2013 Steelers Mock Draft Version 2.0 – Post NFL Combine

The 2013 NFL combine is now behind us and the pro days have already started to take place. It is now time for my second 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft, or as I like to call them, educated guesses. I usually do about 5 or 6 mocks prior to the actual NFL draft and you can find my first mock draft that was released after the Senior Bowl by following the link.

I have already posted my Steelers draft needs earlier in the offseason and you can read those in this post. I have added a seventh round compensatory draft pick to this mock as I feel that is what the Steelers are likely to receive later this month.

************** If you are going to comment in this post please add value to the discussion. The rounds here are not important and you are not helping the discussion exercise by saying “Player X” will not last that long or is being drafted too soon. Please add what you like and dislike about a certain player and feel free to add your own mock as well. Remember, the discussion should be centered around the players, not necessarily the rounds they are drafted. Mock drafts are never perfect, but the value of them is in the discussion about the players. If I feel you are not adding value with your comments I will simply delete them. Go elsewhere if you want to be a nuisance. **************

Round 1 – G Jonathan Cooper – North Carolina











This time around it should come as no surprise to you that Cooper is my first round pick if you have been reading my post on a regular basis and listening to the podcast. Cooper had a solid combine that backed up everything I have observed on him during my tape study. He has position flexibility as he can play both guard spots and center. He also bends and runs well due to his athleticism, which makes him a solid fit for both a power and zone blocking scheme. Do the Steelers have him rated higher than Chance Warmack? I think that is a strong possibility. Strengths? Cooper recognizes and reacts well to stunts in pass protection and also anchors well when bull rushed. He gets off blocks well in the run game and is effective at the second level at hitting his target. His football I.Q. is very high, he has a solid motor and appears to have a great character off the field and a nasty streak when on it. Weaknesses? Has been known to take some holding calls when he gets lazy with his technique. He also will need to learn to hold his blocks longer at the next level in pass protection. Man blocking wise, Cooper needs to get even stronger up top to become more of a road grader to provide a better push. The first interior lineman usually comes off the board where the Steelers pick and the selection of Cooper would not be a surprising one even though they have dedicated so many early round draft picks to the offensive line over the course of the last three drafts.

Round 2 – WR DeAndre Hopkins – Clemson



33 3/8









Hopkins is not a burner, which was evident by is 4.57 40 yard dash time, but he plays faster than timed. He makes up for his lack of elite speed by being an effective route runner that can play both outside and in the slot. He uses his body well to shield off defenders and he uses his strong hands to catch the ball away from his body more times than not. He uses his 36″ vertical to go up for high passes and has a good high-point ability to come down with them. He is fearless on the slant and never hesitant to go across the middle in traffic. His outside-in move gets him necessary separation off of the line of scrimmage. Weaknesses? He is not afraid to block, but his technique needs a lot of improvement. He also has been known to double catch at times. He is not a receiver that will run away from people, but he is strong enough to break arm tackles. Although he returned punts at Clemson, it is not one of his strong suits. His footwork off of the line of scrimmage against man coverage needs improvement. The only thing preventing him from being a first round pick, in my opinion, is his lack of straight-line speed. It will be interesting to see if he can run in the low 4.5 range at his pro day. Although he measured in at 6 foot, 1 inch, he plays bigger than that.

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Round 3 – SS – Shawn Williams – Georgia



30 3/4









Williams has been overshadowed by both Alec Ogletree and Bacarri Rambo on defense while at Georgia, but he is a very underrated strong safety prospect that has played against elite competition in the SEC. He has a linebacker mentality and was even forced to play some linebacker while at Georgia due to injuries. Williams is very physical in the box and a solid tackler that plays downhill against the run. He timed faster than most thought he would at the combine, but when you watch his tape you will see that he covers quite a bit of ground. He understands angles, route progressions and back half responsibilities as well as any strong safety prospect in this draft. Williams is regarded as a team leader with strong character. His experience on special teams will guarantee that he dresses every Sunday in the NFL until he is ready to start. The Steelers appear to be already grooming Robert Golden to play more of a free safety role, so they need a strong safety prospect to groom to play beside him. Some think that Williams might be a mid third round prospect by the time the draft rolls around and I agree with that after studying him.

