Video: Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley Gives The Guy Code As It Relates To Football Injuries

I must have missed the two videos of Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley that I am passing along to you below, but thanks to a reader passing them along, I guess the timing is perfect to pass them along to the others that might have missed them.

Woodley has been doing some videos for the show Guy Code, which is apparently shown on MTV, and in one of the more recent ones that he did he talks about the guy code as it relates football injuries, more specifically, his football injuries.

Woodley goes on to say that he tried to tough out his ankle injury that suffered in the first meeting against the Cleveland Browns, but says he would have been hurting the team had he played. He also gives the fanbase a pretty good scolding for getting on him this past season.

The second video? Well, I just don\’t have much of anything to say about it as I think it says enough on its own, but it is funny that Woodley says that there is one in every locker-room. One what? One anonymous player that is cracking on his play and conditioning? I was thinking that the locker-room code talk would be something other than what I got.


Guy Code
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  • steeltown

    Thanks Bryan… but I refuse to watch…

    Enough is enough I dont want to watch Woodley doing anything but playing Football.. sorry if that makes me sound like a sour puss

  • RW

    Nah you’re totally right not to watch them. I did and regret it. This guy can say all he wants about the fan base being ignorant of his injury issues, but the fact remains that he was slow and out of shape when he was in there, plus he had virtually no push. The tape doesn’t lie LaMarr… get in the weight room, shut up and prove everyone wrong next year. No need to go on MTV and do some stupid segment. Take care of your business and move on.

  • Chris Maxwell

    How about sandwich down weights up FAT BOY.

  • paperproud

    The problem is I keep seeing Woodley in videos that have nothing to do with football. Sure, he has a right to a life outside of football, but I would rather see a video of him working out, training, or eating healthy.

  • walter mason

    I watched half of the first video and I wished I didnt.

  • JC

    I’m so sick of this guy. Money and fame have gotten to his head. Just cut him now.

  • JC

    I’m sick of seeing Steelers players appear in the media and making this great organization look foolish.