Report: Steelers To Meet With USC WR Robert Woods At Combine

The 2013 NFL combine continues on in Indianapolis and another player has been identified as one that the Pittsburgh Steelers will meet with for 15 minutes. Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider reports via Twitter that USC wide receiver Robert Woods has indicated that he has a meeting scheduled with the black and gold. Teams are allowed to meet with 60 players during the week.

Woods measured in on Friday at 6003, 201 and is currently regarded my many as a top ten wide receiver in the draft this year. He figures to be drafted somewhere in the second or third round.

In his three years at USC Woods caught 252 passes for 2930 yards and 32 touchdowns. He caught more balls than any receiver in USC history and more than all but two receivers in Pac-12 history.

Woods is projected to be a possession-type receiver at the next level. He has shown that he understands the position and has a full grasp of the entire route tree. His best asset is his ability to set up his defender on the outside when played off of and he gets off of the ball quickly in those situations. Woods is also not afraid to leave his feet in order to make a tough catch and is equally not afraid to block when it is called for. Despite all of his college catches Woods needs to work on high pointing the ball better. He also shows to have tight hips and he will tip his routes off at times. His get-off against press coverage also needs improvement.

USC head coach, Lane Kiffin once compared Woods\’ style to that of Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice.

“I\’m not saying he is Jerry Rice,” Kiffin said. “But he\’s that style of receiver. Great hands. Lean, strong body type.”

The Rice comparison is a little over-the-top. He reminds you more of a cross between Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts and Steve Smith of the St. Louis Rams.

In addition to his role as a receiver, Woods also returned punts and kicks in college. During his time at USC he returned 31 punts for 183 yards and 55 kicks for another 1,364 yards and a touchdown.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    i wouldn’t mind this guy in the third tound

  • SOnMyChest

    Hahaha! You countered the Jerry Rice comparison with Steve Smith crossed with Reggie Wayne?? Stop the madness

  • SteelersDepot

    Not the Panthers Steve Smith, Rams Steve Smith. Obviously you missed that, but I forgive you.

  • steeltown

    I like this guy… if Hopkins and Hunter are gone I could definitely see the Steelers selecting Woods or Patton in the 3rd, if available

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Me too i think he would fit nicely with us!

  • Tim Barca

    I do like him as well, some of the other receivers in this draft may be more athletic but Woods catches everything thrown his way. It seems like we have so many holes to fill this year, it is really hard to determine what picks wil be best for us.

  • SteelerPigeon

    first thing I noticed on the bottom video: first 2 plays were bubble screens

  • SteelerPigeon

    also I’m not opposed to them like most yinzers. Just an observation, since the Steelers seem to run them alot.

  • Ahmad

    Well those negatives can be fixed with proper coaching and we just so happen to have a new WR coach that is a stickler for detail. Besides that, he sounds like a great addition to the team and eh could thrive in the new offense.

  • SteelerPigeon

    exactly my thoughts. theres really a lot of different directions we can go in this draft. We could probably take about 4 different positions in every round

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    6’0″ 200 pounds. Possession type receiver. Shifty after the catch.

    Seems like we have two of those on the roster already?

  • RW

    If they really want a receiver, take Patterson in the first or Hamilton in the 3rd.

  • SteelerDave

    3rd round only. He has too many issues to go higher.

  • I like Patterson for sure. Woods looked like he was tackled from behind in a few of those highlights.

  • SteelersDepot

    Woods talks about being the board with the Bills. Didn’t go so well.

  • steeltown

    Who? Cotchery? Not all that shifty anymore, still great hands though.

    Brown and Sanders are both around 5’10 185lbs

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I’ve got Sanders combine numbers at 5’11” 186 lbs. Brown at 5’10” 186.

    I would bet they’re both up to about that 190-195 range now.

    I’m not saying Woods is a clone of them but fairly similar. I just think we need to draft a bigger target at WR.

  • champsx6

    Our receivers couldn’t hang onto the ball. The only one I consider being on the roster for sure is Brown. Woods is a playmaker and an athlete. The type of player we need. He’s a possession receiver like Hines was which is what we missed last year. Whoever made the decision to let Hines go made a mistake. Woods could be that type of player.

  • Six reasons why I do not see the Steelers drafting a WR in the first two/three rounds of the draft.

    1. They have had luck drafting WRs in later rounds.

    2. I believe they need to draft for WR depth, not for imminent need (see: Miller, Brown, Cotchery, Sanders, etc).

    3. They have talent that could develop on their practice squad (see: Gilreath, Moye).

    4. The free-agent pool has potential (Breaston, Ginn Jr.)

    5. They have been more vocal about their concerns for running backs

    6. They prioritize drafting defenders and have concerns at D-Line, Safety, and inside linebacker.

  • You guys better not pass on Robert Woods. Everybody out west knows, he gets open. he gets Touch Downs. He is the real deal. Remember, you took Troy from Troy…how did that work out? you took Lynn Swann from USC how did that work out…name me one guy the steelers took from USC that wasn’t great?