Steelers 2013 Draft: Georgia LB Jarvis Jones Turns In Unimpressive Pro Day On Thursday

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was spotted at Georgia pro day on Thursday, where outside linebacker Jarvis Jones had, what was reported to be, an unimpressive showing.

Jones reportedly turned in a slow 4.9 forty yard dash, and he didn\’t move overly fluid in the linebacker drills either. The 6 foot, 2-inch linebacker did not work out at the NFL combine last month because his training had been delayed while he consulted with doctors about his spinal stenosis that he was diagnosed with while initially at USC. Jones did, however, meet with several doctors while in Indianapolis who believe, he was misdiagnosed in the first place.

Jones has long been linked to the Steelers as a possible first-round selection due to their need at the outside linebacker position. Longtime starter James Harrison was released a few weeks ago, but the team believes that Jason Worilds, their second-round pick in the 2010 draft, is ready to fill the shoes vacated by the former Defensive Player of the Year.

Jones slow forty yard dash time, however, is not as concerning as his ability to play the run. He showed during his time at Georgia that he can get after quarterbacks, but was often handled with ease when run at. Forty times, as we all know by now, are overrated. As former NFL general manager Charley Casserly noted on NFL Network, via a report by Pro Football Talk, there have been other outside linebackers that have run in the 4.9 range at their pro days before that have excelled in the league. Casserly specifically pointed out Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs as an example. Suggs, who, by the way, did weigh 15 more pounds than Jones at his pro day, had a 40 time in the 4.9 range as well.

Despite his poor showing on Thursday, many still believe that Jones is a top 15 player. Should he drop to the Steelers, it might present an opportunity to trade down a few spots if another team is interested in moving up for him. This assumes that the Steelers don\’t deem him worthy of the pick.

While most of the media attention Thursday was on Jones, he wasn\’t the only Georgia player on display, as scouts and NFL team personnel were also present to observe defensive tackle John Jenkins, linebacker Alec Ogletree, and safeties Bacarri Rambo and Shawn Williams in addition to several more Georgia draft hopefuls.

Just because Tomlin was present, doesn\’t necessarily mean that he was there to see Jones, as all the players listed above certainly could fit Steelers needs as well.

Below is the post pro day interview that Jones had with the media that was present, and you can read more about the Thursday pro day at Georgia at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


  • Garrett Hunt

    If he is there at 17 no way we trade down. His run defense may not be great, but he is a top 10 talent for a reason. A slow 40 time could be the best thing that could of happend at the pro day for the Steelers.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Good maybe now he could fall to us at 17!

  • Andrew Grigsby

    Sure hope he is available at 17 really like I kid. I don’t trust Jason Worilds at all, time to call him a bust.

  • CrRe

    I don’t care, draft him if he is there at 17th overall. In fact, if he makes it to the teens, I think you make due diligence to move up (Bucs and Panthers) and draft him, lest the Saints draft him at 15th overall. The Saints are shifting to a 3-4 and have already shown interest in him. Actually, the word is he already has a scheduled meeting with them before the draft. The interest definitely seems legitimate, and for good reason.

    “He said he met with the New Orleans Saints on Wednesday and listed Kansas City, Philadelphia and Detroit as teams he plans to meet with in the near future” – Source: ESPN

  • Jazz

    No way! This kid has red flags all over him; why risk a top 1st round draft pick on a guy that has potentially health risks? He is not that great in run support, the Steelers pride themselves in stopping the rn with their front seven. If he can’t stop the run, don’t move up,move down and let some other team take him.

  • Addison

    Hope they can move down and get maybe a extra 2nd or 3rd round pick

  • CrRe

    I would say you are in the minority my friend. Most in Steeler nation would like to see us draft Jarvis Jones.

  • hergieburbur

    WAY too early to call him a bust.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Actually you’d be surprised by how many people have shown no interest in jarvis jones, especially in 1st. Id be okay if it’s 2nd but not 1st. Steelers need a receiver, that is their top priority right now and I guarantee you.

