Ryan Clark Urged LaMarr Woodley All Season To Train With Him In Arizona

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark was quite a popular man on Monday as he was also a guest on the Dave Dameshek Football Program. Clark talked about several things related to the team and made it known that he texted linebacker LaMarr Woodley to see if he had read the Sunday report by Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that included a quote from an anonymous player stating that he was out of shape last season and that he played awful.

“First thing I did was text him,” Clark said. “Honestly, that\’s the first thing I did. I said \’Did you see it?\’ and he was like, \’Yeah, I saw it. I\’m not worried about. I\’m going to come back ready.\'”

Clark also revealed to host Dave Dameshek that he had talked to Woodley all season long about training this offseason where he trains out in Arizona.

“LaMarr and I talked about this all season,” Clark said. “I wanted him to train where I train in Arizona – Performance Enhancement Professionals. I think that it\’s the best place in the world to train and prepare for the season, and oddly enough, LaMarr started there last Monday, where a lot of guys aren\’t even working out right now.”

Woodley made it known a few weeks ago that he was declining the offer made to him by renowned trainer Tom Shaw to train down in Florida at the Wide World of Sports Complex because he had already made plans to train out in Arizona. We now know that Clark\’s urging was likely the reason why he decided to do that.

As far as Woodley\’s play last season, Clark offered up his opinion on that as well and he also commented more on what the anonymous player had to say to Cook.

“He was injured last year,” Clark said. “Whatever the reason was, was the reason. Whether it\’s because he didn\’t work out hard enough, or whatever it was, he was injured. LaMarr being injured and not being 100% hurts our team. LaMarr wants to be great individually and he wants to win Super Bowls, and he understands in order to do that we need him healthy and so he\’s training.

“He didn\’t seem to care too much that somebody said it, but to me the problem is it shows a fracture in the Pittsburgh Steelers that we aren\’t used to seeing.”

We now know that Woodley is well aware of what everybody thinks about him right now. How could he not at this point? His offseason training has started and all that is left now is for him to show up come training camp time in shape. I am willing to bet that he does.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    i think all the criticism within the locker room is to try and create motivation again, and if Woodley want to work with Clark instead of T. Shaw that’s fine with me, Clark always comes to camp 110% ready to go.

  • mghjr88

    I wonder if Clark was that anonymous player? Hopefully that’s not the case

  • RMSteeler

    Clark would make a great coach some day. He could probably make much more doing something else. Great dude.

  • after the season Clark had, I want Woodley to train with him too. I’ll bet Clark was the anonymous player lol. I agree with what Kevin said about it creating motivation. Go Steelers

  • TJimmy

    Woodley will probably be ready, if for no other reason than knowing he could be cut if his performance doesnt improve

  • SteelSpine

    Based on Clark said Woodley was out of shape & based on Clark being the most disturbed about what he called Woodley being out of shape, these latest quotes do seem to give it away.

  • steeltown

    Where did Woodley work out last offseason???

    This is great that he’s working out where Clark does and he’s started his regiment before most other players (supposedly) but I wonder what he was doing the last few offseasons… maybe working out on his own? ..Not pushing himself?

  • WilliamSekinger

    Last season was what it was. Lamarr is little more than a kid who has been gifted with natural ability all his life. He’s now learing that natural ability is not enough in the NFL, and is now doing something about it. It’s a shame he didn’t realize it before last season, but now that he is aware he is adjusting. I’m willing to overlook his poor performance last season and chaulk it up to growing pains. Now, if this happenes again a few years from now, I might not be so forgiving.

  • zyzak

    Keith Butler said he reported to camp in shape last August, I don’t get all the angst against Woodley. He had a groin injury that slowed his progress. Somebody obviously is out to get Woodley on that team. I expect Woodley to come in to camp again in shape. This time he won’t have the injury to slow him down. As far as his stats, he was asked to drop into coverage a lot more last season because Foote was terrible

  • Clint Martin

    Woodley had a high ankle sprain that hindered his performance he only missed one game due to a hamstring injury. The high ankle sprain has nothing to do with training or working out. Could he be in better shape? Yes but so could Dwyer that always takes himeslf out of the game due to conditioning.

  • Clint Martin

    He had a high ankle sprain that he was playing with most of the season in my opinion he is one tough player.

  • steeltown

    Foote was one of the best players on the Defense last season, behind Timmons, Clark and Lewis

  • steeltown

    I agree, one bad season doesnt make you a bad player, but two consecutive bad seasons…. .. .

  • Clint Martin

    You are right Foote isn’t a starting ILB in the NFL he struggles against the run he missed a tackle for every 11.8 that he made. The Steelers have to get back that Swagger that our ILB are known for.

  • Really? Dwyer is who you think Woodley should look to as a relevant model of effort?

