    4) DE (A Margus Hunt type would be fantastic)

    I can see us trading down in the first and grabbing Minter, then grabbing a G like Larry Warford or Barrett Jones with the extra pick. I think a RB could be addressed before that, but I really believe the best value for RB will be in free agency.

  • steeltown

    There are a few other 3rd-4th Rd guys that could be worth a look, like Bell, Ball or S.Taylor.. i wouldnt mind picking up Green in FA but only if he were cheap, which is unlikely.

    I think trading back this year would be ideal, especially with all of the 2nd Rd talent available but the more I think about it the more I think someone will fall to 17 that they cant pass on

  • steeltown


  • Maurice_hill_district

    That all makes sense to me.

  • westernsteel

    There are no backs worth a first round pick…..several good ones after round two. I hope they go WR in round one, RB in round two. This offense needs play makers.