Dolphins WR Mike Wallace Takes To Twitter To Say He Doesn\’t Understand Gay People

Early on Monday, an article in the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated broke the news of NBA player Jason Collins announcing that he\’s gay, and as you can imagine, the story has created quite a buzz on the social media sites.

Taking part in the buzz is Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace, who left the Pittsburgh Steelers via free agency earlier in the offseason after his rookie contract expired.

26-year-old receiver took to Twitter to say, “All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH…”

Not soon after hitting the send button, Wallace deleted his tweet and tried to explain his views in a follow-up tweet complete with an apology.

“Never said anything was right or wrong I just said I don\’t understand!! Deeply sorry for anyone that I offended.”

Wallace is of course entitled to his opinion and he will have both supporters and detractors for posting his views. It will be interesting, however, to see how quickly this snowballs and if any other high profile athletes such as himself will take to their Twitter accounts to weigh-in on a very controversial topic.

Outside of using his Twitter account to post song lyrics, Wallace, overall, has been pretty responsible with his social media presence. At the very least, I am pretty sure that Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin are gritting their teeth right about now.

  • That’s ok, he does not seem to understand many NFL passing routes either…

  • Nolrog

    Well done.

  • Matt Lipner

    Mike Wallace: One of the few celebrities stupid enough to voice anything but complete support and respect for Collins. Glad he is no longer on our team.

  • His skills in holding on to passes aren’t great either.

  • steeltown

    Idiotic… thank god you are someone elses problem now

  • zyzak

    Well he’s their problem now

  • Clint Martin

    I can’t wait to kill the Dolphins this year!

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  • walter mason


  • hergieburbur

    Twitter. The worst thing to happen to athletes since… Twitter.

  • John Hinton

    Never was there a more accurate statement than the one above ^.

  • joed32

    Mike who?

  • Fu-Schnickens

    And Mike Wallace steps in it……….again. Doh!

  • Ahmad

    If you don’t understand then don’t open your mouth about it. I’m so glad we got.rid.of this prick I don’t know what to do. I’m just glad its the dolphin’s problem now not ours.

  • Tom

    I’d be willing to bet most that most hetro males don’t particularly understand either. However, most people are smart enough to either a) offer support…. b) just be quiet.

  • Michael Pearce

    I never did like Mike Wallace when he was with Pittsburgh but I agree with him here. I’m just wondering why he had to apologize for saying what he believes. Why does the minority have all the rights in America nowadays and everyone else is a bigot. The biggest joke is that this unknown jock was put on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Why are we celebrating someone’s sexual habits and who cares. Enough of this crap already, just play the game and keep ya bedroom desires to yourself.

  • TsarPepe

    He “will have supporters and detractors”?! I want to see who the supporters are! On second thought, I don’t want to see them…

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  • Well before all you holier than thou Hippocrates get bent out of shape, for the pst two seasons all we have seen both from the media and some in the NFL was continuous mocking of Tebow because he is a devout christian, now some flake comes out and says he is a homosexual and people are suppose to fall on a sword not to offend him and his like, what is worse, a kid always trying to do the right thing and live a high moral life or another guy shacking up with another guy and doing what ever they do. The real bigots of this world are the people that bigot, racist, homophobe at the drop of a hat.

  • Nolrog

    I really wish atheletes and celebrites and the like would just not comment at all about any social issues, left, right, center or whatever. Just shut up and entertain us.

  • Maureen A Gomes

    IMHO, to announce that you’re gay in a sport that emphasizes the so-called male attributes of strength, toughness and virility is a big deal. While the bedroom activities may bother some ignorant athletes, I believe that it’s the erroneous idea that those who are gay are effeminate, that somehow they are not as strong, tough or can play as well as their heterosexual counterparts which makes this a tougher decision to come out.

  • mokhkw

    Yea I don’t understand what the big deal is tbh.

    Man says he doesn’t understand his wife & no-one blinks.

    Man says he doesn’t understand the gay attraction ( which would be correct if you’re not gay) and it’s a big deal?

    Ask a gay if they understand hetro attraction & they’d probably say they don’t either.

    Now if anyone thinks that I’m a homophobe, bigot or intolerant for saying this then please explain why. I’m a man who likes women & also don’t get why some guys are attracted to guys & never will – that because I’m not gay myself, duh!