  • hergieburbur

    No, WR is not their top priority. You misjudge how they value WR in their offense. They may take one in 2-4, but not likely round 1. Look at it this way, Of the 4 WRs taken in the first since FA started, how many played more than 4 seasons with the Steelers? There is no value there.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Bad example, brah. Santonio holmes was a stoner. Troy edwards was a bust. Arguably steelers regretted letting Plaxico Burress go. If this was Arians’ offense, i’d be with you but for Haley’s, we need a size, hands, speed, and an immediate impact considering mike wallace isn’t here and heath miller is out indefinitely. You don’t find prospects like that later on in draft, safest bet are those in 1st. You say no value, but what does that make Heath Miller? A wasted pick?

  • Jollyrob68

    Don’t move up. stay or trade down.

  • mokhkw

    Did anyone see Ogletree’s 40 time?

  • Tom

    Watched a couple GA games this past year, was very impressed by Jones. Definitely a game changer.

    Not as impressed with his post workout comments.

  • hergieburbur

    Heath Miller is a TE, brah. If you were talking Eifert in the first, I would likely agree.

    Otherwise, you don’t know your Steelers History. You say I gave a bad example, and that we need someone that can make an immediate impact, but none of our four first round WRs made much impact in their first season. Edwards the bust had arguably the best rookie season of any of them. An I don’t think anyone has legitimately argued that letting Burress walk hurt us.

    “You don’t find prospects like that later on in draft, safest bet are those in 1st.”

    Haha, yeah sure. The only two WRs they have found worthy of a second contract were later round guys, They don’t place value on WR in the first. certainly not enough to carelessly “guarantee” that they are going that way.

  • CrRe

    Actually, most everybody I’ve talked to are hoping he somehow makes it to us at the 17th spot, but those same people don’t think it will happen.

    In addition, in most of the mock drafts that have us taking someone else other than Jones is because they have Jones going before us. I don’t recall seeing one mock where Jones was taken any later than our 17th pick. The mocks where he wasn’t taken before our pick they had him going to us.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Suit yourself. I have a source for this. Whatever to entertain you.

  • CrRe

    Yeah, I personally think his red flags are overblown. His stats where better than Jadaven Clowney’s last year (though Clowney was a SO. and Jones a JR). Whoever ends up drafting Jones, whether it ultimately be us or another team, is going to be getting a player who should have a lot of success in the NFL. That is why I wouldn’t have a problem with them moving say like a couple spots to draft him.

  • Intropy

    Jones in the first or Rambo in the fourth, both would be nice value at positions of need.

  • hergieburbur

    Everybody in Pittsburgh thinks they have a source. They are never right. You know how many people had a source that we were picking Iupati, or Harvin, or Hightower, or …

    Not to mention that only a fool would believe that the Steelers are willing to lock themselves into a specific position in the first a month before the draft.

  • hergieburbur

    I wouldn’t move up for him, but he would be difficult to pass on.

  • CrRe

    Yeah, just saying I would be bothered by it. But at the same time I actually would be kind of bummed if he did go to the Saints at 15 because we didn’t move up, assuming that was who the Steelers ultimately wanted to draft (you know, how sometimes Steelers reveal their intentions after they drafted in the first. Sort of like they said last year they thought about moving up to draft DeCastro).

  • hergieburbur

    In some years, yeah, but this year there is so much talent in the 15-25 range that we have lots of choices. And with the inflated QB market, someone is bound to fall to us. I am guessing a WR. 🙂

  • CrRe

    Yeah, I don’t necessarily disagree about the talent pool, but I’ll be rooting for them to draft Jones, haha!

  • rob.pghsteelersfan

    I think Tomlin has confidence in Jason Worldis taking over for Harrison. I can’t understand why everyone seems to be after OLB in the first. There are far bigger needs like MLB, FS, SS and WR. At least with OLB there is someone to step in who could play at a high level.

    I want the Steelers to draft a WR in the first round and they could. Between Patterson and Allen at least one will be a pro bowler and
    be worth the pick. I could see the team taking a WR, S, or MLB in the first, possibly CB or TE. I do not see the team taking OLB, DT,.DL, OL or RB no matter who falls to them.

    Teams may take the best player available but need also comes into the equation. There will be several players there at 17 that the Steelers need thay will be worth the pick.

