Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders Takes To Facebook To Discuss Situation With Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has taken to his Facebook page to discuss his current situation with his fans following his Friday visit with the New England Patriots.

Sanders let his fans know that the Patriots are interested in him and that it\’s just that at this point.

“I have NOT been offered anything,” Sanders writes. “Balls out of my court. All I can do is continue to grind and trust the man above. He has the plan for me…”

Sanders does acknowledge, however, that he could be offered something from the Patriots in the coming days.

“I don\’t know what the Pats are going to do. If they do offer then I will have a HUGE decision to make. But that\’s not the case right now.”

It was erroneously reported on Friday by several media and blog sites that Sanders had received and signed an offer sheet from the Patriots. At this time he obviously hasn\’t signed anything, but that could change quickly following the Patriots releasing veteran wide receiver Brandon Lloyd on Saturday to avoid paying him his $3 million bonus that he was due.

We will keep you updated as this story continues to develop.

  • Jason White

    Hopefully his heart is with the Steelers and he ultimately decides to stay with them.

  • TheBlitz

    Money talks.

    It will be sad to see him leave, but I will understand if he chooses to take the money instead. Nothing guarantees he will get a contract from the Steelers next year.

  • Maureen A Gomes

    I’ve already written him off.

  • Can’t blame a guy for wanting to get paid. Especially with NFL contracts these days.

  • zyzak

    Steelers will have 7 days to match any offer.

  • mghjr88

    I recall an old webcast Emmanuel Sanders did sometime during his rookie tenure in Pittsburgh where I was left with the impression that Sanders wasn’t all that excited about being a Steeler. Unfortunately I have not been able to find the video to check exactly what he said, but I believe it was something along the lines of optimistically saying his stop in the steel city would be temporary and that he was a big Cowboys fan. In the video Sanders also says something to the affect of being excited about having a chance to go elsewhere in a few years.

    Obviously, the fact that he is a Texas kid who liked the Cowboys growing up is irrelevant, but I do remember having the distinct impression that he wasn’t wild about being in Pittsburgh. This isn’t anything that holds a whole lot of relevance with his current situation, but I couldn’t help but to bring it up. Sanders certainly could have a different perspective on the Steelers now, but if he doesn’t want to be in Pittsburgh I would say let him go and acquire the draft pick.

  • It doesn’t matter where his heart is. Playing for 1.323 his career could be over in one play. He has to do what is best for him and I am awkwardly comfortable with pick 92 or whatever it is. I hope he signs tomorrow on his birthday that would make make me feel all warm inside. Basically a swap of Sanders for Robert Woods I would rip my hair out. NE not only gets a good WR at an affordable price but makes us worse in the same move. It is a no brainer. However, I love Hunter, Rogers, Wheaton, Hopkins, Austin, Patterson, Boyce in this draft. Not too high on Keenan Allen. Here is a sleeper for you. Charles Johnson WR Grand Valley State could be had 7th round (was on no radar til a few days ago) and he actually reminded me of Sanders looking at a clip of him on YouTube. Good size 6″2, decent build, more built than Sanders for sure and ran a 4.38. And hey he has an ex-Steelers name he’s practically already a Steeler these days

  • urstudent

    i wouldnt read too much into that.

  • mghjr88

    Exactly, that’s why I said ” This isn’t anything that holds a whole lot of relevance with his current situation, but I couldn’t help but to bring it up”

  • GH05T

    i agree johnson has good size and seeing as big ben is going to be spending most of next season running for his life he’ll need another tall target

  • Rick Hankey

    I believe that the Steelers feel that even without Lewis and Harrison their D is good enough to compete for a Championship. I look for them to start bolstering the Offense going forward. They probably feel the Oline is set and that they need playmakers. I look for them to make an attempt to keep Manny should he sign the offer sheet. I suspect they will also select Tavon Austin in the first and a running back high. The D is good enough we just need to get in the top 10 in points.

  • zyzak

    Hopkins is far and away better than anyone else

  • Superdriller316

    Look, if Manny wants to stay in Pittsburgh, all he has to do is sign his tender. If the Pats offer he’s taking it and the Steelers won’t get in a bidding war over him. Welcome 3rd round draft pick.