    What 2 consenting adults do together is none of my interest or concern.

  • Steelerstroy43

    Why is it that it’s not bigotry to hate a person for their religious beliefs but it is if you oppose same sex marriage (which says nothing by the way about how one feels personally about same sex attracted persons, of which one can have the utmost compassion and respect and love for but still be opposed to their “right to marry”)? This issue brings to the forefront who the real bigots are and defines to a t intolerance, and its not those persons I know who are opposed to same sex marriage. Why isn’t Wallace allowed to voice his opinion when you all just did? Just because your point of view is different doesn’t mean he’s a bigot and you’re not. Athletes have a right to state what they believe, especially when the issue is being forced down their throats.

  • Dominic Johns

    Don’t have a problem with it at all… All I think he is really saying is he doesn’t understand, from the point of view of a male, how you can find attraction in a male apposed to a female. Where he messed up is with the “SMH”. That makes it sound like he looks upon it negatively.

  • Stephen Dale

    Wallace makes a good point. He shouldn’t have apologized…….

  • kyle

    I don’t remember Tebow being continually mocked for being a devout Christian. I remember him being covered on ESPN ad nauseam despite the fact that he isn’t very good. I remember people being sick of Tim Tebow’s showy sanctimony. There are tons of Christian players in the NFL, Ryan Clark is a devout Christian. Ryan Clark doesn’t kneel in the middle of the field to show everyone how devout he is.

    Jason Collins coming out is a big deal. It shouldn’t be. It is a big deal because people like Mike Wallace are ignorant and don’t understand homosexuality. Maybe realizing that people in his world are different from him in ways he doesn’t understand will help Wallace. Maybe you shouldn’t be so defensive.

  • kyle

    Nowhere in his tweet did Wallace mention marriage. He said he doesn’t understand how a man could be attracted to other men when there are so many beautiful women around.

    If your parents are older and still around ask yourself this: Why is your father still attracted to your mother? There are better-looking women. Why doesn’t he leave her for one of them? What? You mean he’s attracted to her and loves her and that’s what matters? Oh. Understood.

  • Steelerstroy43

    But Wallace isn’t being hated on because he said he hates same sex attraction, he simply said he doesn’t understand it. That’s my point overall, any response other than full, blind support gets labeled bigotry. “Attraction” has nothing to do with the real issue, it was just a platform he used, like marriage was mine, to set up his comment.

  • kyle

    Like someone pointed out, the “smacks my head” at the end seems more than a little detracting. Mike Wallace is free to say whatever he likes. The first amendment doesn’t guarantee that people won’t get mad at you. I’m not mad at Mike Wallace. I think what he said is silly, that’s all. Jason Collins is going to get a lot of attention, good and bad, for coming out. Wallace, of all people, should understand that there’s no reason to add fuel to an offseason fire.

  • RW

    I can explain why – you just used the phrase “a gay” to describe a person who is attracted to the same sex. Whether you realize it or not, that’s derogatory. You don’t have to understand the intricacies of a same sex relationship in order to understand that voicing such misunderstanding is itself bigoted. It implies that because you don’t understand it, it is somehow unnatural or should altogether cease to exist, despite whether you preface your statement by saying “I’m not a homophobe”.

    Aside from the above, everyone understands the principles of “attraction”, and so the only difference is in gender. All love is equal and all love is the same, whether it be between two men, two women or a man and a woman. I think we all inherently understand that; as such, you in fact do understand the love between any two people. Plus, any reaction contrary to support for such a brave self-outing is a step backward for equality amongst heterosexual and homosexual athletes and people in general.

  • Steelerstroy43

    Yes it is detracting and I have to admit my ignorance on that one, didn’t know what SMH meant exactly. And I appreciate your response, unfortunately a lot of people aren’t as respectful as you and resort to hate-filled name calling

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I tend to agree with your position. He didn’t say he hates gays. He said he doesn’t understand. People are getting ultra sensitive these days. And it’s infringing on our freedom of speech.