  • Superdriller316

    Going into the combine this year, reports come out of GA saying Jones won’t test well at the combine. Not to long later, reports came out that Jones wouldn’t work out at the combine. That’s ok, some of the big names wait for their pro days, that’s their choice. I guess if your not going to do good it’s better to only look bad in front of 50 people rather than the whole country. As Kevin has said that the Steelers use the combine to get to know the players and for medical. The Steelers use game tape to evaluate players. I have watched a few GA games and I’m not impressed at all. Yeah, Jones had 14.5 sacks and that’s good, but I’ve seen him not able to get off blocks against TE’s. if you can’t do that, you have no chance at the next level. The SC game he had 2 sacks I think and one of them was a coverage sack, sack none the less. Lattimore ran right by him.

    If we ran a 4-3 and Jones was a DE, I could see drafting him at 17 with his stats. The thing is we don’t. We run a zone 3-4. The 3 things an OLB needs to be able to do is: 1) get after the QB. Jones can do that. 2) stop the run. Jones has a hard time with that. 3) drop into coverage. He won’t be able to cover Speath with his speed. It’s funny how Te’o was slammed because of his speed. People were saying he’s to slow to cover TE’s. the same with Minter. Now Jones comes out and is the slowest of the top 5 and he’s still a top 15 pick. Wow, what blinders are we looking through? What about the reports that Jones has a work ethic problem, he doesn’t like the weight room. If he’s so good, why didn’t he get any awards other than All American? Don’t say that Te’o got them all because he played at ND either, because that’s BS.

    Im not sold on Jones, I think he’s a liability in the run game and in coverage. If I’m picking a OLB, I’m picking Porter from A&M or T Williams from UConn in the 3rd. I would take Brown, Minter, or Te’o before Jones any day of the week. Kevin said the draft is about want and not need, and I don’t think there is enough to want in Jarvis Jones

  • I definitely take Jones over a WR in the 1st. I like Hopkins a lot, and Keenan Allen is pretty nice too, but I think Jones warrants the 17 pick before any receiver in this class. And there is good value for receiver in 2nd and 3rd round. If they got Jones in the first and Justin Hunter in the second or third I’d still be happy. And I know there are red flags, but honestly Jones is the one defensive player worthy of a first round pick that I can immediately imagine in Black and Gold.

  • Guest

    LOL, before this article there’s no way you would have received 4 negative votes for your post. People on this site are nothing more than sheep. Steelers draft a WR with their first pick.

  • hergieburbur

    This article has nothing to do with whether Worilds is a bust, so no.

  • Chris Ranieri

    I just wanted to chime in and say that I go to UGA and that I absolutely love Georgia football. With that being said the Steelers are my #1 team. (Family scattered throughout western PA, Steelers fan by birth)
    As much as I would love to see JJ or any other dawg for that matter go from red & black to black & gold, I think we are in more of a need for a WR than an OLB. Agree to disagree, I know there are solid cases for both. I hope we can upgrade at WR, LB & S in the draft regardless.

  • SteelerDave

    Well said and agree 100%

  • mokhkw

    Yep, not a Steelers OLB. Funny how people forget that we draft differently than other teams & most of our OLBs start out as DEs in College, not converted safeties (Ogletree, Moore) who can’t shed blocks or hold the point against double-teams.

  • mokhkw

    Another thing that I think the Jones @17 supporters are forgetting – he won’t start in year 1. Given that certainty, would they still be happy using a 1st on him?

    There’s 2 points to always keep in mind when thinking about drafting an OLB for the Steelers:

    1. 1st year D players never start (Hampton at NT being the only exception).

    2. Majority of Steelers OLB played DE in College.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Also kendrell Bell but I c your point I don’t follow college football closely but but seen I think the all American game what are Steelers fans thoughts on ansah

  • mokhkw

    Bell was the 1st (and last) rookie LB to start for the Steelers since 1974. I get a little sad every time his name is brought up & usually watch some old games featuring him in the off-season.

    I was referring to our OLBs, our ILBs tend to be LBers in college, our OLBs tend to be DEs. Steelers go after guys with power-rush moves who can hold the point of attack, not OLBs who, like Jones, made the majority of their plays by running past an inferior athlete. As superdriller pointed out, a decent TE can block Jones 1-on-1 – so how is he going to manage against NFL OTs? I can’t find any tape of him beating a good player at the point of attack & I’ve been watching some Georgia games lately to check out Jones & Ogletree, neither of who I consider to be a 1st Rd Pick as far as the Steelers D/scheme is concerned.