  • steeltown

    They released Lloyd… that means they’ll most likely sign Sanders
    Hopefully this forces the Steelers to draft one of the TOP WR’s this year… I know I keep saying it, but would love to get Hunter, Patton or Hopkins.. preferably Hopkins

  • steeltown

    I like Austin, but I’m tired of having all these undersized speed guys, we have enough of them already. As we’ve seen, the are more susceptible to injury

    I would prefer Hopkins or a Hunter or Patton type WR

  • steeltown

    Would love to get Hopkins in this draft

  • steeltown

    Thank god for Cotchery.. his stock has risen in my eyes. Even if we draft a WR early (which we should) I still think Cotchery will be important to the success of the Offense this season.. he might not be that fast any longer, but he’s tough and has great hands

  • steeltown

    I think he’s all but gone.. sucks, but thats what happens when you dont extend the contracts of your players.. tenders are not fail safe

  • Maurice_hill_district

    That written by Sanders was not a bad use of social media. Other players have made mistakes on social media. Manny made good use of it for that.

  • steeltown

    You would think the sky is falling by the way some people are feeling and posting on here the last several days.
    So we cut an aging LB and an overpaid inury prone OLineman, we lost a solid CB with one good year under his belt and possibly our #3 WR from a year ago and all of the sudden we’re in rebuilding mode and we wont even reach .500 this season??
    Craziness I say, everyone wanted to get younger, well… now we are, Worilds, McLendon and Cortez will start this season and I for one am excited for it. If Woodley returns to form, Polamalu stays healthy and the OLine can learn and use the zone scheme effectively I can see big things for this Team

    Now if we can just get an understudy for Polamalu, a well rounded RB and good WR prospect in the upcoming draft, I’ll be happy

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I see the potential there, but this draft will have a big part on whether or not your right, but i do have to agree with you. The Rooney’s always have a plan we just need to sit back and watch the show

  • wolverine

    Calm down! I went to HS (Upper St. Claire) with Doug Whaley asst. Gm in Buffalo. He use to be Kevin Colberts right hand man. The steelers will draft ND TE @ 17 if he is still there. Tomlin and Colbert Love this kid! They are not going to match patriots offer if they give one to sanders. They are not high on sanders would rather have the little cap money and an extra 3rd round pick to take M.Lattimore who they have
    ranked #1 talented rb in draft.
    They do not believe he will be
    full go for about 10 months, and are keeping there eye on
    A.Bradshaw but only want to
    offer one year contract at the
    minmum hoping Lattimore
    fully recovers. Same with DHB
    they are not high on him but
    have him at a higher grade then E.Sanders, and would only
    bring him in for the minumum. They say DHB is a great team player good in locker room. They also said C.Allen will be a better cb then lewis, and will try to draft Ike’s replacement in the 1st 4 rounds. Kevin Colbert is considered by the Gm’s as one of the top 3. So lets leave this business to the guys who know what they are doing.

  • wolverine

    Ben had said cotchery is the best all around receiver on the team next to H.Miller. getting rid of Wallace, Lewis and hopefully Sanders is what the steeler organization is all about. These kids were never about the team. They could care less about the city and the fans. If they were really steeler material khan would of worked his magic to free up money to keep them. Wallace was a cancer in the locker room. If you are good enough the money will come. If you mope and cry you end up in Miami and play in front of 1000 people who care nothing about football and leave at halftime, but at least you got what you wanted (maybe)!

  • abcleo63

    This year, the NE Pats only have draft picks in round 1, 2, 3, and two picks in round 7. Would they really give up a third round pick this year to sign Sanders?

  • Fu-Schnickens

    OK, glass half full let’s analyze your take on this. Worilds has been less than mediocre at best and terrible at worst, McLendon was highly touted by the coaches and didn’t see the field much at all last year, and Cortez has had one half-decent year. We have NO depth behind Allen and Taylor – a position which has been prone to injury as long as I can remember. Harrisson’s gone which isn’t a deal breaker but show me “the guy” that’s gonna fill those shoes and, even moreso, who the guys are to back him up (dig deep). Woodley’s grade was a mixed bag based on all analysts’ opinions from last year and Polamalu, while terrific, cannot stay healthy for even half of a season and one of the other safeties might be leaving to boot. The O-line hasn’t been healthy for years and another backup just split. On top of that, you have no clear running back that’s going to carry this team behind the aforementioned question mark of an o-line. Please show me what other big things we can look forward to this year. If you can’t call this rebuilding, I shudder to think what rebuilding looks like.

