Former Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw Leaves Without Contract After Visit With Steelers

Former New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw visited with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, but left without a contract, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN on Twitter.

According to a few other media reports, Bradshaw took a physical and met with team personnel during his visit. It should be noted, however, that Bradshaw, who had surgery on his right foot back in January, appeared to be wearing a boot when he posed for a picture with Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown outside the team\’s facility.

With a few teams reportedly still having an interest in Bradshaw, combined with the fact that the Steelers only have around $2.5 million in cap space available right now, it is not surprising that he left town without a deal.

While we can only speculate, you would have to think that the 27-year-old running back would not be willing to take less than the $1.323 million that both Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman are scheduled to earn in 2013.

The Steelers reportedly remain very interested in Bradshaw, despite letting him leave without a contract on Thursday. Perhaps they just wanted to get a look at him prior to the draft taking place in case they aren\’t able to come away with one of the top running backs that they might have their eyes on.

As for now, everything remains status quo with both sides.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Good. They don’t need him — Bradshaw, that is. Just block for Dwyer and he’ll get them about 1500 yards. Seriously, did you see the couple of games that things went well for the line — once he gets 4 steps and a head of steam, he bowls over lots of people. They can either pick up some 3rd down guy in the 5th round or take a chance on Lattimore in the 3rd. I must admit, I would have no problem with Leveon Bell in the 3rd – Beast with nimble feat.
    OLB in the 1st, as this draft deep in Safeties and WR.

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    More Kabuki Theater from front office.

  • Pete

    I’m with you on that one. I think with good blocking both Redman and Dwyer could put up 1000 yards each. But they do need to pick up a RB somewhere in the draft for depth or to push Redman and Dwyer.

    I’d rather see OL (Warmack or Cooper) in the 1st, then OLB, WR, Safeties, RB, etc as they see fit. It’s real scary drafting an OLB, DE or NT in the 1st round. Warmack and Cooper seem like can’t miss picks and plug and play immediately. Steelers O line is going to be a beast.

  • David Edward

    If they can get Bradshaw cheap then it can’t hurt, but they can wait another month until he’s fully healed to make a decision on him,which will be after the draft anyway. If someone else signs him before then, so be it.
    They do need to find a speedy RB in the draft though…something they don’t currently have with Mendy and Rainey gone. My chioce would be Gio Bernard from UNC in round 2, or if they want to wait, Zac Stacy from Vandy or Kerwin Williams from Utah St. in the 4th. All these backs are different than Dwyer/Redman but would be good complements. They are interested in LeVeon Bell too but he is similar to what they already have. He would pair nicely with Bradshaw though.

  • CW

    I’m happy they haven’t done a panic signing here. Bradshaw’s foot still seems to be recovering from the last surgery and there is a good chance he might still be on the market in a month or two if he’s still healing. Might as well wait and see how the draft goes at this point. Even if the Steelers get who they want if Bradshaw is still out there and the team could use another running back, signing him cheaply later on could be a great addition to the team.

  • I dont see why we dont sign bradshaw. What do we have to lose, we need a impact player and i believe that he would be it. Imho of course we need some kind o splash signing, given this boring and counter productive FA period.

  • Kyle Owens

    I would much rather go with Dwyer, Redman and a rookie.

  • steeltown

    No reason to sign him now.. wait till after the draft, if they dont land a good RB prospect then bring Bradshaw in the mix.. but I expect they’ll be drafting a RB between the 2nd – 4th Rds

  • steeltown


    Dwyer had 600+yds on 150+carries.. if he had taken the avg amount of snaps for a starter in a full season, probably around 250carries he wouldve been at 1,000yds last season and that was with an OLine that was again makeshift and an OL Coach with one foot out the door

    But regardless, I expect them to draft RB between the 2nd and 4th Rds, someone to compliment Dwyer and Redman, a speedy guy

  • nicolaisim

    I wont be losing sleep over that report.
    Redman is a beast and one of my favorite players in the roster.
    Watch the giants game and see how he carried the offense, especially on crucial downs.
    Start Redman and we’ll be more than fine.

  • steepens

    I’d be more inclined to focus on D in rounds 1 and 2 (LB, DL, or S) and WR. If pressed to take S vs RB in rds 1-3, I’d take safety because RB can be taken anywhere, even UFA. But also as many ppl here are saying if there is a stud available at any of the Steelers picks, at any position, then take ’em!

  • steeltown

    I like Bernard, I think he’s one of the more complete RB’s in this draft, but he’ll be gone late 1st or early 2nd.. with Lattimore’s injury, Gio is the best RB in the draft, in my opinion

    Zac Stacy however would have great value in the mid-late Rds.. his 40time will make him fall, but his short area quickness is exactly what we need in a zone blocking scheme

  • steeltown

    Now with Will Allen gone, YES I totally agree, I think SS has to be taken in the early Rds, also WR

  • Cooper would be a perfect pick in the first.

  • LouPGH

    I’d be surprised if either Warmack or Cooper was there at #17, but then again, DeCastro fell last year, so who knows.

  • Troy Knutson

    Personally I’d like to see them put a trade together with a 5th round pick for Leshour from Detroit or Blount from Tampa. Both are on the trading block and would be good fits for the Steelets new offense. I like Bradshaw as well but I think they are smart to wait and see if they can get one of the other backs that are out there.

  • David Edward

    Hey Steeltown, you are correct I’ve had Gio as the top back all along and I think there’s a good shot he’s gone by #48. Stacy ran a 4.55 which isn’t bad…faster than Dwyer/Redman…and Bell…and probably faster than what Lacy will run…I think Lacy will run a slow time in high 4.6s. Keep an eye on Kerwin Williams, he’d be a great replacement for Rainey.

  • Can you say, Marcus Lattimore?

  • Next time he comes to visit they should sign him. Bradshaw is a very tough between the tackles back that can pick up some yards. I could see the Steelers going with a three headed monster attack with Bradshaw, Redman and Dwyer. Maybe keep Batch as the third down back. Gone are the days of a every down back. If Bradshaw is not the guy, I wouldn’t mind if they drafted Leveon Bell from Michigan State in the second or third or maybe in the fourth if he’s still available. The dude is a beast.

  • Brendon Glad

    I’m with ya. I like both Dwyer and Redman as yard gainers. I think one more year will tell a lot. My big thing with them is “can their bodies take the NFL pounding”. I think, wait a year, and if the injuries keep cropping up, it’s time to look much harder for replacements.

  • frank266

    let’s try to get Eddie Lacy or Le’veon Bell in the Draft before we make a pitch to Bradshaw. Lacy might still be on the board when we pick in the First Round and Bell should be available in the Third Round.