    There was some discussion on Ansah previously, I think he’s not a Steelers 3-4 OLB ( too tall & rangy) and if I recall, most people here though he fits best as a 4-3 DE which I would agree with.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    I think there have been some great NFL players had crap numbers in pro day or combine. So consider that.

    The opposit are some workout warriors who inflate their draft stock then u never hear about them after entering NFL, Steelers have drafted a few of those in the past in rds 2 & 1, had size & speed but never made impact in NFL.

  • zyzak

    Stay away from defensive players from Georgia, they’re punks. Manti teo ran faster than this turd

  • mokhkw


  • Steelers32

    It is known that Jones is just a natural talent, he is not a gym rat, he shows up “as is” on game day. People who live on stats will not like him as much, lucky for the team tho, they go by game film I think they will take him if available at 17.

  • Andrew Grigsby

    He was been around for 3 years, if he was that good he would have had way more snaps than he has had in his career. He was picked 52nd overall in ’10 and has not forced his away on the field yet. Not impressed.

  • Anthony Grescavage

    Behind James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley.

  • Clint Martin

    Thank You someone knows football! Ansah is a DE in a 4-3 defense
    Way to tall for a 3-4 OLB the O-line would get under him and rag doll him.

  • Clint Martin

    Thank You! Steelers draft college DE to play their system. Jones has poor work ethics that is why his pro day was poor.

  • lefnor

    Please don’t mix the Cowher drafts with the Tomlins’.
    Tomlin drafted the totally one-dimensional Chris Carter too. And he developed the new breed of “playmaking” hobbit ILBs:
    2011 UDFA – Mario Harvey 5107 257
    2012 draft – Sean Spence 5113 231
    2013 offseason FA sign – Brian Rolle 5095 229
    2013 draft? – Marvin Burdette 5095 232

    (Both the Steelers and Texans showed a lot of interest in Burdette at the UAB pro day, who projects as an inside backer/special teams player)
    And Farrior and Foote played at around 225 pound during the last two seasons.
    Did you read the “Tomlin on physical football: “It’s a mentality”” article at the official site?
    That is a joke. A bad one.

  • Clint Martin

    This kind of offense does not require a speed receiver it requires a possession receiver. The speed guy should play out of the slot position. A player that runs good routes with great hands always outperforms speed.
    And Miller is a Tight End.

  • Clint Martin

    Thats the problem to take his game to the next level AKA Harrison you have to be more dedicated to the gym,film room,alot more to the NFL than just showing up on game day.
    If that” the case he won’t last long in this league.

  • hergieburbur

    He played behind two pro-bowl LBs one of whom was a former DPOY. Last year he was second on the team in sacks despite playing in limited time. He has shown flashes of being good despite being injured, and has shown flashes of being so-so. While he may not have set the world on fire so far, calling him a bust implies you don’t know the meaning of the word.

  • Steelers32

    100% agree with you, I was commenting on his workout performance.
    If the team would take him, talent wise its a no brainier, I don’t care what he ran in the 40 in shorts. how he presented himself to them character wise will be his up or down vote.

  • TheBlitz

    You made a great point when you referenced Te’o’s workouts at the combine. After the event, he was quickly and unfairly labeled a huge bust because of his slow 40 yard dash.

    Someone else that has received similar criticism is Damontre Moore for not blowing out the charts with his workout stats at the combine and pro days. Moore pro day numbers are similar to Jones’ in a lot of ways. The guy was clearly a top 5 pick in every mock prior to the combine, now he’s not even a 1st round pick.

    Looks in fact like a double standard.

  • mokhkw

    Valid points & thanks for the tip on the article – I don’t fully agree with Tomlin on the first part of what he says. It’s always been a fear of mine that a tampa-2 coach would try to draft smaller, quicker LBers and although Tomlin certainly has done that, I get the impression he’s after a 2nd ILB like Timmons for sub-packages to replace the traditional SILB like Farrior & Foote. Timmons was around 225 when drafted, but he’s also drafted DEs to play OLB ( Woodley, Worilds, Gibson, Carter & Davis) & the LBers he has drafted for ILB had been LBers in College (Timmons,Spence, Slyvester, Humpal), so in that regard the philosophy doesn’t seem to have changed that much between Cowher and Tomlin, at least not for OLB.

