Report: Contract Talks With James Harrison Have Gone Nowhere

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports on Thursday that talks between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Bill Parise, the agent for linebacker James Harrison, are currently at an impasse concerning his contract.

The Steelers are obviously wanting Harrison to take a cut in his $6.57 million salary this season, but it appears that is something the linebacker isn\’t interested in doing.

Parise had said a few weeks ago that they were interested in helping the Steelers out by having Harrison\’s contract restructured, which would result in more cap liability being pushed forward to future years by the Steelers.

It is now getting down to crunch time and it appears that Harrison very well could be released by Tuesday should he not agree to a pay cut, which is more than likely to be around $3 million or so. The Steelers would save over $5 million in cap space if he were to be released.

  • zyzak

    They have no choice if he balks, they cannot restructure they have enough dead money going forward

  • Jollyrob68

    Just rip the band aid off and cut him or trade him.

  • Jollyrob68

    Trade to Arizona for a 7th or even to Cleveland because thats where he’s going.

  • rob.pghsteelersfan

    They should just cut him then. Personally I don’t even want to see him take a pay cut. Pittsburgh has kept too many guys past their prime lately and it is holding back the young guys from showing what they can do. If Worilds is not the answer I am sure the team can bring in a cheaper FA who could do the job for this season. I don’t blame him for not wanting to take a paycut but he is not worth 6.5 million. He can see how close he can get somewhere else.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Guess he just wants to make up all the money Goodell fined him

  • Pete

    Bouchette didn’t say Harrison doesn’t want to take a cut. He said, “The Steelers want him to take a pay cut, a source familiar with the negotiations said, but the sides cannot agree on just how that would work in a new deal.”

    Maybe it will come out later that he didn’t want to take a cut or that they couldn’t agree on the size of the cut but we can’t assume he doesn’t want to take a cut until we know the truth.

  • SteelersDepot
  • Nolrog

    We need to stop kicking the can down the road, and start paying the piper from doing that in the past. Harrison was a great Steeler; he made one of the greatest plays I ever saw live (100 yard INT return in the Super Bowl). I’ll always remember him for that.

    But sometimes, it’s just time to move on.

  • The guy has been past his true prime the last 2 years. The Steelers are ready to move on anyway. I will miss him but….Next man up.

  • Jollyrob68

    Harrison is willing to restructure which mean pay me all my money up front. It’s time to move forward. Cut him and be done.

  • Which is who? When Porter left it was clear Harrison was the next man. It is not so clear with Worilds.

    I agree cutting him is preferable to paying him, but we can’t pretend he isn’t better than what we have waiting.

  • Yes but Gildon, Haggans, Porter, Holmes, Woodley, Harrison ect. were relatively in the same spot as Worilds until they had their chance to start full time. They all showed splashes of good things but nobody knew for sure how they would do in a full time role. I think I remember Worilds having more sacks with his very limited snap count as opposed to Woodleys last year. We also have a few guys like A. Robinson that are going to get a shot to show how much they have learned so far.

  • Agreed.

  • alex

    so, looks like were gonna dump him, then Worilds will step in and perform cause he’s been pretty good as a PTr…conveniently 2013 just happens to be a contract year for him like 2012 was for Lewis…OUCH!

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Harrison is a proud guy and I understand why he would think it shouldn’t be him taking the cut. He certainly contributed more the past 2 seasons than Woodley or Polamalu and they both make more than him. Unfortunately, while that logic is simple from Harrison’s perspective, the cap from the Steelers perspective has many other layers.

    Who knows what he will get after he is released, but it’s highly unlikely a contender will give him much as the Steelers are probably offering. I hope he reconsiders, As Marcellus Wallace said, ” F— pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps. You fight through that sh–. ‘Cause a year from now, when you kicking it in the Caribbean, you gonna say to yourself, ‘Marcellus Wallace was right.’.”

  • I really hope you are right, but I had a lot more faith in Harrison replacing Porter than in Worilds replacing Harrison.

  • TsarPepe

    This will leave a bad taste in my mouth. When guys play better than their contract pays, no one is rushing to add money so as to make it right. But when they slow down, they get asked to take a pay cut. I understand his frustration completely. I also understand that the Steelers have nowhere to go in this situation. Just sad, that’s all…

  • HarryBackside

    It’s Joey Porter all over again

  • HarryBackside

    I think it’s pretty clear that the team has enough confidence in Worilds to plug him in if Harrison moves on. Dave had a post summarizing one of the interviews Colbert gave prior to the combine. I’m paraphrasing, but Colbert was asked who would get the start if Harrison was let go, and he answered “Worilds”. He could have said something along the lines of “we’ve got some talented young LB’s who will compete for the job”, or some other non-definitive answer. Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear a coach or GM be that specific with an answer, It makes me feel that they are saying it with confidence.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that there was more clarity when Harrison replaced Porter, versus the possibility of Worilds replacing Harrison. Worilds has more production in his three years leading up to (possibly) becoming the starter, than Harrison did in the same period before replacing Porter. We’ve seen Worilds in a starting roll this past year, and it didn’t hurt the performance of the defense. None of that is to suggest that Worilds will ever be the player Harrison was.

