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Report: Free Agent RB Ahmad Bradshaw To Visit Steelers Again In A Few Weeks

Former New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw might have left town Thursday following his visit with the Pittsburgh Steelers without a contract, but it doesn\’t mean that the two sides won\’t come to terms later down the road.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports on Friday that Bradshaw will be visiting the Steelers again in a few weeks to show the team how his foot rehab process is going. Bradshaw took a physical while in town on Thursday, but he doesn\’t appear to be anywhere close to being fully recovered from the surgery that he had on his right foot back in January. In fact, Bradshaw can be seen still wearing a boot when he stopped and posed for a picture Thursday with wide receiver Antonio Brown outside the Steelers facility.

Bradshaw is full of metal right now, and the surgery that he had back in January was the third on that foot. The Steelers are taking it very slow with the 27-year-old and will be monitoring his rehab closely, as they should.

As far as cap space goes, the Steelers could likely accommodate him at any time moving forward, as long as his first-year cap hit remains under $2.5 million. It would be hard to believe, however, that Bradshaw will need even that much cap space considering his status and the poor free agent market

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I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • steeltown

    It seems more and more that this is a real possibility

    As long as he’s cheap, why not? They’ll still draft a RB in the upcoming draft either way. Plus someone might get injured in camp anyway..more the merrier, if not, Baron Batch might be the odd man out

  • Kyle Owens

    This is the BIG difference between the Steelers and the Ravens right now. The Ravens would draft a guy like Bernard Pierce in the 3rd round and call it a day. Instead the Steelers will bring in another aging or injuried vet well past his prime.

  • steeltown

    They’re still going to draft a RB either way.. I think they’re almost done with the Baron Batch experiment and both Redman and Dwyer are on one year tenders. I suspect only one (Dwyer or Redman) will be given an extension after ’13.. so even with a rookie draft pick this year and the addition of Bradshaw we’ll still have another open roster spot in ’14

  • Tim Bodamer

    I can’t stress this enough… Draft Lattimore AND Laveon Bell… Especially if they get the Sanders 3rd round pick. Lattimore is high risk… and high reward… Sign bradshaw as a bridge.

  • NW86

    I know there are varying opinions out there, but I’ve never been crazy about this one. I think Dwyer should be the starter on week 1, and they should draft a rookie (3rd-4th round) who can be ready to step in should Dwyer struggle. You still have Redman for short yardage and B. Batch as a 3rd down/M. Moore type player. They don’t need to add another mid-level RB to this mix, any of these guys can perform if the line blocks better than last year.

  • David Edward

    Now Tim, with so many needs this year, you know that isn’t realistic.

  • David Edward

    As Steeltown mentioned below, there’s no harm in doing both (signing Bradshaw and drafting RB). They want to add two more viable RBs to give them 5 for camp (and add an undrafted rookie or two). If they are going the mid-round route, I suggest Zac Stacy from Vandy or Kerwin Williams from Utah St and target them for 4th round.

  • RW

    For sure – too many needs to have two draft picks at the same position (unless that position is WR, OL or CB). Drafting two RBs and signing Bradshaw just isn’t sensible at this point.

  • Tim Bodamer

    David, drafting two backs(one with an extra pick) is no different than drafting two wideouts or corners as we have done. The cap hit is minimal and in my opinion they want to build a solid run game. They can draft a safety, olb, wr and ilb in the first four rounds. Not saying they are going to, but isn’t out of the realm. Remember, they will get compensatory picks for wallace, lewis and menndenhall in ’14… This is a two-year process.

  • RW

    If it’s a two year process, why not wait until next year to draft a second RB? The prospects next year are much better anyway. Also, drafting multiple WRs and CBs isn’t the same as drafting multiple RBs – you usually have more than 1 WR and CB on the field at once, but rarely if ever do you see two RBs out there. Hence the recent emphasis on drafting multiple WRs and CBs throughout the league.

  • homewood619

    I still think they they should get a free agent tight end and draft RB Kenjon Barner in the 3rd round. Dante rosario from the Chargers would be good here. Matt Spathe is a good blocker but his hands are bricks. Time to make this offense as dynamic as possible….Ben is not getting in younger!