  • mokhkw

    What I’d really like to know is the 10 yard split for his 40-time, I think that’s the most valid timing for DL/LB. Off the ball he looked good, after 15 he seemed to plateau & lose balance, even when he didn’t stumble. For DBs and WRs I like to know the 40s, but for most every other position the 10 is what interests me.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    In currently Haley’s scheme, Heath Miller IS a receiving tight end… regardless, it is a receiving position.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I’m not from Pittsburgh but okay. Actually no, annually its usually either two or three positions that are locked to be picked within 1st round with BPA. We never draft a player for the position that we don’t need to. We aren’t Oakland Raiders.

    We have not only Jason Worilds (I don’t see him being a full-time ROLB0 but Adrian Robinson who the team is very high on. What you are saying is we ought to risk 1st round with a risky prospect when WE already invested two linebackers that are in top 3 for biggest cap hit… financially it doesn’t make any sense!

    People forget that the Steelers are business first.

    This year, BPA meeting our biggest needs happen to be receiving, either wide receiver or tight end. Now there’s other position that the steelers are also looking at; O-line and running back. If they are BPA, yes they’ll be the pick. Defensive prospect won’t be because they aren’t BPA and only will create surplus in any other positions (cornerback, safety, defensive end for example) or the players aren’t within value of 1st round (nose tackle, inside linebacker, and OLB!) So the first pick will be an offensive player.

    If your argument is that OLB is our biggest weakness despite #1 defense in NFL then I am grateful that you aren’t our GM.

  • Andrew Grigsby

    Woodley was hurt for a long time last year and what I’ve seen so far isn’t much. I sure hope he shows me i’m wrong in ’13 but i’m not counting on it. It’s time to come out & play like a 2nd rounder or it’s time on move on.

  • walter mason

    I hear you mokhkw. I get sad too ever time Bell’s name is mentioned but why is everyone trying to forget that Woodley started at outside linebacker in his first year in 2007? Is my memory bad or am I missing something?

  • Steelers32

    I think the they would jump on a chance to get him, (of which there is near 0) and that he would play LB as well as putting his hand in the dirt, in his first year.

    Yes if a lineman got into him his height is a disadvantage, just like his near 36″ long arms to keep them off is an advantage. Thing is how many tackles are anything but his height ( 6’5″) or more..

    He is a terror as he is with 1 year as full time player they would run to the podium with that ticket.

  • LouPGH

    Wow. I’ve been really surprised by how drastic the difference of opinion is regarding the 1st Round pick this year. I’m assuming it stems from the fact that we have so many needs to fill; people see the priority of those needs differently.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Agree with your assessment on Jones. I am concerned about his ability to beat NFL tackles. The Steelers OLBs tend to be much stronger bull rushers and can anchor the edge against the run. I think Jones is a better fit as a 4-3 OLB.

    Disagree on Ansah. I agree his most “natural” fit is a LDE in a 4-3. But I think with a year or two of training he would fit in nicely as an OLB in our 3-4. Our shorter OLBs (Harrison/Woodley) may get under the OT’s pads but the NFL refs allow so much holding that technique gets negated. I think Ansah’s height and length is a great advantage when combating OT’s and even greater against TE’s and RB’s (which is where LeBeau tries to get the match up). Against the run Ansah has the weight/strength/length to anchor and shed blocks better than any OLB in this draft. Then there is his speed. I don’t think you fully realize how rare it is to find a guy with his size who can run that fast. He’s faster than JPP or Aldon Smith. I think he will be fantastic in coverage. And batting down passes at the LOS.

  • walter mason

    All we had to do is lose that last meaningless game and we would have drafted higher.

  • walter mason

    Why did you have to remind me of Troy Edwards.

  • walter mason

    Draft best available athlete.

  • hergieburbur

    No, actually, I am not saying anything about OLB being our biggest weakness. I am not so foolish as to lock into a position, the Steelers don’t do that.

    “We never draft a player for the position that we don’t need to.”

    We draft the best player available at a position we are not stacked at. DE was not our biggest need when we got Heyward. TE was not our biggest need with Miller. RB was not our biggest need with Mendenhall. I could go on.

    “This year, BPA meeting our biggest needs happen to be receiving, either wide receiver or tight end.”

