Report: Steelers Met With PSU DT Jordan Hill At The NFL Combine

The 2013 NFL combine continues on in Indianapolis and on Saturday Penn State defensive tackle Jordan Hill said in his talk with the media that the Pittsburgh Steelers were one of the teams that he had already met with, according to Penn Live.

At 6 foot, 1 inch and 291 pounds Hill is a little light in the pants currently to play nose tackle in the Steelers 3-4 defense, but he made it known that he is willing to make the transition from the 4-3 that he played in college if he is asked to do it.

“I\’m a guy that can make a play down the field even though I\’m a defensive tackle,” Hill said, via the report. “I play well through the run and pass. I don\’t feel like strictly a pass rusher or strictly a run stopper. I can do both and feel I can be pretty effective at both of them.”

In his four years at Penn State, Hill recorded 64 solo tackles with 13 being for losses. He also registered 9.5 sacks, had 3 pass breakups, and forced 2 fumbles. He is current draft stock ranges between the fourth and six round and is likely best suited as a 4-3 defensive tackle in the NFL.

The Steelers are permitted to meet with 60 players for 15 minutes during the week.

  • Menace_501

    I would think it be an interesting stat to see who the Steeler’s have drafted in comparison to who they met with in the combine and then who was brought in for visits.

  • SteelSpine

    Zzz. Seems there has not been significant correlation of teams meeting & whether they drafted the prospect other than the top ~20 prospects in a draft; teams even drafted guys in 1st rd who they never even talked to. I guess thats because teams don’t want other teams to know who they want, media guys ask prospects “Which teams talked to you”. I guess could make 100 articles based on 100 prospects Steelers talk to (60 combine, + other prospects & vet FAs). I cant knock it tho, offseasons are long with nothing happening during them other than 1 weekend of it a draft, & when a big-name Steeler gets cut, & signing undrafted dudes fans of which we’ll insist they should be locks heheh. There has been no change about Steelers players since Steelers played their last game. Steelers have not even cut any players.

  • markthom

    they are not that good thats why

  • steeltown

    I see this as more of an undrafted visit.. this guy might slip in the draft. I think of guys like Hebron Fangupo (currently on Steelers roster) most had him pegged as a 5th-7th Rd /late Rd type of guy last year, well he went undrafted, but I believe he’ll still be solid player in the League.

    I think of Hill, I think McClendon – undersized and undrafted