Steelers Offseason Business Transactions Will Likely Start Ramping Up Next Week

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us we can expect that the Pittsburgh Steelers will begin ramping up their offseason business transactions.

Currently the team has 51 players under contract for 2013. That number will need to grow to 90 by the time training camp rolls around. 7 or 8 of those players will be draft picks and a good 10 to 15 more will likely be undrafted free agents. That means the rest of the numbers will be made up of free agents that are re-signed and futures players.

The Steelers have been signing futures players all offseason, but I expect a few more, specifically a few running backs and offensive linemen, will be signed over the course of the next few weeks now that the Steelers have their new offensive line coach in place.

It was one year ago Friday that the Steelers started their offseason terminations as Bryant McFadden and Arnaz Battle both had their contracts terminated. It was also a year ago Thursday that we learned the contract of LaMarr Woodley had been restructured in addition. A few other restructure announcements came along a short time after.

The business season has arrived and we could see some movement as soon as Monday or Tuesday of next week.

  • Garrett Hunt

    If the Packers drop Jermichael Finley (about 50/50 chance) I hope the Steelers consider signing him.

    1) He could come relatively cheap because of his inconsistency
    2) Young guy with loads of potential could learn a LOT from Heath
    3) Seems like the kind of athlete Tod Haley could really game-plan to his strengths
    4) Steelers need to pick up a TE somehow this offseason because of lack of death

    Obviously it is a risk because of his erratic play but I love the upside. A fresh start in a new system could be what he needs.

  • SteelerDave

    I agree about Finley but disagree about Haley.

    When Haley was hired I felt he would design his offense around the strengths of the players but instead his system seemed forced and our offense was pathetic.

  • Anthony Renzelli

    Would love to have him but you know that’s not gonna happen. They’re main focus will be resigning Lewis and Foster which I don’t know if they can even do that. They rarely bring it FA’s of his caliber. Look for them to sign a tight end that we’ve never heard of

  • Garrett Hunt

    I agree that he did not taylor his offense to his players as much as I thought he would, but I think a big part of that was working with what he had at O line. He needed a quick passing game to keep Ben upright and couldn’t really rely on the run game.

    Weather Ben liked it or not, the passing scheme fit his strength of decision making. However, I would have liked to see him use Wallace more effectively at the same time.

  • Garrett Hunt

    You are probably right, but I wouldn’t call him too high caliber of a player. I believe the chances are not great for it to happen, but wouldn’t rule it out as well.

    It was just a thought I had that I hope they bring him in, not that I think they will.

  • Garrett Hunt

    This is kinda a random place to put this comment, but I was bored today and came up with this.

    Following what TJimmy said on the last mock draft posted I came up with a Steelers big board. I only put an hour or so into it so it is far from perfect, but let me know what you think.

    1. Luke Joeckel
    2. Star Lotulelei
    3. Jarvis Jones
    4. Demontre Moore
    5. Bjoern Werner
    6. Dee Milliner
    7. Eric Fisher
    8. Cordarrelle Patterson
    9. Eric Reid
    10. Dion Jordan
    11. Kenny Vaccaro
    12. Chance Warmack
    13. Manti Te’o
    14. Ezekiel Ansah
    15. Nuk Hopkins
    16. Johnathan Hankins
    17. Kevin Minter
    18. Matt Elam
    19. Alec Ogletree
    20. Keenan Allen
    21. Barkevious Mingo
    22. Giovani Bernard

  • Mike Carroll

    I think the team and Haley correctly identified and played to the biggest strength of their QB and that is Ben’s great play on third downs. I believe it’s in the team’s interest to have Ben tested often on third down (and mainly just third down) during the regular season as preparation for playoff football. Along the same lines, it’s in the team’s interest to learn how to win close games during the season. The alternative is a pass first offense which may produce big regular season fantasy stats, but increases injury opportunities for Ben and does little to prepare the QB and team for the inevitable adversity encountered in playoff football.

    I do agree the team did not play to Wallace’s strength, but that is partly due to the fact he has only one. You could just as easily point out the great job Haley did playing to the strength of Heath Miller.

  • mlc43

    I’m sorry. I fail to see how putting your team in a “3rd and testing Ben” is a plan for season long success. I almost read it like you want run, run, test Ben. I don’t get the logic…sorry.

  • steeltown

    Normally I’d say no way because of their lack off cap space and lack of aggressiveness in FA… but with Miller recovering from injury and the #2 being a 2nd year player, I guess anythings possible, especially if Miller isnt ready to go come the regular season. I still doubt it though but I would atleast look for them to possibly draft a TE in the Rds 2-4

  • steeltown

    Some questions will be answered soon