    I knew a young study abroad student from Morocco who had traveled to Spain for a semester and when he returned he tried to ask his father (who was Islamic) his views on some of the teachings in Catholicism. His father responded, “If you ever mention the word Catholicism in my house again, you’ll be disowned and kicked out.” If you’re caught in the streets discussing a religion other than the mainstream Islam, they will literally execute you. That’s the direction this country is headed (minus the execution part of course. But we will fire you from your job.)

    My point is, in the USA, people should have the right to believe whatever they want without persecution. You should be able to say “I don’t understand how anybody could be a democrat or republican?” And that should be okay. You should be able to say, “I don’t understand how anybody could be an Athiest or Christian?” And that should be okay. But the minute somebody says, “I don’t understand how someone could be gay?” You get crucified.

    There is a difference between discriminating against someone and disagreeing with their life views and/or lifestyles.

  • RW

    Except when that belief infringes on the rights of other people, which is exactly what same-sex partners experience without marriage equality. That’s why this is a big deal and such a hot button issue in general. When you say something like Mike Wallace did you trivialize the larger issue and cast a shadow on those who are currently being marginalized. Regardless of your religious beliefs, the marginalization of an entire group of people is heartbreaking.

    To my point – Christians/Catholics have the same rights as anyone else in this country. Same-sex couples do not. That is the major difference and that is why the two statements you have listed above are not one in the same.

  • mokhkw

    hth can it be derogatory to refer to openly Gay people as Gay? THEY made that definition, not me. If they didn’t go telling the world their sexual preference – which a majority of people don’t btw, whether they’re straight or gay, then they wouldn’t be called Gay. Or Hetro. Or anything else. There are Gay Rights Parades, Gay Mardi Gras, Gay TV Shows etc. Gays promote being gay & say they are proud to be gay, so wth shouldn’t they be referred to as gay?

    They’re the ones adding the label to themselves, not me. I don’t go around proclaiming to everyone that I’m hetro.

    I suppose going by that logic that I shouldn’t refer to a man who chooses a life of celibacy & religious teachings as a Monk or Priest either?

  • He’d much rather be rich and popular than a great football player. I’m sure Colbert would enjoy a good chuckle at Wallace’s twitter icon posing with his new Lamborghini.

  • LucasY59

    should he just call him a “homo” instead? sounds just as derogatory, if not more. from what I get from your comment that must be more appropriate though

  • RW

    There are so so many things wrong with your response. First and foremost, you referred to “A gay”, which is not the same thing as saying “Someone who is gay” or even “a gay person”, and if you can’t figure out why that is the fault of your own ignorance (hint: it is indignifying). Secondly, the majority of gay people don’t go out into the world proclaiming they are gay, and those who do are doing it to promote equality (i.e. same-sex partners should have the right to claim a spouse’s benefits, etc.).

    Lastly, Monk and Priest are terms to describe someone’s profession, not their sexual orientation. The bottom line is that sexual orientation should not be derided or used as a basis for limiting a person’s rights in this country and in this era of equality.

  • SteelSpine

    I thought he was referring to William Gay. He’s wondering why William Gay would want to play for the Steelers.

  • RW

    Absolutely not – read my reply above. The term you use is offensive and often the subject of a hate crime.

    Also, what interpretation of my statement lead you to believe that I would think that term is more appropriate?

  • SteelSpine

    Ba da Bing!

  • walter mason

    I read most of the comments and have decided not to bother posting my opinion.

  • Don


  • Cmike

    Your argument is just fucking stupid I cant believe I am even reading this trash you are writing. You get all uptight about him writing “a gay” rather than ” a gay person” its fucking dumb,its arguing for the sake of arguing and thats all. This is the crap that minorities on every level pull whenever the issues are being discussed, its just counterproductive and promotes discord.

  • Cmike

    Explain to me how someone’s not understanding on a personal level how a man could be attracted to another man is infringing on your rights.
    I am pretty sure that the vast majority of heterosexual males thinks that hooking up with another guy is gross. Does that mean that the vast majority of heterosexual males are bigots and do not support gay marriage rights?….I tend to believe that most people are in favor of gay marriage rights because most people are intelligent enough to know that its really none of their buisness what goes on behind closed doors in a consentual relationship. Just because you dont understand why someone is different than yourself does not make them being that way wrong. What is wrong is condeming someone for not understanding.

