Report: Two Years, $2 Million For Steelers TE Matt Spaeth

The numbers of the two-year contract signed Monday by tight end Matt Spaeth are out as Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports Monday via Twitter that the deal totals $2 million and includes a $275,000 signing bonus.

If indeed this is correct, the base salary for Spaeth in 2013 will most likely be $725,000 and his 2014 base salary $1 million. Those numbers would produce a cap hit of $862,500 in 2013 and a $1,137,500 cap hit in 2014.

Should Spaeth need to be released next off-season, he would produce a dead money charge of $137,500.

The official base salary numbers could be slightly different than my guess when reported, but this should be close.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    we couldn’t have gotten him cheaper?

  • Shannon Stephenson


  • James Warner

    Exactly. 2/3rd string TE for that. Maybe he learned to catch since he was last with the Steelers. Would have rather seen them draft one

  • Rubem Dornas

    This is terrible.

  • Chris S

    Keep in mind that there are certain minimums a player must receive in a contract based on number of years in the league/etc. I do not know the numbers (though I’m sure Dave/etc could provide them). But this isn’t too bad…the main focus is the bonus/guaranteed money…which is low…so that is good. Not bad.

  • SteelSpine

    Understandable because til Heath ready need cheap TE body insteadof another FB/H-back type. This one doesn’t excite, fortunately very-disposable after this season.
    Priority of next FAs to re-sign should be McClendon & Cotchery.

  • steeltown

    Whats the big deal? Everyone freaking out here, why? $725,000 base salary w/ $275,000 signing bonus.. good deal! He can be released next offseason w/ a very minimal dead money charge
    People get caught up in pass catching stats.. and forget that Spaeth is one of the better run blocking TE’s in the League.. guess where we need to vastly improve this season…. thats right, the RUN GAME!

  • LucasY59

    the cap hit this year has to be close to vet minimum

  • steeltown

    They still will

    D.Johnson, McCoy and Pianalto are training camp bodies, that leaves Miller, Spaeth and Paulson on the depth chart and Miller most likely will start the season on the PUP, I expect them to draft a TE if there is one to be had

  • Tom

    Spaeth will make a good 1-2 punch with Eifert, until Heath comes back.