Contract Numbers For Steelers LB Larry Foote

The contract numbers are finally up for the three-year $5.5 million contract signed by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Larry Foote earlier this week and the breakdown is below.

Foote received a $1 million signing bonus and base salaries of $1.5 million in each of the three years of the deal.

Foote, who was reportedly also being courted by the Arizona Cardinals, likely needed more guaranteed money up front from the Steelers in order to stay, and thus the $1.5 million base salary in 2013. In total, he gets $2.5 million guaranteed.

After 2013 Foote can easily be released with the Steelers only having to incur a $666,666 dead money charge in 2014.

Here is the thing we do know for sure, Foote will be starting alongside Lawrence Timmons this year. Beyond that, nothing is guaranteed.


  • Garrett Hunt

    Does he have 3 years left in him?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    LOL…that was my question…another over the hill guy getting a multi year deal.

  • He doesn’t have 3 yrs left in him and totally agree another over the hill guy getting multi year deal. The Steelers don’t care but they really should when the fan base is rightfully already going only a 666.66K dead money charge if we cut him after the year. That is a sign but like I said they don’t care. Like dead money adds up quick and really hurts you and causes restrucutures and terminations. This tells a lot about Spence but yanno there are other guys out there like a Brad Jones ILB who I like. Hopefully they looked at it as we want those compensation picks in 2014 as high as possible so if we bring in outside FA that hurts what we get in return. Foote knows the scheme but he misses so many damn tackles. Hopefully they get an ILB early on day three


    he’s getting paid nothing. thats a deal whether or not he has 3 years left in him or not. knows the system and will help groom someone young for the future

  • LouPGH

    My problem with the naysaying is that there is almost no one else behind Foote at this moment. They’re working on a Robocop-type knee for Spence right now. Sylvester never really worked out. Even if they burn a high draft pick on a kid, which I doubt will be the case, there’s no one in this draft class who can obviously step in this year and start.

    Forecasting who will be starting the season following next is even harder. It’s probably safe to assume it won’t be Foote, but things could play out such that he’s still on the roster as the backup.

    Someone ought to forward to the Steeler’s front office the link to Dave’s piece about the guy from Minnesota.

  • steeltown

    Keep in mind…Larry Foote will be 33yrs in June, now I know he’s no Farrior, but even Farrior played well and was very productive till he was around 35yrs, which seems to be the yr that most LB’s production drops off. So if we get the 3yrs out of Foote, great If we dont, like mentioned above he can be released (when we find a replacement) for very minimal dead money… this signing was brilliant

  • steeltown


  • NW86

    This is the way all vet contracts should be structured. The salary stays flat, which makes it more likely for them to keep him in future years. Too many of them see inflating salaries in their last years, while their performance starts decreasing. This causes cap casualties (i.e.James Harrison).
    This is the type of contract that both parties can live with. Foote will start in 2013, and he’ll be worth keeping around even as a backup after that.

  • Chris Ranieri

    Would you mind explaining to me how dead money works? I feel as though it is a simple concept but not one I am familiar with.

  • steeltown

    Basically based on the ‘guaranteed money’ that is given to a player… so if you look above they gave Foote a $1MIL guaranteed signing bonus, now what they do is spread that bonus out over the 3yrs of the contract, so $333,000 (bonus) per year against the cap. If they release him after this season thats only $666,000 left of the $1MIL guaranteed money, the Steelers have to eat that because they guaranteed it to him whether he plays 3yrs or not

  • Chris Ranieri

    Simple enough. Thanks a lot!