  • LucasY59

    if calling someone “a Gay” or “Gay” is derogatory and an incorrect description (which is what I got from your comment) then “homo” or “homosexual” would be more accurate. (which would make it less offensive?) really I’m not sure what else to use if “gay” is wrong, but it seems a lot better than the words that True “bigots” and Homophobe’s use, such as “homo” and others I will not write or use

  • RW

    Firstly, calm down buddy. “A gay”, when used in the context above, is like saying “that gay over there”, which is derogatory because it removes any dignity associated with actually being gay. This is problematic because it undermines the central issue, just as Mike Wallace did when he casually suggested that a man liking another man is improper for sexual reasons. a) it’s none of his business and b) it is counterproductive in the sense that it pulls focus away from the real conversation, which is currently about marriage equality. The fact that a gay man can come out in a major sport should be one of many indications that being gay is not any different than being straight insofar as it does not alter what you can or cannot do in life and does not make you less of a person, and thus should not be the basis for limiting the rights of an individual. These are important distinctions to make if we want to eliminate discrimination (and in this case, it is, because same-sex couples are not afforded the same rights as men and women who are married).

  • RW

    Please take the time to carefully read what I said before you comment. I did not say the actual word “Gay” is derogatory, but you can’t refer to a gay person as simply “A Gay”. In context, it is exactly like saying “that gay over there”.

    The other word you use should never be used to describe someone who is attracted to the same sex. Ever.

  • RW

    I’m not condemning Mike Wallace for not understanding and am certainly not suggesting that he has no right to say it. What I am saying is that by expressing his obliviousness to the world, particularly with the reach he has as an athlete, it puts a man or woman’s sexual inclinations in the spotlight and detracts from the real issue, which is that same-sex couples are not afforded the same rights as mixed-sex couples. This is a very serious issue for many people and Mike Wallace chose to trivialize it by focusing on his own ignorance.

  • Stephen Dale

    RW : all love is not equal. Read your bible and understand homosexual relationships are condemned..

  • Clint Martin

    That’s funny. You mean the old Testament that was the hebrew’s Bible. LMAO What religion are you my friend?

  • steeltown

    I know, could you imagine if he was still a Steeler..terrible, we’d have another black cloud over the organization, Steelers FO would have to come out and say we dont agree or support his views and so forth.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion or view, but idiocy is exactly that.. idiocy.. to voice an opinion like that on a day that will mark the beginning in not just pro sports, but sports in general on hopeful acceptance and a new outlook on this topic.. is again just ridiculously and recklessly idiotic

    I personally am looking forward to very little media coverage good or bad for the Steelers and just flying under the radar, concentrating purley on Football

  • LMAO!

  • Exactly.

  • Ahmad

    I bet he understands how to drop catchable passes.

  • Well said.

  • mokhkw

    This is exactly why tolerant hetro people say F U to gay rights movements. 4 Million+ still living in slavery, females treated as 2nd class citizens across the globe, kids dying because they have no fresh water or food and you want to argue about how I use a word which gays refer to themselves as.
    If you’re trying to educate us about how to be tolerant then it’s backfiring badly. I’ve talked to gays about this same subject & each one has agreed with me that parts of the gay movement are hypocritical ( Gay & Lesbian Equal Rights Movement for eg.) – and NONE have ever blinked or said anything about me using the word gay to describe them.
    Truth is that if you’re not part of the norm – in this case hetrosexual – then you’re going to get labeled in some way. If the majority of the world was bisexual then I guess the words “straight” & “hetro” would be seen in the same context as I’m using gay. If you’re a minority then you get labeled, it’s been this way since the start of history & will likely never change, at least not in our lifetime. Shit, we haven’t even got equality between the different sexes, let alone different races, so how much chance do you think there is of getting people not to use terms to describe something that is uncommon?

  • Kolie Oak

    How sad…
    All Mike said was he doesn’t understand….
    We have become a people with no backbone, I stand next to you Mike, but I do understand.
    No need for apologies or worrying about offending anyone, just another sign of the times…
    If you have become that sensitive and hurt by what Mike said, then ask yourself “what do you really stand for???”

