Report: Steve Breaston To Visit With Steelers Tuesday

Eric Metz, the agent for free agent wide receiver Steve Breaston, met with the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday at the NFL combine in Indianapolis and on Tuesday his client will be in Pittsburgh for a visit.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, Breaston is also expected to visit the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys are two other teams that reportedly have interest in Breaston.

Should the Steelers wind up signing the 29 year old Breaston he would then be reunited with offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who he played for with the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs. Breaston had his two best seasons playing for Haley.

Breaston had signed a five-year contract with the Chiefs in 2011 but was released last week after only two seasons with the team.

Breaston could help offset the loss of wide receiver Mike Wallace, who is expected to be gone in a matter of weeks via free agency.

ETA: Ed Bouchette reports via Twitter that Breaston will meet with the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Thursday or Friday and that the day is not settled yet.

  • steeltown

    Hmmm… working him out, means they are truly considering signing him.

    I would like to have another experienced WR on roster (especially since its final yr on Cotcherys deal) but I just dont see how we’d have enough $$$ to sign him, not to mention he’d be #4 or #5 on the depth chart.

    I bet he signs with Cleveland, because they’ll offer more money and he’ll easily be #3 on their depth chart, with Cribbs most likely leaving via FA

  • Jollyrob68

    He’d be number 3 on depth chart. Cotchery is 4th and might get cut

  • steeltown

    Not if they draft a WR in the early Rds (Brown, Sanders, draft pick, Cotchery/Breaston)

    Unless thats their plan, to sign Breaston and then NOT draft a WR early on.. and focus on LB, SS, RB, TE etc early on in the draft

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Underachiever, so he’ll fit right in here.

  • steepens

    I think he could be #3 in Haley’s O. Brown and Sanders would be #1 and #2, but I expect Wallace and Burress to be gone. No matter how much I like Cotch, Haley may favor Breaston and he could have the upper hand being familiar with the system. I wouldn’t mind if they signed him, it would give us depth and someone to teach our receivers.

  • He would also be one twisted knee or turned ankle from being bumped up to number 2 or 3..definitely would make sense to sign him with his Veteran experience in Haley’s system combined with his ability to be active on game day because of special teams needs. Steeltown has a point though, it has to be the right price.

  • steeltown

    What if they draft WR early… could push Breaston back on the chart

    I mentioned below, maybe their plan is to sign Breaston, bolster the WR depth and then not draft WR till later in the draft, saving the early picks for LB, SS, RB etc

    I guess it does make sense though, considering Cotchery and Sanders are not signed past 2013

  • nikgreene

    Would a WR picked in the first couple rounds have much of an impact this season (outside of special teams)? I’d almost prefer they get some veteran depth at the position (considering Sanders injury history) and try to find a gem at WR in the middle rounds.

  • steeltown

    If they draft a WR in the the 1st or 2nd Rd I think he could.. but you might be right

  • steepens

    Agreed, drafting a WR early would probably do just that. They have needs at almost every position. If the best available is WR at 17, they may take him. Hopefully they don’t reach… I still remember the Troy Edwards fiasco.

  • Jazz

    Take a look at the Steelers Offensive weapons; Heath Miller is out, will probably not return until late October if that. Rashard Mendenhall will probably be gone as well, as he should be; Mike Wallace is definitely gone. So, who does that leave them?

    Antonio Brown? A nice receiver, I still don’t think he was worth the money they signed him for; Emmanuel Sander? The best route runner they have, the problem though is this, he is not durable at all. He hasn’t played a 16 game season since they drafted him. Cotchery? No way he comes back making $1.5M a year as a 4th WR, and he doesn’t play Special Teams. Jonathan Dwyer? He makes one play, then he’s gasping for air, no conditioning at all. Issac Redman? I like this guy, I would radther see him play than Dwyer. However, he too seems to always get hurt. Barron Batch? Will never be more than a change of pace RB.
    The Steelers need weapons on Offense, although I really do believe they will select an OLB if one is worth taking in the 1st, don’t be surprise if they go WR/RB or WR/OLB with the first two picks. Of course who is still available will be the key to their decision.

  • grw1960

    To me signing Breaston would only be insurance if they can’t get a Starting WR they want in the draft. You only need to look back at Troy Edwards and Sweed. Both early round picks that failed to become starters.
    But yes if they do draft one that pans out. It Could cost Crotchery his job. But if it doesn’t, there would be 5 WRs capable of starting.

  • steeltown

    I agree with that.. It will be interesting to see if Breaston takes what the Steelers offer him, I cant imagine that it will be that much. I’d be surprised if it was more than a 2-3yr deal

    Also, lets not forget as it stands now, both Cotchery and Sanders are not under contract past 2013, so the more I keep thinking about this situation, the more it does start to make sense

  • mjfsteeler

    Breaston might be #2 & Sanders #3 if he gets signed. This may sound crazy but any chance some WR’s say they’d rather play with a Franchise QB on a good team with a chance to win a ring? If the Steelers were willing to sign Wallace to $10mil/yr would they be able to offer that to someone else?

  • mjfsteeler

    Maybe on Mar 12 Dwayne Bowe decides he’s tired of losing & wants to play with a great QB & for the coach that saw him catch 17 TDs & go to the Probowl. Maybe I should stop hanging with Santonio Holmes & the Honey Badger, might be getting a contact high!

  • Cody Younkin

    I agree, even though thier first round pick my be OLB or Saftey or maybe Kevin Minter, after that they need to draft heavily on offense. I see a WR in the 2nd, RB in the 3rd, TE in the 4th. theres good talent in those rounds especially if they trade back in the first for an extra 3rd rounder.