TacklesDef IntFumbles
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Round 4 – RB – Knile Davis – Arkansas



8 5/8









The draft stock of Davis is very hard to calculate right now following the combine because of the buzz that surrounds him. He is a fast, straight-line back, but not overly shifty. His past ankle injuries, lack of agility, and ball security problems are the main reasons that I think his stock will remain below the third round. Speed, however, is hard to find and his big play ability also will not be questioned. Because of his running style, I view him as a patient, one cut back that will fit well in a predominant zone blocking scheme. Although he is a willing pass blocker, he will need to improve greatly if he is to be a three down back. He is, however, more than adequate out of the backfield as a pass catcher, mostly in check down situations. He is a homerun threat every time that he touches the football. A former team captain, his character does not seem to be of a concern.

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Round 5 – OLB – Trevardo Williams – Connecticut



32 1/4








Depending on what rankings you subscribe to, you will likely see Williams stock anywhere between the third and the sixth round. When you turn on the tape you will see that he can get after the quarterback as a down defensive lineman. He is undersized so he will be considered an outside linebacker prospect for a 3-4. His inflated draft stock, in my opinion, is because of his speed at the combine and production against lesser competition. Williams does not have much experience playing standing up or dropping into coverage. Keep in mind that Chris Carter, like Williams, was thought to have a third or fourth round grade on him a few years back and he wound up being drafted in the fifth round as well. Williams\’ production and combine numbers are pretty close to those of Carter. Williams is not a plug and play outside linebacker prospect, also like Carter. Could Williams go in the fourth? Sure, but he could just as easily fall to the fifth. Time will tell, but mid fifth round sounds about right for him.

TacklesDef IntFumbles
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Round 6 – ILB – Michael Mauti – Penn State



32 1/2









Mauti insist that he will be playing football this fall as he recovers from his third serious knee injury. His passion for the game is ridiculous and I am not willing to bet against him right now. It is not like he would have seen the field during his rookie season outside of special teams, so he is worth the gamble in the sixth round. His leadership qualities are off the chart as his knowledge of the game. The play of Mauti reminds you a little of Dan Connor. Feast or famine pick.

TacklesDef IntFumbles
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Round 7 – DE – Joe Kruger – Utah



34 3/8








Younger brother of Paul Kruger. Perfect size and skill-set to become a starting 5 technique defensive end in a 3-4. Kruger needs to be broken down and built back up again as his technique needs a lot of work. He plays too light as he needs to fill out a little more and get stronger so that he can hold his ground and occupy more than one blocker when asked. He should be able to carry 15 more pounds with ease. He is not nimble, but neither were Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel. Kruger will need to learn to be more effective at reading plays and get himself in passing lanes so that he can get those long arms in the vision of the quarterback and knock down some passes. Is he J.J. Watt? No, but he could turn into a seven year starter in the NFL.

TacklesDef IntFumbles
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Round 7 (Compensatory) – TE – Zach Sudfeld – Nevada



33 1/2









Bad luck or injury prone? Sudfeld is, and should be, considered a one-year production player due to time missed with injuries. He stayed healthy his senior season and caught 45 passes for 598 yards with 8 touchdowns. He is probably the best kept secret as far as an all-around tight end goes, but you can bet that his pro day will be a busy one. He has decent ball skills and his blocking needs refinement. His lack of playing time shows badly, but he has tremendous upside and there is a lot to work with as far positives. He is regarded as a player with solid work ethic.

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  • Jollyrob68

    Spot on. Hits everything they need. Safety could be Rontez Miles. Steelers met with him 3x before the combine.
    I love taking the risk on Mike Mauti

  • Jason White

    Overall I like this mock. If I had to make one change to it I would rather have Justin Hunter in the second if he is on the board. I like what I’ve seen from him and I really want tall target like him. I like the Knile Davis pick in the 4th.

  • untitled

    I LOVE the DeAndre Hopkins pick and really hope he is in the black and gold.

    Davis is interesting. Mike Gillisie might be the guy I would prefer if they draft a running back in the 3rd or 4th because he does not have a lot of tread on the tires and has more power than a typical Florida back. Him or Jonathan Franklin if they go RB around then. Davis I see some red flags with but he can change that with a good pro day.

    I think Mauti’s situation fits them perfectly. Injured or not he wouldn’t see the field on defense so the injury allows them to get great value and they can store him away on special teams and let him develop for a year.

