Report: Former Steelers LB James Harrison Was Scheduled To Meet With Ravens

Now that the Baltimore Ravens have come to terms Sunday evening with former Denver Broncos outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil on a long-term deal, it appears that they will no longer be interested in acquiring the services of former Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison.

Jeff Zrebiec of The Baltimore Sun reported on Sunday that Harrison was scheduled to meet with the Ravens Sunday night, but now that a deal has been struck with Dumervil, the need for Harrison to visit no longer existed.

As it looks right now, Harrison is quickly running out of possible landing spots. Tuesday will mark the beginning of the third week of free agency and several teams that run a 3-4 defense appear to be all but set at their starting outside linebacker positions.

Harrison also still has major competition on the free-agent market in the form of Dallas Cowboys unrestricted free agent linebacker Victor Butler, who is reportedly scheduled to meet with the Cleveland Browns on Monday. Although Butler is nowhere as accomplished as Harrison is, he is much younger and has tremendous upside.

Harrison was released by the Steelers just before the free-agent signing period after refusing to take a pay cut. While his agent Bill Parise has been active in trying to promote his client, there doesn\’t seem to be much of a market for the soon-to-be 35-year-old Harrison.

While many speculate that Harrison could return to the Steelers later this offseason at a greatly reduced salary, a move such as that likely wouldn\’t take place until way after the draft.

The Steelers, who currently have just over $2 million in cap space to work with, will pick up an additional $5.5 million of cap room on June 2nd, when the release of guard Willie Colon becomes official. Colon, who was designated as a post June 1st release, was turned loose just a few days after Harrison was jettisoned. He, however, has since signed a one-year deal with the New York Jets.

  • We’ll be glad to have him back for another year…at a discount of course.

  • TsarPepe

    I really don’t understand why we can’t bring him back with the 2mil cap room we still have. The Ravens signed Dumervil to a very big contract without taking a huge cap hit (2.5 mil the first year). Harrison’s contract will be much smaller in any case. Let’s say 12mil for 3 years, with 1mil salary to start with and 3mil signing bonus. This will keep us below the cap without having to tap the Colon money, no?

  • TheBlitz

    I have the feeling it will be very difficult to bring him back. Not solely because the FO can’t make it happen, but mostly because of the same reasons JH did not take a pay cut when offered one in the first place.

    I have the feeling he will stick with his “principles” and not want to play for a pay cut in Pittsburgh, but will rather take a cut to play somewhere else.

    If he didn’t take supposedly 2 to 3 mil in pay cut, I doubt he will take even less now. He appears to me like a guy who is too proud and will not break for less than what he values himself at. If he does, it will not be here. But I may be wrong…

  • steeltown

    The Steelers are moving forward with Worilds and of course A.Robinson.. also Carter will get another year to prove his worth, BUT also I see the Steelers drafting another LB and possibly early
    Lets wait and see how the draft unfolds.

  • walter mason

    I for one would like Harrison back. Come back James you are a Steeler for life besides my favorite current player. We all admire your work ethics. One more run at the Super Bowl.

  • RW

    I think there’s a greater chance of an early pick at ILB rather than OLB. Of course, there is precedent for selecting a 4-3 OLB and moving him inside, as well. I just think with Foote having (probably) one more year at ILB and with the experience that Worilds has, the more pressing need for the future is at ILB. Doesn’t mean they won’t pick up an OLB at some point, just that the probability of an OLB early is lower than most people think.

  • redneckmuslim

    The Sean Spence injury is such a shame. A good performance from him, instead of a lost season, might have changed all those plans. I hope we get good news about him soon.

  • TsarPepe

    I think (and hope) you are wrong. Everything that Harrison and his agent did after his release suggests that they are desperate to get James signed somewhere. They have already discovered that the 30% cut that the Steelers offered is very reasonable when compared with what the market currently offers.

  • RW

    Yeah it really is. As it stands, he may not even be back for the upcoming year. From what I’ve been seeing in mock drafts and reading online, Kevin Minter seems to be sliding down draft boards (I never take these things to heart, though). I think the Steelers find a value pick in the second round at ILB with the knowledge that there is a small chance Spence is back this year to compete. In any case, here’s hoping for good news!

  • TheBlitz

    I just read the report from his agent and I have to admit that I certainly did not think he would want to come back at a discounted price.

  • Superdriller316

    What???? Why would you give a 35 year old a 3 year contract? He was given a good deal and he said no. I’m sure he pissed some people off by not taking it. Now that he’s not getting any interest we’re suspposed to bring him back? I don’t think so. I bet it was a, here’s the deal, take it or leave it. I think James is one of the best, but you don’t play chicken with the Steelers and win.

    Everyone says that Worilds was Tomlin’s pick, and now it’s Worilds time to shine, so why bring Harrison back? James sealed his fate by not taking the deal. I wished he would have stayed.