  • Cody Younkin

    Some of the minor pick ups in free agency will help determine what we need in the draft, or at least for the higher round picks, minor pick ups like Spaeth are nessacary. I only see WR, RB, and a GOOD saftey prospect being the key points in the early stages of the draft. I would like to see a ILB and another WR as well later on.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    We had no depth at OLB when we cut Porter. Just some guy named Harrison who obviously sucked because he kept getting cut/signed from practice squads, and couldn’t even stay on with the Ravens. The few snaps he had seen he was mediocre at best and terrible at worst.

    We had no depth at CB behind Taylor and Gay when we drafted Brown and Allen. Oh wait, except for some guy named Lewis who obviously was never going to “get it” because he couldn’t even beat Gay out for a starting job.

    We had no depth at WR behind Santonio Holmes when we cut him, except for a couple of young middle round draft picks that were probably going to be average at best.

    And now we have no depth at OLB, NT, RB except three guys named Worilds, McClendon, Dwyer, but they won’t amount to anything either. Why don’t you just sit back, take a xanax, and watch one of the best talent developing teams in the NFL do what they do. Or go find a different team.

  • Couldnt agree more! All my concern is what ever we do we need to get that killer instinct down, and stop playing down to the competition!

  • steeltown

    Ok negative nancy….Worilds had one more sack than Woodley and one less than Harrison last season, with one third the snaps, he’s not slouch
    McLendon does nothing but good things on the field, even he had 2sacks last season and FF.. Hampton hasnt amassed that since ’09 and everyone was freaking out last season about Lewis starting, now we’re going to freak out about Cortez starting?? No way… and Gay is solid depth, everyone forgets he had a solid season (61comb tackles, 2INTs and career high 13pass defense) as a starter opposite Ike before he left for AZ and maybe C.Brown turns the corner this season too, if you look back at the history of the Defense, most CB’s take three years to hit the field running.
    ..and we’ll never be able to guage the injury bug, maybe Polamalu stays healthy, maybe he wont.. but atleast we dont have to worry about Colon anymore.
    As far as a RB, goes, I suspect they’ll be drafting a new face somewhere between the 1st – 3rd

    Ever year its something else to worry about, of course, there is always question marks

  • steeltown

    Agreed… and we need to draft a good RB and WR prospect

  • steeltown

    Agreed. We have to hit on a RB prospect in the draft this year

  • steeltown

    Rebuilding = Baltimore Ravens Defense in ’13

  • John Hinton

    Marshall…you took the words right out of my mouth…I am sick of us playing down to our competition. Last year was a perfect example of that with loses to the raiders, titans, browns (and almost to the chiefs in primetime).

  • Alan Felicia

    And a TE since there’s no guarantee that Miller will be available nor effective this coming season.

  • Garrett Hunt

    I could see that about Wallace, but Sanders and Lewis? Are you kidding me? Neither were even offered a multi-year contract to stay here. You cannot blame a guy for taking the money in a career that could end in one play.

  • Garrett Hunt

    Use the extra 3rd to trade up in the 2nd if Hopkins is there?

  • steeltown

    Agreed.. I for one am in support of drafting Eifert, but doubt they do

  • Garrett Hunt

    If this comment was only the last two sentences you wrote, then I would agree completely. But don’t talk about things you do not know.

  • steeltown

    I wish (hope)

  • Kevin Gobleck

    i’m feeling Bell or Ball, i think both will have a solid year this year

  • steeltown

    I would love either of those guys, very productive players… but something tells me the Steelers are looking for a smaller shifty type RB, like Bernard, Taylor or Ellington
    To be honest there is alot of talent in the 2nd-3rd Rd, just hope we get a good one!

  • JDR

    John A Stewart… why is it that those among us who have been geneticly gifted and deemed good enough to play by the so-called experts.. are only concerned about money?
    when there are millions of us (some just as good a player but said to be too short,ect) who would pay money just to be able to do what these guys are doing for more money than the vast majority of this country will make in a life time.
    it just sucks big time to think that the chosen few with the proper genetic make up to play couldn’t give a shit less about the game, are the least motivated, have the least love of it, and go about the dream life for many with as much regard for the sport as a teen-ager with a minimum wage shit job, and are only in it for the money.