  • homewood619

    You are totally correct! Kenjon Barner in the third would be choice. The guy is extremely fast and he has that start/stop very shifty runner who just jukes defenders to death. I enjoyed watching those Oregon games last year.

  • Tim Bodamer

    Point taken… What do guys think of Lattimore? Steelers are never in a position to draft franchise back and I think he can become that depending on the knee. I am also all about them grabbing an olb in the first round.

  • Garrett Hunt

    I say take Lattimore and ride Dwyer for the first half of the season.

  • homewood619

    I heard Jarvis Jones might fall to 17, if that happens….He will be the Steelers 1st round pick. Jarvis Jones-Stedman Bailey-Kenjon Barner would be a great 1,2,3!

  • Shea Fahr

    For some really strange reason, Redman has yet to sign his Tender. Maybe the Steelers are looking at AB to come in if there is some sort of possible snag with Redman. I like Redman but he seems to be injured quite a bit as well.

  • David Edward

    I don’t believe in taking risks on day one or two (rounds 1-3) and with the Steelers having so many needs, I’m not sure I’d gamble much on day three either. However, if Lattimore lasts to the 4th, I’d take a look and see what else is still avavailable, and if he was at or near the top of my BAA I’d consider him…assuming I hadn’t taken a RB in 2 or 3.

  • David Edward

    Don’t count on Jones being the pick @17 even if he’s there. I don’t have him in the top 17 on my board and I’m not sure if the Steelers do either after his poor showing at the pro day. I think there’s better value waiting to take an OLB later. The only one I’d take with the #1 pick is Dion Jordan, but he’ll be gone by 17. The next best LB in the draft is Arthur Brown, but he might be better in 4-3, although I think he can fit at ILB in Steelers 3-4.
    Bailey would be a reach in round 2…he’s a 3rd round value, and Barner is more of a 4th round guy.

  • steeltown

    He does, he seems to have ankle issues every 2-3 games.. and B.Batch who has hardly even played has had two serious injuries. This very well could be the last season we’ll see Redman and Batch in a Steelers uniform, especially if a RB is drafted, if Dwyer improves from last season and Bradshaw is ultimately signed

  • RW

    I’m iffy on Lattimore – I think he has the potential to be a great back but not sure if he’s a franchise back or all pro. He’d be an upgrade over anyone we have on the roster for sure, though (assuming he gets back to where he needs to be post-injury). I still think that they can get a lot out of a back in the later rounds, but that’s just me. I think I wouldn’t be too upset if they drafted an OLB in the first, but OLB is a position that we can draft a backup for this year and give Worilds the chance to start. It’s been said over and over, but it’s worth reiterating – rookie LBs and DBs rarely start on our defense, so it really makes sense to draft one late to see if they pan out. I think that’s the position I’d take a risk on a previously injured player on. I think we ultimately trade back, but if we had to take a position in round 1 at the 17th pick, I think it’s a falling LT, a stud WR or a NT. Like I said, though, I think we ultimately trade back as this year’s first round talent isn’t nearly as solid as in previous years. There’s much more value in rounds 2 and 3, where potentially all players drafted in those rounds might be graded in the high 70’s, low 80s (on a hundred point scale). I think Justin Hunter, Kevin Minter and Barrett Jones would all be amazing picks in rounds 2-3, which is part of the reason I’d like to trade back. (As an aside, you can also see that I think ILB is a much more pressing need at this point than OLB).

  • Superdriller316

    Thunder and Lightning
    Zac Stacy and Kenjon Barner

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Steelers looking for bargains, by sifting through the bin labelled “defective, Everyone in here is injured.”

  • Superdriller316

    Trevardo Williams OLB UCONN in the 4th. 24 sacks in the last two years. 6’1″ 245lb 4.57 40

  • David Edward

    Absolutely! He’s a guy I have targeted for them in 4th round

  • JDR

    Nile Davis RB ARK 230+ and ran a 4.37 at the combine, he was coming off an injury last season but was the cat’s ass the year before… a lot Like the last Ark RB we had.. Barry Foster… only faster

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