Steelers G Willie Colon Is Grinding And Waiting On The Word

Pittsburgh Steelers guard Willie Colon is a well talked about player this offseason. The starting left guard unfortunately ended the 2012 season on injured reserve after injuring his knee. That made three straight seasons that Colon has lost time due to injury and his time in Pittsburgh could very well come to an end as a result.

Colon continues to rehab his injured knee right now and teammate Ramon Foster, who is also currently in limbo as a an unrestricted free agent, reached out to his fellow linemate on Thursday to see how he is doing.

“Just grinding my good brother, and waiting on the word,” Colon tweeted back.

Waiting is all Colon can do at this point, but we don\’t know what he specifically he is waiting for. If Colon is meaning that he is waiting to hear from the Steelers concerning his 2013 fate, he should know whether or not he gets by his first hurdle in a matter of weeks as the Steelers need to be cap compliant by March 12, the start of the new league year. Colon is currently scheduled to earn a base salary of $5.5 million in 2012. Cutting him early only saves $1.2 million of salary cap space. Less when you consider in the displacement of another player that would potentially take his place in the Rule of 51.

Cutting Colon with a June 2nd designation would mean that the Steelers would eventually save $5.5 million in cap space, but those savings would not be seen until after June 1st per the CBA rules. That designation would also create a dead money charge of $4.3 million in 2014.

Colon of course could be waiting to hear from his doctors as well. Perhaps he is waiting to get the green light to start the next portion of his rehab. We can only speculate.

If Colon is paying attention to the internet during his wait he probably saw that the Steelers met with North Carolina left guard Jonathan Cooper at the NFL combine recently. Cooper is regarded as one of the top two guards in the draft that could potentially be drafted in the first round. Cooper also fits the zone blocking system, which the Steelers are expected to run more of next season.

Players can\’t sit and worry about things that they can\’t control. The NFL is a business with players coming and going every year.

General manager Kevin Colbert is currently in Indianapolis at the combine and he wouldn\’t comment specifically this week on the business side of things with the Steelers. The next two weeks will certainly be interesting, and much like Colon, all we can do is wait.

  • dgh57

    Colon was the victim of a cheap shot in the Ravens game and so I give him a break!

    But at the same time if they have a chance to draft Chance Wormack or Jonathan Cooper they should take it! So far Cooper is showing more at the Scouting Combine
    so at this time I prefer Cooper.

    If Colon or Foster are not brought back then I feel they have no choice but draft a o-lineman in the 1st rd. I don’t see the Steelers putting themselves in that position and Foster is resigned! Besides they would be telling other teams what they are planning on doing in the 1st rd. if they failed to resign Colon or Foster.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I know I am in the small minority here, but I honestly don’t see the point in cutting him. Even if he is here only for depth, it just doesn’t seem to add up financially. Wow, so they save 1.2 million. Great! Then when they bring a minimum guy in at 600,000 to be a backup, they save a total of 600,000 and probably don’t have as much talent as Colon has. Personally, I think he needs to be brought back and let him play himself off the roster. Cut him next year.

  • steeltown

    God I hope they can somehow lock up Foster.. he plays either Guard position and RT in a pinch.. and then we wouldnt have to draft OL till later in the draft

  • steeltown

    Yea, but wouldnt we be in the same position next offseason.. his salary and bonuses are exactly the same in 2014 as they are in 2013… i dont think he’s worth 5.5million a season plus misc bonuses, thats the what it comes down to for me.

    Funny to think that we paid Max $825,000 last season

  • Mike Carroll


  • Mike Carroll

    I agree there’s not much cap savings for this specific year. But, Colon is really hurt by the $5.5M base salary the team will need to pay him out of pocket this year. In essence, that is new cap money that has not been charged yet and it’s way too much for a player who’s averaged 4 games per season for the last 3 seasons. If the team doesn’t cut him this year, then Colon will count a total of at least $11.95M against the cap between this year and next due to the base salary paid to him in 2013. Much better to cut him this offseason (either pre or post June1) for a total cap hit limited to $6.45M.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    If he doesn’t fit the new system, this is an easy cut and the only question is if you take the dead money hit this year or next. If they want him, they need to reduce his salary. He is not a $5.5M player. Very few guards are worth that much,

  • Chris92021

    If we have a chance to take Chance Warmack, we will have no choice. I still think because of the cap situation, Willie has to go. I would love to see him back at LG, but the financial situation dictates we should probably move on without him.

    If we can’t get Warmack, then bring Foster back on the low and put him at LG or see if Beachum (who the coaches just love) can make due at LG.