Report: Steelers Free Agent S Ryan Mundy Signs With Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers unrestricted free agent safety Ryan Mundy was in for a visit with the New York Giants on Thursday and it appears as if a deal is close to being struck.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today on Twitter, the Giants could have a deal finalized with Mundy sometime on Thursday.

Mundy has been with the Steelers ever since he was drafted in the sixth round of the 2008 draft out of West Virginia. While mostly being counted on to play special teams, he has started at both the strong and free safety spots in the past due to injuries.

Mundy played in all 16 games in 2012 and started just three of them early on in the season. He recorded 24 total tackles and recovered one fumble.

The Giants are more than likely signing Mundy to compete for a backup safety spot in 2013 and play special teams.

The Steelers are expected to address the safety position at some point during the upcoming draft. They also could choose to re-sign veteran safety Will Allen, who is also an unrestricted free agent this off-season.

UPDATED: Mundy has indeed signed.

  • steeltown

    Well there’s some good news

  • David S

    Was about to say the same thing!

  • steeltown

    Is there a limit to the amount of comp picks a Team can receive?

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Anyone knows how many comp picks we’ re looking at for next draft

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I think we might go for the record this year!

  • hergieburbur

    Oh darn

  • hergieburbur

    No, because the Ravens.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    God I Hate the ravens

  • Rubem Dornas

    Vaccaro 1st round draft?

  • hergieburbur

    Reports are that Lewis signed a 5/26 deal with the Saints.

  • steeltown

    Pending the overall play and snaps of the lost FA’s on their new Teams.. we could hypothetically get 4 comp picks

  • James

    Happy he gets to continue his NFL career. Even happier it will be elsewhere.

  • Kusko_Ken

    Hey Ryan let us know if you need any help packing your shit up.

  • Richard Edlin

    Not sure about that … haven’t we lost one already by signing Gradkowski? I suspect Gradkowski and Mundy even out, leaving the other three Steelers losses to date; possibly 3rd, 5th and 6th round picks next year?

    We could do with losing a couple more as those who are left are pretty expendable and most are possibly more valuable as a 7th round pick next year. They should look to resign Allen as Polamalu is unlikely to play out what’s probably his last season uninjured. Otherwise, which of the remaining UFAs are you desperate to see back?

    The word ‘transition’ looms large again …

  • alex

    Mundy was alright for us, but we have too much young talent and a possible safety pick in the draft to care to sign him…

  • Only solidifies the notion they will be looking for a Safety in the earlier rounds of the draft. No later than day 2 or 3rd round I would assume. Here’s to them hitting the nail on the head with their safety pick this year. And all the other ones for that matter. I really like Eric Reid from LSU. Great highlights to watch on him. Would be awesome for the Steelers to land Jarvis Jones at 17 and land Eric Reid in the second. If not J. Jones, trade back and maybe get Alec Ogletree and pick up a 3rd rounder, where we could address WR and RB in that round. Who knows..

  • SteelSpine


  • SteelSpine

    I wanna see what the terms are, to make sure Giants cant cut him in preseason.
    Because if they cut him I don’t trust Steeler FO on this guy, we would then sign him because he’s cheap, cheap is Steelers’ primary criteria for FAs we interview or sign. Then I will read posts saying “at least he (Mundy) knows our defensive system”. Blah.

  • John A Stewart


  • John A Stewart


  • steeltown

    Not sure Gradkowski will have any effect.. They take into account salary and playing time when deciding who gets comp picks for lost FA’s… meaning Gradkowski might not play much (hopefully) while Wallace, Mendy, Lewis and Mundy should all start on their new respective Teams… guess we’ll see about Mundy or not

  • congrats Ryan. Big hitter with a promising future.