The 3,113 Snap Steelers Draft Class Of 2008 Is No More

When safety Ryan Mundy signed with the New York Giants on Thursday, it guaranteed that the 2008 draft class of the Pittsburgh Steelers is all gone nearly six years after they were drafted.

Most of that class has been gone for a while, as Mundy and running back Rashard Mendenhall were the only two remaining from it last season.

That draft will more than likely go down as one of the worst that general manager Kevin Colbert has ever had, at least from a snaps played standpoint.

According to Pro Football Focus, those seven draft picks combined to play 3,113 snaps outside of special teams during their time in Pittsburgh. 1,904 of the snaps came from Mendenhall, the lone player to really produce anything from that class, and thank God he did. He left for the Arizona Cardinals via free agency on Wednesday.

Two of the draft picks, linebackers Bruce Davis and Mike Humpal, washed out very quickly, and never played a snap. Wide receiver Limas Sweed dropped in every now and again to contribute 164 snaps. Offensive lineman Tony Hills stumbled around on offense for 43 plays and Dennis Dixon filled in at quarterback for 156 snaps. Mundy, believe it or not, played 848 snaps. He and Mendenhall combined to play 88.4% of the 3,113 snaps.

While Mendenhall certainly had his share of short comings, both on and off the field, he did produce 4, 210 total yards from scrimmage and scored 31 touchdowns. It\’s easy now to go back now and cherry pick that draft, but I still believe to this day that he was the correct selection. Had his rookie season not been wrecked by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, he would have contributed even more. Had Twitter never been invented, and he hadn\’t fumbled in the Super Bowl, he might be viewed more favorable by a few more in the fanbase.

The rest of the picks, outside of Mundy, were flat out bad ones. Yes, even Dixon, who couldn\’t even beat out Charlie Batch or Byron Leftwich during his time on the roster.

Let\’s hope for our sake that the 2008 draft never gets repeated again, especially not in 2013.

  • HarryBackside

    As much as it pains me to say it, the once infallible Steelers FO no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt. It’s time for the FO to re-evaluate how they go about the draft, because the current strategy isn’t working.

  • Pete

    HarryBackside, I think it was Profootball focus that said the Steelers were in the top 3 or 4 teams drafting over the last decade. 2008 was one bad year and you hope to have as few of those as possible. Every team has them but you want to hit it right as much or more than other teams and the Steelers do. Drafting well is a bit of a guessing game and maybe an art.

  • Mikey Hoje

    I googled 2010 steelers draft, lots of familiar names with Pouncey leading the charge. and a few large bodies, Mike Adams?…

  • steeltown

    “more than likely go down as one of the worst”
    It easily goes down as THE worst, in my opinion… but it happens, seems even Dave is jumping on the bash the Steelers bandwagon, haha, just kidding Dave

    Lets not forget the success of the franchise over the last 7-8yrs

  • steeltown

    Well said

    …and far to early to tell just how good players like DeCastro, Adams, Heyward, Cortez Allen, Worilds, hell even A.Brown will be

  • hergieburbur

    We have no players from the 2006 draft, no players from the 2008 draft, and 2 from the 09 draft. That was a pretty bad stretch.

  • hergieburbur

    The 10 draft and the 7 draft were good ones. The 06, 08, and 09 ones not so much. Jury is largely still out on 11 and 12 but they look to be one good and one meh.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    There is no question these drafts were bad. One explanation is that the emphasis on continuity following XL through now did not offer as many opportunities for players to develop as in the past. In the past, the unwritten policy of no new contracts for guys over 30 effectively forced player development. Whether they went away from that because the young players were bad or because the coaches did not develop them is a question the Rooney’s must answer. The fact that most of the draftees are completely out of football suggests that the scouting was not good, but I really think Tomlin, and Art II share a lot of blame.

  • TJimmy

    Is there a ranking anywhere comparing teams and there success at drafts?

  • Let’s just put the cards on the table. From 2005-2009 (five drafts) the players left are Heath, Woodley, Timmons, Hood. And I think Hood is a grade A 1st rd BUST. Two sub par players brought back in the fold David Johnson and William Gay to bring total to SIX players in five drafts. DJ could be cut. Build through the draft, huh?

  • Cody Younkin

    They Steelers need to learn how to be flexible in the draft, take a chance on trading back or trading up. I’D Rather them focus thier needs and draft 4 guys that they know can contribute than 9 guys who will all be gone in 3 years

  • SteelSpine

    That’s why people who have assumed this year’s draft is gonna save this team, doesn’t have a basis. I have read tone of posters implying we’re going to improve this year more than all teams in NFL are going to improve because of the draft, because we supposedly draft better than all other teams. Odds are our draft this year is not likely to save this team, although I wish that were true or possible.

    Sadly there is not basis the Steelers will have a better record this year than last year. Because the only thing we do know is: old guys are even a year older now.
    – Speed is not going to increase in Keisel & Foote & Ike etc.
    – No basis to think Polo will be healthy to play 12 games in any future season.

    Someone can blame last year on rash of injuries, but that implies we wont have as many injuries this year, well we don’t know that. There’s just-as-likely odds the number of injuries we will have this year will be same as whatever quantity injuries the team had last year.

    To look forward to this draft as the savior, people forget that all the other teams get to draft also & we’re in middle of the pack in draft order, not in the top. Fans who say yeah but those other teams will draft busts, well we’ve drafted busts too.

  • grw1960

    I agree it will be some time before we know how good the last two draft classes were.Let alone a very very important upcoming 2013 draft class.But at least the Steelers are in the middle of the pack. Which is better than being at the bottom in this draft of strong 2nd round prospects.

  • grw1960

    Drafting at the bottom is no excuse. Taking players for the wrong reasons are. There were a lot of players picked after the Steelers choices who turned into much better pros. When even fans question player picks ( mostly in the 2007 to 2009 drafts) It makes you wonder what the Steelers see in some of their mid round picks. Worilds for example should have been a 3d round not a 2nd. Though it was a weak OLB draft.
    could have had Sean Lee or Carlos Dunlap.

  • SteelerDave

    With the upcoming draft I want to see one thing happen…trade back. This draft class only has a few, five at most, elite talents. The rest are gambles and would be 2nd round players in a strong class. We could use two extra picks one in round 2 and one in round 3 more than we can afford to stand pat in line and take a chance on someone at 17. Trading back also would likely land a 5th in addition. Lets have two 2nd round picks, two third round picks and of those four players the chances that two of them become solid players for us is higher than a mid first, mid second and mid third.

  • Clint Martin

    Trading a 1st you usually get the other teams 1st and a 3rd a 2nd and a 3rd doesn’t add up to a 17th 1st round pick checkout drafttek trade chart

  • TheBlitz

    So if out of 7 players drafted I end up with 3 studs, and after 4 years they are all gone in FA because other teams are overpaying for their services or I can’t afford to keep them it makes that draft class a bad one because I drafted players who are not here anymore and are starters somewhere else ?! Really?!

  • charles

    I think the salary cap issues on D is LeBeau’s issue. We HAVE to get production out of our rookies! On O we were so loaded with talent there is no way we could keep them all. As for the draft, look at the teams lining up for our guys, that should tell you something.