    Absolutely ridiculous statement. You have no idea who the BPA will be, and many scouts have only Patterson and Eifert as being worth a pick in the 1st half of the first round at a receiving position. They are only going to pick someone they have ranked in their top 16. That is how they work.

    Star could fall, Jones could fall, Cooper could be there, one of the ILBs could fall, they could go for Warmack. There are many possible PBAs and neither Colbert or nor Tomlin knows who or what position they are looking at for sure at this point.

  • hergieburbur

    That I agree with, but that is a LONG way from being a bust.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Did you even read what I said? No Cameron Heyward wasn’t a need for the year he got drafted but he’ll be a starter next year, the steelers draft ahead. When heath miller got drafted, TE was a need, especially with lacking size after losing Plaxico Burress. Willie Parker was an one-dimensional running back so they got Mendenhall although argumentative pick because the pool for running backs were so rich in that draft.

    I’m telling you this- if we go with Jarvis Jones, it means they don’t think Lamarr Woodley are here to stay. Do you think that’s the case? No!

  • hergieburbur

    You contradict yourself. They draft ahead (true) but they only draft for need (untrue)? They draft the best player available at a position they are not extremely deep at. Position is secondary in the process. If a guy with top ten talent falls to 17, they will pick him more times than not regardless of position. That is exactly what they thought they were doing with Mendenhall.

    More to the point, they take a holistic view of the draft when picking. There are a ton of mid round receivers and really only one or two first round worthy guys. Whenever that is the case, we see them pick guys at that position in the mid rounds. There are a ton of other possible guys that are likely to fall to them that would be bigger value than a receiver. WR isn’t that important of a position in our offense.

    “I’m telling you this- if we go with Jarvis Jones, it means they don’t
    think Lamarr Woodley are here to stay. Do you think that’s the case?

    No, it doesn’t. It means they are not happy with their depth at OLB, nor should they be, and it MAY mean that they are uncertain on Worilds. It says little to nothing at all about Woodley. You deal way too much in absolute conclusions with little to back up those conclusions.

    And all of this is digressing from the original point of contention. That being that your statement that “Steelers need a receiver, that is their top priority right now and I guarantee you.” Which is an utterly stupid statement that has no backup whatsoever in fact. I feel like I am all the sudden on Bleacher Report.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Without mike wallace anf heath miller, how are we going to score??? Please enlighten me on this one, sir. We have NO possession WR, Heath Miller was our guy for this and he’s out indefinitely. Remember, scheme matters most.

    There are few ways steelers draft. When an elite player, a prospect that they can’t miss out on- fell, they will get them regardless of where they are: pouncey and decastro come to mind. Jarvis jones is not.. I mean he’s not a top pass-rusher of this draft, I’m matter of fact I’m somewhat enticed that people act like they are surprised that Jonesis falling….

    There is no blue chip player in this draft. So yes we go with “BPA meets need” rather than BPA. Sometime this applies to 2nd round or later. Steelers not only scout talents but mentality. The players have to be willingly to sit behind players, worilds, gilbert, and adams all come to mind. Steelers used to be high on upside but there’s a big flaw to that… if the player can’t grasp the concept of waiting… developing… then he’s not right for us.

    My major argument is that offense was ranked 22nd where defense was ranked #1 in consecutive years. And we lost weapons on offensive side, so.. how can this not be any more clear for you?

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    How did you think we used Heath Miller on this offense? As a possession receiver. the difference between tight end and wide receiver is really just “size” and maybe…usage of position but in Haley’s, Heath is a possession receiver regardless how you like it.

  • hergieburbur

    We lost a weapon on the offensive side, and Heath will in all likelihood miss 6 games or less (plus I have already addressed the TE/WR difference, not getting in to that again). We have no Possession WR? Cotchery has been that his whole career, we just haven’t used him much because he was pushed so far down the depth chart. Not to mention that Patterson, who is likely gone before 17, is the only WR that fits the possession mold worthy of a first. They WILL pick a WR in the draft, we all know that, but the 3rd round or later is far more likely than the first. Especially considering that Brown and Sanders fit Haley’s offense to a T, whereas Wallace did not.

    You seem to think that I am saying we will automatically pick on the defensive side of the ball. I said no such thing (you seem to like making straw man arguments though). I do think we have more needs on defense, but that has minimal impact on who we pick in the first.

