Report: Steelers Interested In Former Colts LB Dwight Freeney

According to Pro Football Talk, the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of three teams interested in free agent outside linebackers Elvis Dumervil and Dwight Freeney.

This isn\’t the first time we have heard that the Steelers have an interest in Dumervil, but it is the first time that Freeney\’s name has been linked to Pittsburgh.

Mike Florio reports that Dumervil’s decision is expected to come down to the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos, the team that released him last week after they failed to receive a fax back on time after a pay cut was agreed to.

Both Freeney and Abraham were in Denver on Thursday, and both left without a deal, according to Michelle Beisner of the NFL Network.

Freeney, who also has visited with the New England Patriots recently, spent 11 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts prior to not having his contract renewed this offseason. The Colts former first-round draft pick in 2002 turned 33 this past February, and it is hard to believe that the Steelers would have a serious interest him despite their need for depth at the outside linebacker position following the release a few weeks ago of James Harrison.

The Steelers are currently around $2.2 million under the salary cap, so unless either Dumervil or Freeney is wanting to play for near the minimum, I would not hold your breath that either will be coming to Pittsburgh.

  • Untitled

    Is there any chance that this interest in him and Dumervil is a smokescreen to make the Ravens overpay to ensure they don’t become Steelers or maybe, just maybe, to make them sign one of these guys and not Harrison? Because I do not see how they could afford either.

  • Nolrog

    They could structure a contract for either that kept the cap hit at 2.2 million this year.

  • Untitled

    The question is would they take a backloaded deal? Freeney seems unlikely too due to his age and Dumervil might not because his agent just screwed him. I’d rather save future cap space to give guys like Allen, McLendon, Dwyer, etc. extensions once the dust settles next year when they go to work extending and cutting players.

  • James

    Silliness. No way.

  • mghjr88

    I would rather see what Worilds can do in a starting role

  • mokhkw

    Late March – Draft = The Lying/Smokescreen Season.

  • Tom

    14 games played: 12 tackles, 5 sacks, and 1 forced fumble.
    No wonder why the Colts let him go.
    Hope he doesn’t want more than minimum salary.
    Given the chance, Adrian Robinson could do better than that.

  • Brian Tollini

    If we as fans know that the Steelers cannot afford him, rest assured that the Ravens know too.

  • Brian Tollini

    The Steelers are also rumored to be interested in trading for Tom Brady, Ray Rice, and Calvin Johnson.

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    Steelers FO is embarrassing itself. Leaking this stuff to quell the complaints about disastrous offseason. Now Rooney & Colbert can tell reporters and public “hey, we pursued XYZ, just didn’t work out.”

  • Brian Miller

    I see what you did there….nice

  • Kusko_Ken

    this isn’t the FO leaking anything. its agents trying to create buzz for their clients and the agents know damn well the steelers won’t refute it. its the same thing with long and dumervile although i think the steelers could actually afford freeny.

  • sean mcmartin

    Also heard Mike Tomlin found out Jim Schwartz is his long lost brother and The Steelers get Megatron for minimum..

  • Kusko_Ken

    speaking of interests, think i’ll grab another beer out of the frig.

  • dgh57

    Are you sure it wasn’t Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, and Calvin Johnson!! What a 3 headed monster that would make!!!

  • Dan

    I’m guessing Freeney with his age and injuries wouldn’t be that expensive, but doesn’t help our youth movement. Dumervil is younger but we can’t afford him. I think we’ll see Worilds or a draft pick at OLB this year.
    And I don’t put any stock in any “source close to the situation” reporting “interest” in anything. Could be an agent creating buzz, or could be something simple as an inquiry on salary expectations, with no genuine intent to pursue, or could be some reporter looking to fill space.

  • Untitled

    You never know though. Fans always think they know what is going on and it turns out we rarely ever do. I don’t think the Ravens are going to look at Steeler fans reactions to make a decision and risk losing him. If they see the Steelers going after him they have to do their due diligence and consider that the Steelers might have something up their sleeve.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Wuld b quicker to just list all veteren free agents & say somebody somewhere because nothings happening wrote Steelers are alleged to be interested in all them. Then everybody can debate all them, & then we will find out Steelers did not have serious interest in any of them anyway. I get it, its how to fill long dead time of nothing happening. Nothin will happen til preseason cutdown, other than 1 weekend April draft. Offseasons are long dead time.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Amen. Keep up the good work.

  • Nolrog

    Just because a deal is backloaded cap wise, doesn’t mean the money is back loaded too. A signing bonus and small 2012 base salary would give the player a good amount of money but spread the impact on the cap over multiple years.

  • James

    Freeney doesn’t really suite the 3-4, so I don’t think we would sign him even if we could afford him.
    I like Dumervil but unfortunately we are mortgaged to Woodley so no chance of that 1 either.

  • chris dimarino

    Dave, in your experience, how much cap does a draft class occupy in its first year? I see the 2.2 million cap space number and wonder how much of that is actually available cap considering there is a crop of drafted and undrafted guys that will find their way on the roster.

  • Willie Colons money is still on the books. It will be taken off later and the steelers can use that to sign the draft picks.

  • CrRe

    MEGATRON, sweet!

  • Ahmad

    Yeah not buying any of these “interested” reports.

  • steeltown

    I hope to god Dumervil stays is Denver… I do not want to see a Suggs/Dumervil duo twice a year

  • steeltown

    ..can I give you an offer sheet and get in on that?

  • steeltown

    Its about $4.7MIL to sign the rookie draft class… so, add the Colon savings with the $2.2MIL we currently have, makes over $7MIL which is plenty enough

  • steeltown

    Ha! This is comical.. one of the reasons Freeneys production drastically dropped was because they switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 last season.. he is traditionally a 4-3 DE and a damn good one, he cant play 3-4, its ridiculous to think we’d bring him in the mix.. ridiculous for more than just cap reasons

  • Untitled

    True, but that then ties the Steelers to these guys even more. Do we really want to tie ourselves to Freeney for that long?

  • steeltown

    Wow.. jus realized Dumervil was originally drafted in the 4th Rd.. talk about value

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    Why would an agent use the Steelers, of all teams, as leverage? Everyone knows we have no money. And the Long news didn’t come out, via Schefter, until after he signed.

  • Draft pool will be around $5 million now. Then you subtract displacement from that. in other words, the Steelers will not need the full $5 million worth of cap space to sign their draft picks. They also will pick up $5.5 million in space on June 2nd when the release of Colon kicks in.

  • charles

    Thanks for those numbers. Lets hope that both of these guys are just rumors. Some new faces at both OLB and a breakout year for the Dline and with Lake’s coaching in the secondary, it is possible that ee will have a dominating defense and a true #1 ranking. Let Ben handle the offense and I’ll see you at the Super Bowl!

  • If you gonna start over start over with rookies from the draft why give up our great veterans to grab other teams veterans who dont know our system… just a waste of money and time!!!

  • richard

    The Steelers could afford Dumervil , they would just have to release Troy. I don’t know how much dead money there would be but I think his cap hit is in the area 10 million.