  • moderatelysane

    Nice mock, Dave. I suspect that Cooper will not be the 1st pick. IMHO there is likely to be one or more of the edge rushers that drop and merit a pick at 17 (Moore, Jones, Ansah). If those are available, I would guess that would be the pick. Alternatively, I expect there to be only 1 WR off the board, which leaves Allen, Patterson, Woods (I don’t like mini Austin). Either would be hard to pass in favor of Cooper. I think the Willie Colon conclusion will very soon enlighten that first pick. I love Hopkins in the 2nd. Great value. Davis in the 4th is an appropriate pick. If he can put it together, he could be great. He could also be a dud. His probability of success is a little lower than I’d like, but appropriate for the 4th rounder. Would like to have a slightly more polished OLB prospect than Williams. Thanks for the thoughtful work, Dave!

  • HarryBackside

    I didn’t see the point in reading this mock beyond the second round. Why? Because after Cooper and Hopkins, the next 5 picks could be kickers and I would still love this mock!

  • Garrett Hunt

    First off, nice Mock Dave.

    Regardless of whatever else happens in the draft I hope the Steelers wind up with Hopkins. I can tell you from first hand experience, attending every one of his home games in Death Valley, that he is LEGIT! No player has impacted Clemson more on offense or defense than him since CJ Spiller, and that list includes Tajh Boyd, Sammy Watkins, Jacoby Ford, Da’Quan Bowers, Andre Branch, and Andre Ellington to name a few. I would not be surprised if he ends up being the best WR in this draft class. His 40 time may not be great, but I think that he is a perfect example of someone possessing “football speed”. Even if it means our 1st round pick, I don’t think that is too much of a reach.

    Am I biased towards him? Of course, I’ve had the pleasure of being in school with him the last three years watching his football (and basketball) career. But at the end of the day, I have a strong gut feeling that he will be very successful in the league, and that is my brain talking not just my heart. He reminds me of a more athletic Hines Ward, with less blocking ability of course. Why? — He is a possession receiver, great work ethic, CLUTCH, consistant, great hands/catch in traffic, and tough

  • mlc43

    I like Cooper in the 1st though part of me doesn’t think the Steelers are going to go that route. I don’t like Hopkins in the second. I think that there will be more interesting and valuable WRs available at that pick..shoot, you can maybe even land Swope in the 3rd and he is a much more interesting pick. Again…not liking Davis. Yes, he has great speed but he has very little quickness. He only rushed for 377 yds and has a history of nagging injuries. LOVE the Williams pick though.

  • LucasY59

    I really like Dave’s picks and would be absolutely happy with all of them

    Heres my list of Alternate’s
    1st T.Eifert TE (I know its a reach, but to me it makes just as much sense as Cooper)
    2nd J.Hunter WR (would be just as happy or happier with Hopkins)
    3rd T.J. McDonald S (really whoever is the best S available should be this pick)
    4th M. Lattimore RB (neither have a great health history)
    5th C.Washington OLB (also had a good combine & 40 time)
    6th V. Williams (liked the pick from mock v1.0 so I wouldnt change it)
    7th O. Uzzi OG (has mobility for zone scheme)
    7th (comp) L. Marquardt OT (small school player Azuza Pacific NAIA, thats not so small 6’8″ 315#s) It’s pretty hard to guess who will be available in the 7th so these are two I would be pretty happy with

  • mlc43

    Not so much of a reach…a lot of the mocks have Eifert still available there and I wouldn’t mind seeing him added. I’m sorry though….I wouldn’t draft Lattimore. No way….I feel sorry for the kid but …No way.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Dave. Let me begin by saying, great job with the format (measurables, stats, video, etc.). Easy to read. Well done, sir. I can’t argue with the “value” of your first three picks. All three guys show NFL caliber skillsets on tape. All three are positions of need. Having said that, I believe that some positions should be ranked as “yellow” warning light priority, while others should be “red” alert, all hands on deck, crisis mode. I have a couple of thoughts (which you may or may not agree with)…

    1) In last year’s draft, I believe the Steelers were seriously considering Dante Hightower at 1.24 to become Foote’s replacement at buck ILB. Then when the 3rd round rolls around they reached a little (in my opinion) for Spence at mack ILB. I think that gives us a little insight into the coaches view of the current state of our ILB position. We have Timmons and (probably) Foote and then Sly as a back up. And that’s about it. I just can’t imagine a scenario this year where we don’t draft an early round “Foote replacement” (somewhere in rounds 1-3?).

