Steelers Or Patriots Most Likely To Face The Ravens In 2013 Season Opener

The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII Sunday over the San Francisco 49ers and will in all likelihood be the team that host the 2013 season opening game. Should that indeed be the case, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots would be considered the front runners to be their opponent.

The Ravens 2013 home opponents include the Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and the Houston Texans.

You can easily assume that the Browns, Jets and Vikings won\’t be the team as none of them add the draw that NBC will be looking for. You can also likely rule out the Packers in addition as only once since 2004 has the league scheduled a game between an AFC and an NFC team to kick off a season. Even though the Texans and the Bengals have made the playoffs the last two years, neither adds the sexiness factor, so that leaves us with the Steelers and the Patriots as the two remaining teams to pick from to be the Ravens opening night opponent.

A Steelers-Ravens game certainly would give the draw that NBC is looking for, with a Patriots-Ravens game running a close second. Keep in mind that Ravens have faced the Patriots in the AFC Championship game the last two seasons, so a built-in story line certainly would exist, especially being as the two teams split those games.

The Steelers have opened up their season four times against the Ravens dating back to 1996 and the two teams split those games.

  • Ahmad

    Give us the Ravens. I’d like nothing better than to kickoff the 2013 season than by beating the (give me a minute) cough *Super Bowl champs* cough. I still haven’t forgotten the beat down they gave us back in 2011 so it would be nice to exact some revenge from that. Also, barring any catastrophic preseason injuries, both teams would be playing at full strength so no excuses and no explanations.

  • zyzak

    Steelers would refuse that game as the Ravens did a couple of years ago

  • Getitout

    I disagree. That is the difference between the Steelers and Ravens, the Steelers wouldn’t whine and cry to the league office like the Ravens did. We will man up and play the game. And win.

  • Mike O’

    Remember after the last Steeler Super Bowl victory in the 2008 season, Harbaugh would not agree to having the Ravens open the 2009 season against the Steelers in Pittsburgh on a nationally televised Thursday night game . So the Steelers ended up playing the Tennessee Titans to open the 2008 season. I wonder if Harbaugh will now take the same strategy position by not approving a Steeler/Raven opening game in Baltimore for the 2013 season????? Or will Tomlin disapprove this time????

  • Nolrog

    I HATE intra-divisional games early in the season. It sets the tone for the whole year. Two years ago, we got crushed by Baltimore and spent the rest of the year Chasing Amy (so to speak.)

    I also hate that Raven, Cleveland, Raven thing from this year. If a guy is out for a few weeks (like Ben) they miss both games.

    Ideally, division games should be around Week 7 or so and Week 17 or so, with 5 or so weeks in between. I realize that’s not always possible because we play a large portion of the season against the division and if we wait until late in the year, they need to stack them up to get them all in though.

  • LucasY59

    I agree let the Hateriots and Ratbirds play that way one of them starts the season with a loss, also agree that the two divisional games should be split into the two halves of the season with a minimum 3-4 games inbetween.

  • I hope not. Wether we like it or not the Ravens are the best team in the league. I am very concerned about what are opening day roster will look like next year, and at the least I’d like to see them play a few games before going up against one of the better teams.

  • mokhkw

    Can’t see how it could be the Steelers. 8-8 says they’re an average team until they prove otherwise. I’m guessing it will be the Pats, Texans or Bengals before the Steelers.