  • steeltown

    I dont get the hate that Dwyer receives.. yes, he did come into camp 2 offseasons ago out of shape, but between Mendy, Redman, Batch and even Rainey… Dwyer was the only one that could take a pounding and come back the next week and play. I like Redman, but he seems to tweak his ankle every other game

  • steeltown

    Started all 16games, 113TOT, 4Sacks, 2FFumbles and 2Fumble recoveries.. not sure what you expect from your starting ILB’s but I’ll take that all day. Yes, he’s alittle slow in coverage, but we still had the #1 pass defense, again in 2012 and we ranked #2 in run defense

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I find a couple of things interesting:

    1. Butler says he came into camp in shape. The problem with this is that it does not take into account the fact that Woodley on the eye test looks out of shape and his explosiveness was gone. He couldn’t get off the line.

    2. I find some of the article and Clark’s comments enlightening on a different level.

    First, I find it strange that Clark took a complaint about someone complaining outside the locker room to the exact scenario, outside the locker room. Clark basically said, I stand here in front of the press before you now complaining that a locker room issue was handled in the press. Therefore I am doing the same thing he did. What?

    Second, I find it interesting that Clark begged him all season to go work out where he works out. Why would he do this? Could it be that he too thinks Woodley was out of shape? Oh, maybe he wasn’t saying it directly to the press, but didn’t he pretty much say the same thing. Hey, you need to come work out where I work out. Why, isn’t what I’m doing working? Well uhh..um…no.

    While Clark blasts the guy for airing laundry in the press, it appears that he agrees with the sentiment.

  • SG

    Once again, I’m tired of Clark and his constant “Hey, I’m going to be on TV when I retire” practice runs.

  • steeltown

    Good point

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    My angst regarding Woodley is simply a salary to production level concern. He is the second highest paid player on the team and eats up over 10% of the cap. He needs to produce. If the Steelers want to continue to move forward with him, I’m fine with that, but he has to be much better than he’s been over the last 2 years.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Clark keeps doing what Clark first said Clark despised, which is Clark is bashing Woodley in the media. Clark had a great year last year, but It’s time for a coach to tell Clark to quit bashing teammate in the media.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    He never said he disagreed…all he said was it should have been a locker room incident between players and coaches and not a media incident.

  • Clint Martin

    You misunderstood my comment. I am not hating on Dwyer I am just pointing out a fact that as a NFL running back you shouldn’t pull yourself out of the game you should want to be on the field every down of every play. Dwyer needs better conditioning for the NFL running back position.
    As an NFL feature Back that is if he was just used to come in for short yardage his conditioning is fine.

  • Clint Martin

    You missed my point or I didn’t convey it properly. My point was suppose to be no matter who the player is there is always room for growth and knowledge and physical shape. There is always another level to get to.

  • Clint Martin

    You don’t really know do you? The big Stat isn’t the tackles it is where the tackles were made. Face it he is a backup that is now a starter. He couldn’t take the position off of a 37 year old Farrior.

    Foote had 75 tackles 38 assisted 4 sacks 2 fumbles It is the tackles that he missed these numbers don’t show that.He is not a dominant ILB that the Steelers are used to having.

    He has one of the worst ranking’s for linebackers that are free agents. Rey Maualuga has a way worse ranking than him and still has those same numbers that you put up there. Rey had only 62 tackles with 60 assisted only 1 sack no turnovers not good production.

    If the Steelers don’t resign him his career will be done.That is why he came forward and offered to take a pay cut to stay.

  • Clint Martin


  • steeltown

    Oh I know, I know that we had the #1 pass defense and #2 run defense in the entire League with a ‘backup that is now a starter’ doing the signal calling and starting all 16games

    Foote’s stats as a full time starter basically mirror Farrior’s stats on average as a starter… and I think no one would argue that Farrior was a damn good player…. just sayin

  • Pete

    Butler also said Woodley needs to do a better job of condition with respect to his hamstrings this past season. Yes, Butler did say Woodley improved and came into camp at a better weight and better conditioning but he pointed out the hamstrings as a place where Woodley needs to improve. Working out in Arizona should help Woodley tremendously.

  • Pete

    Butler also said Woodley needs to do a better job with conditioning to help his hamstrings. So it’s clear Butler thinks Woodley can and should do more with respect to conditioning. Conditioning will not prevent all injuries but some are a direct result of insufficient conditioning.

  • walter mason

    He had 38 combined tackles in 2012. He had 39 in 2011.

  • steeltown

    True, but he had 9sacks in 10games in 2011 i’ll take that sack production, but you’re right he should be getting more tackles, those are pretty low numbers

  • zyzak

    Did you know he played through a high ankle sprain?
    Does anyone on here know anything> Or do you all just keep repeating the same silly stuff.

  • Clint Martin

    The defense backed off of sending blitz’s and dropped into coverage more the results were good for the secondary against the pass.

  • Clint Martin

    Farrior was good till the age of 34 after that lets face it his game took a dip.The Packers proved that in the Super Bowl who did they attack? Farrior.

    It is time to get a Buck Inside Linebacker that can penetrate and make tackles in the backfield.Remember Spence is more suited at the mack position.