    2) The picture will become a lot more clear once we see who the Steelers cut, who they re-sign, and what FA’s they bring in, but as it stands right now, our current starter at TE is… Paulsen? All of us are assuming/hoping Heath’s recovery goes well, but what if it doesn’t? What if he’s out the whole year? And even if he does come back healthy, what if he gets hurt again? He’ll be turning 31 this year. With the way the NFL is headed, and Haley’s new offense, I think we have to move “pass catching” TE up on the priority list. Even above WR.

    3) Lastly, I love Cooper (for multiple reasons). He’s very clean. High skillset. No real weaknesses. Any pick that protects Ben and improves our running game is a welcome addition. My only question to you is… Do you think there’s a guard prospect in the middle rounds who could come in start right away who wouldn’t cost us a 1.17 pick? I realize that can be said of any position but I really think OG and RB and TE are the three positions where a middle round guy can legitimately start year one and produce?

  • RyanW

    Not a fan of taking a guard with the 1st pick if it comes down to him as the bpa then trade down other than that great draft

  • HarryBackside

    Good point about ILB. I could see the Steelers pulling the trigger on Arthur Brown in round 2 if he’s available

  • LucasY59

    I should have said “some will think its a reach” and most TE’s like OG’s and ILB’s usually aren’t taken until pick 20 or later (most are 2nd rd or later) IMO it isn’t a reach, especially since the player should improve both the passing game (big physical target) and the running game (blocking) as well as fill a need due to Miller’s Injury (will still contribute quite a bit to the Offense, when Miller returns as well)

  • Assuming Willie is out, the Cooper pick makes great sense. Beachum fills the role as swing man perfectly instead of starting, although I think he’d do a good job. Tunch and Wolf often say an offensive line is only as good as it’s weakest link. And with Cooper on board, that lessens that possibilty greatly.
    The Steelers seem more focused on fixing the running game than the passing game right now, which is why I think they take Leveon Bell in round two to piece everything together. Zone blocker and and zone runner meshed together. Just think the Steelers are out of patience on fixing the running game. If they talk publicly about it the way they are , just imagine what gets said behind closed doors. Bucky Brooks said there is a buzz inside NFL circles about Bell being the best back in the draft. Have had my hopes about Mauti since well before his injury. Love the selection.

    Plan B for the first two rounds would be Vacarro and Justin Hunter. According to several scouts, Hunter has by far the biggest upside of any WR in the draft.

    Nice job overall, Dave.

  • Garrett Hunt

    I understand the hesitance to draft Lattimore, but consider the upside. Moderate risk (4th round pick) for high reward. Pre-knee injuries, ever since high school I thought of him as the perfect Steeler running back. If he comes back to that form, then we have a franchise RB. With today’s medical ability and his heart, I wouldn’t rule it out.

  • mokhkw

    Seems I haven’t been able to convince Dave for the need to Draft a NT, even if just for depth purposes. 🙂

    One thing that’s been on my mind lately – What if the Steelers traded out of the 1st Round?

    Pick No.17 ( and thereabouts) has seen some QBs taken who were considered reaches or had an unknown element to them – Flacco, Freeman, Tannehill being the most recent examples. If there is one thing we know about NFL teams is that they’ll risk a 1st on a QB when they think it’s worth it….or needed.

    In this scenario, Buffalo has used it’s 1st on a OT and then trades back into the 1st Round at 17 to draft Matt Barkley USC.

    The Bills send their 2nd & 3rd Picks to the Steelers and another 2nd next year.

    This would leave the Steelers with the following in the 2013 Draft:

    No.41 NT Jesse Wiliams Alabama or John Jenkins Georgia (weight)

    No.48 SS Jonatham Cyprien Florida Int.

    No.71 RB Giovanni Bernard North Carolina

    No.79 WR Aaron Dobson Marshall or Da’Rick Rodgers Texas Tech (character)

    No.112 OLB/DE John Simon Ohio State

    No.143 OG Alvin Bailey Arkansas

    No.176 TE Chris Gragg Arkansas (medical)

    No.207 ILB A.J Klein Iowa State

    No.230 (estimate) WR Rodney Smith Florida State

    If Harrison, Colon or Hampton are not back next year and Lewis signs elsewhere in FA then the above becomes less likely imo. I really think there is great value in this years Draft once you get out of the 1st Round.

    None of the selections above are what I’d consider to be unlikely at that spot – at least not at this stage. Trading Picks isn’t something the Steelers are known for which again makes the above unlikely but if this were to happen it could work out in out favour, both short term ( selections 1-4 could contribute heavily in 2013) and long term ( Picks 5-9 all have good upside).

