Report: Steelers Had Interest In New Rams T Jake Long

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports Monday via Twitter that according to a league source, the Pittsburgh Steelers made a play for free agent tackle Jake Long, who wound up agreeing to a deal with the St. Louis Rams Sunday night.

Long, the first overall pick of the 2008 draft by the Miami Dolphins, signed a four-year, $34 million deal with the Rams.

So what does this interest in Long mean to the rest of the Steelers tackles on the roster, if indeed the report is true? It means that the Steelers are always looking to better their roster, but I am not so sure the Steelers could have afforded Long. Perhaps they just wanted to know what the sticker price was for a starting left tackle.

With Max Starks unlikely to be brought back in 2013, the Steelers are planning to turn to Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert to be their tackles. That doesn\’t change until a player is signed or drafted that we think can compete for one of those spots.

This time of year it is not uncommon to hear the word, “interested”, thrown out there quite a bit. If the player never signs or never visits with the team that they are being linked to, it is hard to measure the true level of interest that may or may not have existed.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    They don’t have a proven left tackle on the roster. It’s a concern until Adams or Gilbert or someone else step up and do the job over a full season.

    If they think there is a better left tackle out there for the right price, they have to make a play.

  • zyzak

    I think every team has an “interest” in everything in free agency. Due diligence pays off more than people think.

  • zyzak

    This year the word “proven” should be a buzz word because the Steelers have a lot of unproven

  • Ben Hardy

    With the power of Khan anything is possible!

  • Henry

    I really dont understand why they wouldn’t bring back Starks for a 1 yr vet minimum offer.

  • CrRe

    Not sure we know entirely what we have or don’t have in Gilbert and Adams, but in my opinion, I think both Gilbert and Adams need to tone up some of their soft bodies (Adams even more so).

    Lose some body fat and add some lean mass. I personally would like to see them both get down to and play at about 310. To lose fat and add lean muscle and weigh in at 310 would reduce their body fat percentages significantly.

    An absolute commitment to reshaping their bodies and overall strength and conditioning would only enhance their on field play. And it surely wouldn’t hurt in helping them stay on the field.

  • TJimmy

    I have a feeling that Max Starks’ days as a Steeler aren’t over yet.

  • Dan

    I don’t believe he would agree to that. He’s always been paid many times more than minimum. He’s already stated that he doesn’t want to go anywhere as a backup and I’m not sure there’s any starting left tackles playing for the min. We’ll have to see what the market dictates. I’d say 40% chance we’ll see him again.

  • Who cares about an interest they “had”?

  • Phil Heidenreich

    He played for the minimum last season, however he was coming off a late-season acl tear and proved his health by playing every snap last season. I only see him coming back for that around camp if no one else signs him. He’d probably do better waiting for an injury-needy team.

  • untitled

    If Starks come back I hope it is just depth and as a backup. They’ve invested two 2nd round picks in tackles, it is time to stop relying on the glory veterans and sink or swim with the guys they invested high picks in. Then if either falters Starks is just a safety net.

  • Kusko_Ken

    (Tinfoil hat on) In an attempt to make the “interest” in Dumervil seem more credible someone in the FO throughout Longs name as someone they had an interest in. Maybe some of the other teams are now starting to think that the Steelers have a plan to clear some serious cap room? Maybe the Steelers are trying to lure the Ravens into going after Dumervil if they can give the illsuion that they actually have the cap room (or a plan to do so) and in the end the Steelers resign Harrison for a one-year deal at 2.2m. (Tinfoil hat now off). my head hurts..

  • I hope not either. He is a great security blanket in case Gilbert starts falling on top of everyone again.

  • steeltown

    Would love to get Max back for depth purposes.. IF, and thats IF he doesnt receive any attention in FA I believe he’ll sign with the Steelers for a vet min

  • steeltown

    I think they’ll both be asked to shed a few lbs for the zone blocking scheme.. same goes for Foster

    Adams though, at 6’7 323lbs is in pretty decent shape, 323lbs is a good healthy weight for a OL guy that tall

  • Maurice_hill_district

    It means nothing. BSPN.

  • Primanti05

    The Power of Khan? How was that cap situation this year?

  • CrRe

    Yeah, I don’t know, I sort of disagree. Here are some of the top T prospects height and weights when entering the league over the last few years.

    Luke Joeckel (6’6/306), Eric Fisher (6’7/306), Lane Johnson (6’6/303), Matt Kalil (6’7/306), Anthony Castonzo (6’7/311), Jake Long (6’7/313), Joe
    Thomas (6’7/311), Joe Staley (6’6/306).

    He is over the ideal weight and his bench press and physique (based on lack of muscle bulk) indicate he has a weak upper body. All of these guys got 27+ reps at 225, Adams got 19 reps. Look at his pictures he looks soft, I don’t think this is a biased assessment. If he is going to weigh 323 then it better show up in his physique, which it doesn’t.

    At the very least, he needs to tone up, if it means converting his fat to muscle and stay the same weight, then so be it.

  • steeltown

    I think Long is 320lbs and Staley is 6’5 315lbs.. but I see what you’re saying, they’ve shown to be successful

    But still, other top rated OTs are heavier, like Jason Peters 340lbs, Vollmer 320lbs, Whitworth 330lbs, Clabo 329lbs, even or own Starks was 340lbs

    Regardless, I do think they’ll be asked to shed a few lbs for the new blocking scheme

  • CrRe

    Yeah, if he is going to be at that weight, at the very least, he needs to tone it up and get more solid.

    Most of the guys you listed are at those weights because they are thicker and more solid (I looked them up, it is obvious, you can see it in their legs, upper bodies, overall in general they look solid). It is not that 323 is a bad weight for a tackle per se, but when it is of the softer variety, like Adams (not to say he is has no muscle at all, haha), that’s when it is not a good thing. If Adams is going to stay at 323 he needs to reduce his body fat while adding lean mass. And he very well maybe doing some of these things this off-season.

    I am looking forward to see the progress he makes in his second year.

  • CrRe

    steeltown, was wondering, who do you hope the Steelers draft in the first round? Assuming no major roster additions are made from now until the draft.

  • steeltown

    To be honest, I’m still uncertain

    If none of the TOP OLB/DE are there at #17 then I hope they either grab Eifert or trade back and acquire more picks. There are so many good WR and RB prospects from the late 1st Rd to the middle of the 3rd Rd, also the Safety class is deep that trading back to get an extra 2nd and/or 3rd would be ideal

    If Sanders ultimately leaves than WR becomes more of a need, but with Miller ailing I would love to get Eifert

  • CrRe

    Yeah, I am hoping one of the high end pass rushers are available too. And I agree it is a good year to need to address S and RB in the earlier to middle rounds and hope that we do address those positions in those rounds, it would certainly make sense.

    At one point I thought Jarvis Jones might get out of the top ten, but I don’t think that any more. Obviously, getting him would be awesome, but I am not sure he makes it out of the top ten. Probably no more than wishful thinking at this point.

  • steeltown

    Yep.. some of the most productive RB’s in the League were drafted in the 2nd Rd… and we absolutely need to hit on a good Safety prospect

  • Dan

    Oh you’re right. I thought I remembered him at $2-3mil last year, but I may have been thinking of the previous year. I would expect that if he agreed we’d give him the min. I think he’s worth a bit more actually, but I wouldn’t expect we’d talk to him until mid or late summer if nobody grabs him.