Report: Patriots Still Haven\’t Signed Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders To An Offer Sheet

Quite a few sites and major media outlets are wearing egg on their face Saturday morning concerning Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

Several hours ago we told you that there were conflicting reports from two Steelers beat writers concerning Sanders and an offer sheet. Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Sanders had a signed offer sheet from the New England Patriots following his Friday visit while Dale Lolley of the Washington Observer Reporter said in his report that Sanders left the Patriots without an offer sheet.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is now reporting Saturday morning via Twitter that the Patriots are still mulling over whether or not to sign Sanders to an offer sheet and that so far, no decision has been made and no offer sheet has been signed.

So there you go, unless Schefter is lying, Sanders still doesn\’t have an offer sheet and the several sites that reported he did, ought to consider firing those “sources” of theirs.

  • Jollyrob68

    I guess we’ll have a better idea if the cut or restructure Lloyd today. I believe he’s due 3 million as of 3pm today.

  • gsherin

    Media is always trying to play the Patriots’ GM. Like we’re supposed to care Marcia Brady was upset that Welker moved on.

  • Steelers32

    The more I mulled it over the more I hope they do

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Now that the Sanders’ agents have the parameters for the contract, the Steelers should be working with Sanders to have it structured so they can absorb this year’s salary hit.

  • zyzak

    Well with Belichick’s draft record he should trade all his picks

  • Dan

    I checked everywhere last night and didn’t see any original report other than Dulac’s. Then other outlets started citing the Dulac report. Then after the other outlets passed along Dulac’s info, we started seeing reports citing “multiple sources”. To me if other sources are quoting an original single source, that does not constitute “multiple sources”.

  • Johnwm1022

    Can there be a lazier reporter in Pgh than Dulac? He’s either asleep at his desk or on the golf course.Time for your own Report Card, Gerry. You get an F- ! Stop wasting our time.

  • Johnwm1022

    Now that’s much better reporting than we ever get from the PG!

  • Eric MacLaurin

    How about Sanders plus 3rd and 4th round picks for new England’s number one.

  • Steelers32

    nope let him go, get the 3rd pick, have his money in hand.

  • CrRe

    Not sure how much he’d be asking, surely not much, but I would like for us to bring in Heyward-Bey and see how much he’s asking and potentially sign him. Regardless if we lose Sanders or not. Big Ben would easily be the best QB he has every had throwing to him. If he could continue to refine his game, he could be a great bargain add for the Steelers and stands at 6’2. It would actually be a signing I would be a little excited about after such a depressing off-season thus far.

  • Alan Felicia

    I don’t think Pittsburgh can trade a restricted FA. Plus, NE is having a tough decision on giving up their 3rd round pick for Sanders since they only have four picks (1st, 2nd , 3rd, & 7th round) in this upcoming draft.