    If Rodgers was to pan out as a 3rd Rd Pick that would give us the most talented WR in this year’s draft. If not for the character issues he would be the No.1 rated WR this year. I’d rather risk a 3rd on Rodgers than a 1st on Patterson or Lewis.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    1. Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame
    Adds a dual threat at TE now, can line up at receiver aswell providing
    nice mismatches
    2. Eric Reid S LSU
    Said to be the next Ryan Clark, so it would be nice to learn from the
    3. Ryan Swope Texas A&M
    Decent size great speed reminds me of Hines or maybe a Wes Welker. Has great
    4. Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina
    If we’re going to take a injury prone running back why not take the one
    with the best skill set and who hardly fumbles
    5. Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M
    Plays with intensity and best available OLB here
    6. Michael Muati ILB Penn St.
    Can be a great leader and a good LB when healthy
    7. (a)Sean Renfree QB Duke
    Provides QB backup
    (Comp)Craig Roh DE Michigan
    Late round hopefull could be the next B. Keisel

  • PleasefireGoodell

    If we pulled that off I would do 10 backflips in a row. That draft almost seems to good to be true!

  • Worst mock draft ever.

  • Good mock.

  • grw1960

    Love it all but Knife Davis. you mentioned it, too much injury history to go in the 4th.Maybe later
    The Steelers need better.

  • zyzak

    Well done, like Renree Swope and love Eifort.

  • zyzak

    Great mock Dave, can see your reasoning. Hopkins is very skilled and catches everything thrown at him. (Clemson fan here)

  • Nolrog

    I really don’t see any chance they draft yet another interior lineman in the first round. That would be 5 (or is it 6?) in a row. We can still have a good offensive line even if it’s not fully staffted with #1 and #2 picks. I definitely think they will draft a guard, in fact, I think they will draft 2 OL, one in the middle of the draft, one towards the end (consider that they will start the season without the starting RB, without the starting TE and without one of the starting WR.) There really is no scenario that I see them picking yet another lineman in the first or even the second.

    I think we very well may see a TE in the first. Consider the fact that Heath will miss several weeks into 2013, and TEs are playing an increasingly critical role in the NFL. A TE would give Ben another red zone weapon (especially a very tall one), and a TE could hlp chip the end as he goes out in his route. Eifert or Ertz are considered the top two TEs; both ar around 6’5″ 250 pounds though Eifert is a bit faster. If he (Eifert) falls to the Steelers, I can see him being the pick.

  • SteelSpine

    That’s my opinion too. 4th rd indeed good time to get a RB & Knile has speed we need & post-combine is when speed gets raves, but injuries/underachieved, my hunch high odds of wasted pick Mendy for NFL, I imagine him getting injured again as rookie then we’re screwed because we’d be in the same situation at RB as last year with no speed there, so draft either of more-productive RBs in 4th.
    – Mauti: undrafted (as some draft gurus have him), I think he would see the good chance of making Steelers roster.

  • grw1960

    One exception, if Mendy is resigned or if Knife Davis is the 2nd RB picked in this draft. Taking a flyer on Davis would be a good gamble.

  • PERFECT MOCK!!!!!! What more could we ask for?

  • JC

    I like your mock, but I have doubts that Hopkins will be available in the 2nd round. Let’s hope!

  • JC

    I watched every game that Georgia played this year and Shawn Williams was the leader of that team. He’s the type of young leader the Steelers need on their roster.

  • steeltown

    Man.. Cooper AND Hopkins.. very nice… and then Shawn Williams and Trevardo Williams…. would be a damn solid draft

  • Garrett Hunt

    Obviously, Lattimore has had injury problems, but I wouldn’t call him injury prone. His first ACL injury was the only real injury prone flag. The second one was a freak hit that would have destroyed anyone’s leg. Besides those two injuries, he hasn’t been seriously hurt dating all the way back to high school. The only question imo, is if he comes back to pre-injury form.

  • steeltown

    I know.. it truly will be interesting to see which QB’s and WR’s move into the 1st Rd.. and which other players fall. Lots of value in the 2nd Rd this year

  • Clint Martin

    Great Mock Draft! After seeing Davis WoW he can run and looks to be pretty good with being patient and finding cutback lanes impressive!