    “My major argument is that offense was ranked 22nd where defense was ranked #1 in consecutive years.”

    Statistics can be misleading. The only defensive stat that matters is scoring, and we were 6th there. Plus, I still maintain that the biggest problem in Haley’s offense last year was Ben in the second half of the year. Our offense was up in the first half until he started doing his own thing again. On top of that, we lost some key play makers to where we have zero depth at safety, zero depth at ILB, and minimal depth at OLB and CB. Combine that with a largely aging defense and we have more needs on the defensive side of the ball. But, again so that you don’t get confused, I am not saying that will impact who they pick in the first. Merely that the number of needs on that side of the ball is greater.

  • Actually, Charley Casserly said on Path to the Draft show, that NO player at that height/weight/timed speed has been successful in the NFL. Casserly did say he thought watching film that Jones was a 4.6 player. The Suggs comment pointed out that Suggs was 260. Casserly sees Jones dropping in the draft.

  • Superdriller316

    He had better hope they pull the FL tape and not the ones that he didn’t show up on. If you can’t get off a TE’s block in college, I pity you when you have to go up against a pro Tackle. How many TE’s blocked Harrison for an extended amount of time? There could be some but I doubt that many. If you can’t be prepared for your pro day, there’s a problem. I would rather take someone with above average talent vs. someone with great talent. Here’s why. The guy with above average talent will bust his ass to get better everyday. The other will get lazy because he feels his talent will get him by. That being said, it doesn’t hold true in every case on either side. A lot goes to character. But in this case it holds true, Jones doesn’t seem to be that motivated to get better. He thinks his stats will pull him through. I know not all LB/DE have a lot of upper body strength but most do, but GA had a CB out lift Jones. Makes you think if he has what it takes for the next level? Time will tell.

  • John Mazza

    Everything I’ve seen on this kid is that he’s a 4-3 OLB. I’ve seen a few things that Dion Jordan from Oregon is the top 3-4 OLB. We hear any interest on this kid? I’m still interested to see worilds step up. Worth he article on here a bit ago if like to see Rambo in the later rounds.

  • John Mazza

    I’m a big Ansah fan. Half cuz I love in Utah and he’s a beast. Dudes bigger than Woodley and Woodley is huge. I think just to big to stand up and play. He won’t drop anyway.

  • $19122620

    So what are your thoughts in Jarvis as a 3-4 OLB in the pros? If Steelers were to address OLB at the 17th pick, do you see Jones being a player that would be a long term outstanding player in the Steelers defensive scheme?

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I’d not even go with C. Patterzon. I’m think of somebody more like DeAndre Hopkins and he’s a 1st round prospect. Exactly what we need opposing Antonio Brown. Now you are right, Cotchery is a possession receiver but we aren’t looking for a depth; we are looking for a starter in this draft, later in 3rd? Sheesh. This is a deep pool but it’ll shrink fast. Steelers aren’t known to gamble on that kind of situation.

    Even I’m a big fan of Tavon Austin, i’d go eith Hopkins or Eifert before Austin.

    Most of all; I do not get why we ought to get Jarvis Jones when Chase Thomas of Stanford is essential same player with a grade of 4th-5th round (steelers were looking at them hard, as rumors had it when they visited Stanford).

    I do not know everything inside and out but I do know this that they signed Spaeth to stay away from a 1st round tight end even if Eifert is a better prospect than Heath Miller were. Also they are trying so hard to sign Ahmad Bradshaw at right price because it eliminate the necessity of drafting a running back early. Only lack of movement were at wide receiver which is a strong indication to me, don’t you think?

    Your right, statistic is misleading in many ways but its not for our drafting strategy because usually it works around currently players’ contract; one player will be done in *blank* years and our goal is to have a player up next by *blank years and on defensive side, this draft actually play in our favor because late round prospects just fit our needs perfectly betwen 3-6th rounds (AJ Klein of Iowa State, Chase Thomas of Stanford, Shamarko Thomas of Syracuse, and Kapron Lewis-Moore whom is Colbert’s personal favorite) all can contribute at much lesser of contracts. The separation of talent-wise between those players and 1st round defensive prospects are very slim.

    So basically what I’m trying to say; you look for separation of talent, meeting our needs, general scout’s grading on players (more of a mass psychology game by all mean), and financially how they can fit the map. I can’t even come up with any reason we will go with defensive prospect in 1st round. None of those guys offer what we doesn’t have, and most importantly: financially it doesn’t fit.

