Steelers WR Mike Wallace More Than Likely Taking His Talents To South Beach

The prospects of Pittsburgh Steelers unrestricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace signing with the Miami Dolphins has been an obvious one for some time and it now appears that it is a forgone conclusion.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports in his Monday Morning Quarterback piece that the Dolphins didn\’t have much, if any, competition for Wallace since the legal tampering period started Saturday at midnight.

King wrote that he is hearing the Dolphins will land Wallace with a big money deal that will average $11 million or more. It is believed that Wallace is asking for five-year, $60 million contract, so at this point that would be the expected range.

The free agent signing period doesn\’t begin until 4:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, but it will not be shocking to hear that Wallace has signed with the Dolphins shortly after that time.

All of this could change in a matter of minutes, but for right now it appears that Wallace will be taking his talents to South Beach.

  • Jollyrob68

    Enjoy the sun mike. Best of luck to you. I hope Keenan doesn’t follow you bit the Dolphins will need a CB also.

  • Kolie Oak

    Absolutely ridiculous…..
    11-12 mil per year, cmon are you kidding me??????????

  • steeltown

    Even better verbiage, King said something along the lines of, “story indicates no team is willing to make the kind of financial investment in Wallace that the Dolphins are prepared to make”…hmmm probably for good reason, he’s fast and can put up good numbers, BUT not worth making him the 3rd highest paid WR, behind Megatron and Fitz

  • Garrett Hunt

    Just another reason the dolphins will continue to struggle. Funny how it is a common theme that most successful teams don’t over-pay players.

  • mghjr88


  • steeltown

    Interesting stats: Avg.catches per game over their respective careers- Welker 5.52, Fitz 5.45, Megatron 5.3, Percy Harvin 5.18, Hines Ward 4.6, Jennings 4.42, Antonio Brown 4.0, Desean Jackson 3.8 and Mike Wallace 3.7

    While there are other more important stats, this one is still interesting… kind of lends credence to the “one trick pony” talk

  • Alan Felicia

    This stat is a bit misleading – not to defend Wallace, but, need to compare the players above through 63 games (total games Wallace has played so far) instead of respective careers.
    For example:
    Hines Ward’s first 64 games his avg catches per game = 3.4
    Wes Welker’s first 64 games = 3.3
    Deshawn Jackson first 63 games = 3.9
    Greg Jennings first 59 games or 4 season = 4.17
    Calvin Johnson first 60 games or 4 season = 4.5
    Percy Harvin has only played 54 games (so far) = 5.18
    Larry Fitzgerald first 60 games or 4 season = 5.5
    Antonio Brown has only played through 38 games, 151 reception = 3.97

  • dion

    Successful teams also do not have Brian Hartline and Devone Bess as their starting wide receivers either