  • dgh57

    Are you KIDDING US?!!!! Trade him to Cleveland?!!! I don’t even want him in the AFC let alone Cleveland! When he plays against the Steelers twice a year he will have the biggest chip on his shoulder in those games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dgh57

    If Harrison is cut I think I’ll know how the Colts fans felt when Dwight Freeny was cut!

  • SR88

    I just wonder why they havent tried freeing up cap room via trades. Surely some of the teams out there with lots of room would be willing to give a 4th or 5th rounder for guys like Harrison and Colon. Saves some money, maybe only takers would be in division so they rather cut Harrison… but would think somebody would give you a later pick for him and this year’s draft seems to have a lot of quality players projected in the late rounds.

  • mokhkw

    I can’t see where Harrison has any real options but to take a pay-cut. His agent is playing hardball atm but I think that will change in the next few days.

  • RMSteeler

    Wishing that the team would have given Adrian Robinson some looks on passing downs in the real season. It’s just wrong to never know what you got til it’s gone.

  • HarryBackside

    I agree. I can’t imagine that Harrison is overly excited about the idea of relocating to another city and adjusted to a new locker room. Harrison is supposed to make $6.5M this year. There should be enough middle ground to allow the Steelers to save some cap space, but still allow Harrison to make real money

  • HarryBackside

    The Steelers don’t typically trade players who have been valuable to the organization. They kicked around the idea of trading Porter, but ultimately decided to cut him so he could choose his next team. At least with Harrison, I don’t think the FO wants to replay everything Harrison has done for the team by forcing him into a city, or roster that he didn’t choose.

  • HarryBackside

    “repay” not “replay”

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Sounds like assumptions about no news. By virtue of having no new deal with him yet, yeah can assume thats an impasse & assume they are in talks.

  • lefnor

    Adrian Robinson will surprise a lot of Steelers fans.

  • steeltown

    Exactly.. the double edged sword.. you dont want to sign a player long term that you are unsure about, but allowing that player to start in hopes that he succeeds only raises his value as a FA

    I wish the Steelers couldve signed Lewis or Foster or even Worilds before last season.. they wouldve been far cheaper. Lets just hope they find a way to extend Cortez Allen before he ultimately becomes a UFA, instead of paying top dollar all the time

  • steeltown

    I dont blame Harrison for not wanting to take a paycut, it was a contractual agreement… but, I dont blame the Steelers for wanting him to take a paycut either.

    In the end, we have Worilds, we have Adrian Robinson, we have Carter with another year under theirs belts and I fully expect another LB to be drafted between the 1st and 4th Rds as well…. so, this may be it for James

  • steepens

    Tough call for both sides. But I feel like a deal can get done, especially here, where it seems both sides really want it. I don’t know what the sticking points are, but maybe an incentive-laden contract would suffice – it’s pay for production. I’d hate to see him on the other side, opposite Ben.

  • steeltown

    The sad part is.. due to the Organization trying to keep the old SB Team together to make another run we will be in the same situation next offseason with Ike Taylor and possibly Troy (pending his production in ’13) this is just what happens when you hand out long term contracts to players in their prime while their production is very high.. time passes.. and a once SB Team is now 8-8… with the good comes the bad, but ultimately, then comes the good again.. but not without change

  • disqus_PvU3avDFBb

    He will retire if they cut him. He’s not going anywhere else.

  • Tom

    If fair is fair……the Steelers should also be asking Troy to take a pay cut.

    Paying a safety 10+ million to play 9-10 games a year is way too much.

  • Fair? It’s an opinion. was much more confident in Harrison than Worilds. There is no fair to it.

  • He needs to get a lot better against the run first.

  • HarryBackside

    Got it. You’re the only person who can question a point raised by someone. Thanks for bringing me up to speed

  • walter mason

    Another word for restructure should be “pay me all my money up front”

  • Yep that’s exactly what it is. Er wait, no. You questioned me and I responded you were questioning my opinion as if it were fact. No need to get so butt hurt about it.

    I think Worilds has potential as well. I just don’t see as much in him as I saw in Harrison, I think his ceiling is lower. It’s that simple.

  • SR88

    That is a decent gesture by the team, but with the tight cap over the past few years and going into this next season, it would make sense for them to let he and his agent look for trades. They dont have to force them, but if they couldnt find a deal, then by all means just release them, I justthink Harrison could have found somebody to be willing to take him on himself.