    That’s why I’m persistent on my case of offensive weapon in first round. Not trying to be an obilivious guy, but hopefully you can see why I’m pretty certain, you know? I do have some actual inside information but not all of it.

  • Clint Martin

    You will see next year how much he struggles to get on the field with the 4-3 defense team that drafts him to play as a DE.In 2 years he will be around 290 lbs he is not the size of an OLB for a 3-4 defense the end.

  • Clint Martin

    Jarvis Jones is a good talent but for a 4-3 defense Steelers don’t want him.

  • Clint Martin

    If a corner out lifts a LB that is sad. not a LB I would want he must be soft!

  • Clint Martin

    Every year there are only about 5-8 Blue Chip players.Theses are players that are with out a doubt starters from day one.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    And how many blue chip players are there in this draft? Even better, outside of top 5?

  • hergieburbur

    Personally, Patterson is the ONLY WR I would take in the first. I would take Hopkins or Austin in the second, but to me WR is very rarely worth a first. “we are looking for a starter in this draft, later in 3rd? Sheesh.” Ward, Randel El, Wallace, Sanders, Brown, most of our starters recently have been later round picks. While we need someone to contribute today, I am not convinced at all that we need a starter. I think we would be OK with a top three of Brown, Sanders and Cotch with Burress and a draft pick playing in spots. But that is just me.

    I wouldn’t look at the Spaeth signing as meaning much of anything for our draft. Speath is not a pass catching TE by any stretch. He has had more than 10 catches or 100yds receiving, in a SEASON just once. They brought him in for depth and to block, He is not meant to be, and is not capable of being the starter.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not necessarily in favor of them picking Jones, but I think LB or S is more likely than WR. Personally, I think if they go offense in the first, they pick OG Cooper out of UNC.

  • Steelers32

    At least not like any we have seen before, then again not to many OLB were track athletes.
    Mute point anyway, he will not be around at 17 some have him gone before 10 now.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I love me some Jonathan Cooper man, but it’d be a luxury pick. If it was Lane Johnson, I definitely can see why.

  • David Edward

    I like all of the discussion I’m seeing here regarding Jones. Good points on both sides (for and against picking him). As someone who has graded drafts and prospects for 30 years let me see if I can help solve the issue a bit. A good first round pick should check all of the boxes, meaning good on game tape, ideal measureables (size/speed/strength), position skills, and a few specifics for each position. As some have mentioned below, workout warriors don’t translate to good first round picks unless they have some game tape to match. However, guys that look good in college don’t make good first round picks if they are lacking in certain measureables and skills…and you might as well thow college stats out the window as a predictor of success in the NFL (it’s basically a crap shoot). So that this post doesn’t get too long, let me reply below with my specific opinion on Jones…

  • David Edward

    I had a feeling Jones wouldn’t work out at the combine because he knew he’d run a slow 40 and be so-so in the LB drills. Plus, he has less than ideal coverage skills and marginal strength for a top LB. He’s a good rusher and tackler, but like I said above, he doesn’t check all the boxes as you would hope for. Plus, even though the spinal stenosis checked out ok, you have to wonder if that could effect him at some point down the road. If I was a Super Bowl team picking at 31 or 32 maybe I take a chance on him, but not @17. Considering the Steelers have needs at several positions, I wouldn’t want to gamble too much with my #1 pick. If I’m going to take chances, I’ll save that for day 3. Hope this helps!

  • David Edward

    Dion Jordan is a great athlete and has the skills you look for in a top LB pick…problem is he will be long gone by #17. He is in KCs consideration set for #1 overall and Jax at #2 overall

  • JDR

    “pimping” John Simon OLB OSU… a Vrabel clone only faster.. and he just happened to be the big 10 defensive player of the year, yet has been getting zero pub, or even mention.

    he would be a steal in the 3rd if he lasts that long. i’d love take him in the 2nd and use our 1st on WR,TE,or Safety, whoever is deemed the better prospect at those positions

  • Mark Davis

    They should take Williams in the third

  • hergieburbur

    “Suit yourself. I have a source for this. Whatever to entertain you.”

    So much for that source. It WAS entertaining though, so thanks.