  • Clint Martin


  • RW

    Bravo, sir. Bravo. Would rather Hunter in the second because of his speed/size combo, but I know how well that worked out with Limas Sweed, and I certainly don’t want a repeat if Hopkins presents a credible threat. Only thing I would change is the drafting of a high upside QB somewhere in the later rounds.

  • TheBlitz

    I like Cooper and I think he is a great value pick in the 1st round at 17.

    However, if guys like Jarvis Jones, Damontre Moore and Lotulelei are available, I have the feeling the Steelers will and probably should pick one of them instead. They’ve already invested heavily on the OL the last few years and it’s now time to look elsewhere, unless there is really nobody there but Cooper.

    I can see one of those DL guys falling that far because of all the health concerns or poor combine. Now all their eggs are in the pro day basket. Their stocks might not rise drastically after pro day, unless their performances are off the charts!

    I can also see them seriously looking at the top ranked WR (Patterson) or TE (Eifert) if they have monsters pro days and confirm or improve their combine results. But that’s a big “if”. They would really need to bring it during their workouts!

    I also think ILB is our biggest need and I was really high on Te’o before the combine and even after the girlfriend fiasco. However, his poor combine did not do him justice and in my opinion he is now out of the 1st round for obvious reasons.

    Although the combine and pro days don’t always tell a player’s entire story such as on-the-field prowess , they are a good indicator of the kind of impact player he could become if his football instincts or his technique ever fail him.

  • untitled

    Lattimore would be better if they didn’t have such a need at running back. Whoever they draft will likely end up being starter or co-starter with Dwyer and will see a lot of touches and if Lattimore isn’t healthy or gets hurt again it is basically back to square one.

  • alex

    i like the offensive leaning mock, because we need help NOW to score…Cooper is a stud, but if we can retain Foster and Lugs on the cheap, knowing we have a good young developing line, we can then flip this pick to maybe #5, thus pushing higher your entire 1-4 selections and gain greater quality @ WR,RB,SS,LB, etc…?

    plus, i like a trade down from #17 for picks and still getting a first choice WR…

  • Awesome Mock. I like every pick.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Probably the best overall mock draft I have ever seen. While I think we only get one linebacker in this draft, I most definitely can live with this one. I love that we pick up a 3-4 defensive end where it is ot a need right now but it wil be next year and you always draft ahead, to win now and next season not just this one. Probably will rather Kapoor Lewis-Moore over Joe Krueger, Kapoor has potential to become second coming of Justin smith the defensive end for $9ers.

  • Jollyrob68

    Midround Brian Schwenke but you have to hope he’s still there in round three. While Cooper is on the board in rd one.
    It seems that if you don’t get Cooper in one It’s hard to pick a round on a lineman unless its 7th.

  • Jollyrob68

    Remember that Kevin Colbert said he’d still take risk. He is with Mike Mauti Ilb plus they can sign an inexpensive one in FA

  • Jollyrob68

    Not bad if you. removed QB an added Ray Graham as Rb insurance in 7. Just to allow Lattimore more time to heal. even a season.

  • Jollyrob68

    Ok that sounds good. maybe they’ll double up at Safety. It wouldn’t Hurt.

  • Garrett Hunt

    I agree, but personally I am fine with Dwyer

  • HarryBackside

    At pick 49, Brown would be the best player available in the draft. Tremendous value, and fills a glaring need, it’s a no brainer.

  • grw1960

    You could get your wish because Hopkins is the 4th best WR in this draft and could get picked in the top 40

  • lefnor

    Best Steelers mock so far!

    Cooper and Hopkins are perfect fits. Last year DeCastro was considered the best “move” guard of the last 5 years and Cooper may be better than him? No brainer pick. If you want a passing game, get two great OT but if you want a running game then get two great guard.

    Hopkins is a taller (and smarter) version of Santonio with great sideway separation. He is not Wallace but for me a WR who has 6 15yard catch is better than a WR with only one 90 yard catch.

    Knile Davis is my favorite RB prospect for us. He is a 230 pound ZBS running back because he can reach the flat zone etremely quickly thanks to his straigth line speed and ridiculous 1.49 10 yard split. After Dwyer it would be shocking to see that explosion :). He can run inside too, this makes him so valuable for us.

    Trevardo Williams is also a nice pick. I like his slippery style which is the result of his good bending ability and very strong and active hands. After Carter his great hand usage would be refreshing. And he has room for muscle. But I would pick an OLB if Harrison would be cut because LeBeau’s comments at his february HoF induction: “LeBeau expressed his excitement over the development of second-year undrafted OLB Adrian Robinson, and pointed toward him as a player to watch for the future.” I like Robinson too, I think he is the next great UDFA Steeler. I see a lot of Harrison in him.

