March Madness – Vote For The Steelers Greatest Play In NFL history has their own version of March Madness going on right now as they have bracketed up the 64 best plays ever for you to vote on.

The tournament is already in the second round and the voting for that round ends today. The remaining plays that feature the Pittsburgh Steelers are below:

  • The Immaculate Reception
  • Santonio Holmes game-winning TD catch in Super Bowl XLIII
  • Troy Polamalu diving over the line to tackle Tennessee Titans quarterback Kerry Collins
  • The juggling catch by Lynn Swann in Super Bowl X against the Dallas Cowboys
  • Polamalu\’s diving interception against the San Diego Chargers in 2008

In round one, I\’m not sure how the touchdown return by James Harrison in Super Bowl XLIII lost to the Music City Miracle, but it did.

Let me know your favorite play of all the ones listed above before you go off and vote.

  • Bob Francis

    Agreed on the Harrison interception. How was was of the greatest plays in SB history seeded #16?!

  • steeltown

    While Im not a big Holmes fan.. that last drive and that catch.. simply amazing

    Also, the Lynn Swann catch was awesome, he was awesome in that game, considering in the AFC Champ game he was layed out by Jack Tatum and hospitalized as a result, two weeks later he’s tearing it up in SB X

    I love the Polamalu plays, but as awesome as they are they werent as significant as plays that occur in Championship games.

    Harrisons TD return might be the best of them ALL

  • SteelerFanInMD

    My favorite will always be the Immaculate Reception. The Steelers were down by a point on 4th down with no time outs remaining and the clock nearly expired. Bradshaw eluded pressure and his pass to his intended target was deflected when receiver and defender collided. Franco Harris made a fingertip catch at shoelace level and ran into the end zone with a defender close behind. That play didn’t just win a playoff game, it reversed decades of losing and ushered in a winning tradition that continues to this day.

  • Buccos9

    I agree that the Harrison play may be the best play ever. Not only was it a fabulous play for a LB to make, it kept the Steelers from going into half time trailing the Cardinals. If Harrison only goes 99 yards, it means nothing because time has run out in the first half. He refused to be kept out of the end zone. Had he not made that play, the Steelers might have five Lombardy trophies instead of six.It’s definitely number one in my books.

  • NW86

    Apparently Goodell determined the seeding.

  • redneckmuslim

    Harrison’s interception has already been eliminated in the first round of this little contest by the Music City Miracle.

    I think Harrison’s play was more exciting and came in a more important game. In fact, it might be the most amazing moment in sports that I’ve ever seen live. But it couldn’t compete with something that has its own nickname.

    We need a nickname for that interception.

  • steeltown


  • OMG, who cares? September can’t come soon enough!

  • RW

    I’m partial to Polamalu’s INT of Rivers as well as the Immaculate Reception.

  • walter mason

    Harrison for sure as time had already ticked off the clock making it more amazing. But its too late to vote for it so I voted flying tackle.

  • zyzak

    Ultraimmaculate interception

  • zyzak

    Harrisons was by far the single best play in SB history. It was performed at the end of the half by a player that usually wouldn’t make it. (not a db) It went 100 yards and it had to go that much to count. The blocking was magnificent. Buy hey it’s the Steelers and the haters will give it to some one else..Side note: If Karlos Dansby doesn’t pick off that tipped ball and let Warner have the ball near mid field with enough time to score the Steelers probably lose that game. It really was a timely interception by Ben

  • walter mason