    Mauti’s play is great if he is healthy but this is a huge if. We need a surefire backup ILB behind Foote. Mauti would be too much of a risk IMO but I like his playing style, personality and willingness so much that I would be ok with that pick.

    Kruger is my back round DE sleeper also. I like his atleticism and power. It was a little shock for me that he was measured at only 269 pounds. There is room for not only 15 but 25 pound of muscle.

    Sudfeld is an ok TE with good size in the 7th round (my favorite is Kasa a few round earlier).

    The only pick I dont like is Shawn Williams. He is not a sudden, explosive safety. His 40 time is good but I don’t care about that at a safety prospect. I don’t like his play because the ball carrier always approaches him and not reversed. He is not a turnover machine, because of his average instincts. He is well coached, and I don’t see the upside. I prefer a RAW but explosive, sudden and hard hitter safety prospect even with lower draft grade because he would have time behind Polamalu and Clark to develop and correct his mistakes. JJ Wilcox fits the bill for example.

    My english is not the best, sorry about the mistakes.

  • lefnor

    Where did you read the 3x Rontez Miles meeting?

  • lefnor

    Agreed. Dysert or Manuel would be great if available at 4-5th round.

  • westernsteel

    they do need better, maybe a RB in the second round would be nice

  • westernsteel

    Dwyer is not a starting RB, he can’t even handle to be on the field for more than one play. The offense needs a better back than that.

  • Ahmad

    Best mock draft I have seen up until this point. I lot of needs were addressed in what I think are the correct order. Great job Dave!

  • Garrett Hunt

    I really think one of the top 4 ILB will be available for us in the 2nd. I can’t imagine 4 go between 1.17 and 2.17. So if Minter, Brown, Ogletree, or Te’o, are there I hope we pick one of them up with preference in that order.

  • alex

    i like your Offense first philosophy, and i would love to get explosive on that side of the ball with Eifert and Hunter, but based on there rankings we should trade down for more picks and still get these guys…But do the Steelers really play that game at all?

  • Ahmad

    This is why I have the Steeler trading down a few spots in the first so they can pick up an extra pick or two. We could trade with the Bears because every mock draft has Eifert going to them. Since Heeeeeath is hurt, it’s still a good chance we take him and that might be enough to garner a trade. Besides Cooper should still be there at the 20th pick IMO.

  • Garrett Hunt

    Really? One play? Come on now at least be fair. He did show good things last season as well. Not to mention the kid is 23, so I expect to keep improving.

  • Phil Heidenreich

    Agreed, it gets hopeful beyond the 1st pick, but does anyone see a kicker on the radar? It seems like we’ve all got caught up in ‘impact’ positions but a kicker that can get beyond 53 could’ve sent us to the playoffs last year..

  • Phil Heidenreich

    Given, it seems tough to suggest this given Suisham’s make percentage.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    B on your draft Dave:
    Love Cooper and would be a good fit
    Not a huge Hopkins guy but can live with it(prefer Wheaton: Ore St)
    Williams isnt a big enough playmaker for me(Thomas: Syr or Cyprien: Fla Int)
    Do not like Davis at all injury plus a fumble machine(Lattimore: SC or Franklin UCLA)
    Love Trevardo there
    I like the Mauti play in the 6th
    Cant go wrong with Kruger
    Not a fan of Sudfeld already gambling on 2 injury prone guys in Davis & Mauti(Pantale BC)

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Love your mock although not a fan of a TE in the first but Eifert is a beast

  • Kevin Gobleck

    i think his ability to line up as a receiving TE with the ability to split out as a WR and his pure athleticism will allow for an exception.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I agree i just think we’d have a better chance at Ray Graham as an undrafted rookie rather than that QB. just trying to get the best of both worlds

  • Kevin Gobleck

    thanks! i think those two together could really help Big Ben out in the passing game

  • Kevin Gobleck

    i think he’ll be able to IMO. he does have the same doctor that AP had last year and there was “some” success there. not saying he’s the same person but plays with the same heart.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Thank you

  • Chris Ranieri

    Shawn Williams was a great leader for the bulldogs this year. Slightly injury prone which could be a downside, but overall great player. I’d love to see him get picked up.

  • another PSU linebacker would be great a solid lineman great but we need a true RB