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    What rights? They have the same rights. What the gay community is striving for is to change public OPINION. What they want is for the government to FORCE people to believe a certain lifestyle is normal or approved by God. That is a religious view. And the government should not dictate people’s views or opinions. That’s what they do in Muslim countries.

    Wallace didn’t mention anything about gay marriage. You are merging two separate issues together. For me to say, “I don’t understand how anyone could be a Steelers fan. With so many other better teams out there.” That may hurt your FEELINGS but that does not infringe on your rights.

  • Kolie Oak

    Clint you have little understanding of the scriptures, the word of God says the Holy Spirit will bring truth to you. So for you to claim the old testament is a “dying” or “not relevant” truth your sadly mistaken. Please don’t claim that’s not what your implying, Christianity is not a religion its a personal relationship with the almighty Creator himself. He is both God of the old and new testament my friend…

  • Cmike

    dude are you kidding?!?! The guy put his own sexual inclinations in the spotlight! The whole thing is about sexual inclinations like it or not thats what its about lets not pretend its about something else.

  • RW

    They do not have the same rights. In sum total, there are 1,138 federal laws which same-sex couples are denied. Just a few:

    Death: If a couple is not married and one partner dies, the other partner is not entitled to bereavement leave from work, to file wrongful death claims, to draw the Social Security of the deceased partner, or to automatically inherit a shared home, assets, or personal items in the absence of a will.

    Divorce: Unmarried couples do not have access to the courts, structure, or guidelines in times of break-up, including rules for how to handle shared property, child support, and alimony, or protecting the weaker party and kids.

    Family leave: Unmarried couples are not covered by laws and policies that permit people to take medical leave to care for a sick spouse or for the kids.

    Health: Unlike spouses, unmarried partners are not considered next of kin for the purposes of hospital visitation and emergency medical decisions. In addition, they can’t cover their families on their health plans without paying taxes on the coverage, nor are they eligible for Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

    Housing: Denied marriage, couples of lesser means are not recognized and thus can be denied or disfavored in their applications for public housing.

    Immigration: U.S. residency and family unification are not available to an unmarried partner from another country.

    Inheritance: Unmarried surviving partners do not automatically inherit property should their loved one die without a will, nor do they get legal protection for inheritance rights such as elective share or bypassing the hassles and expenses of probate court.

    Insurance: Unmarried partners can’t sign up for joint home and auto insurance. In addition, many employers don’t cover domestic partners or their biological or non-biological children in their health insurance plans.

    Portability: Unlike marriages, which are honored in all states and countries, domestic partnerships and other alternative mechanisms only exist in a few states and countries, are not given any legal acknowledgment in most, and leave families without the clarity and security of knowing what their legal status and rights will be.

    Parenting: Unmarried couples are denied the automatic right to joint parenting, joint adoption, joint foster care, and visitation for non-biological parents. In addition, the children of unmarried couples are denied the guarantee of child support and an automatic legal relationship to both parents, and are sometimes sent a wrongheaded but real negative message about their own status and family.

    Privilege: Unmarried couples are not protected against having to testify against each other in judicial proceedings, and are also usually denied the coverage in crime victims counseling and protection programs afforded married couples.

    Property: Unmarried couples are excluded from special rules that permit married couples to buy and own property together under favorable terms, rules that protect married couples in their shared homes and rules regarding the distribution of the property in the event of death or divorce.

    Retirement: In addition to being denied access to shared or spousal benefits through Social Security as well as coverage under Medicare and other programs, unmarried couples are denied withdrawal rights and protective tax treatment given to spouses with regard to IRA’s and other retirement plans.

    Taxes: Unmarried couples cannot file joint tax returns and are excluded from tax benefits and claims specific to marriage. In addition, they are denied the right to transfer property to one another and pool the family’s resources without adverse tax consequences.

    Those are just a few. I repeat: In sum total, there are 1,138 federal laws which same-sex couples are denied.

    Finally, my point is that his statement detracts from the larger issue. He didnt have to say anything about gay marriage in order to trivialize the issue and make it seem one-dimensional.

  • RW

    He put his sexual orientation in the spotlight to show that sexual orientation has no bearing on how much of a man you are, how athletic you can be, etc. That’s an enormous statement and one that could do the athletic community and the general population a reasonable amount of good. Mike Wallace’s comments detract from that incredible statement and shift focus to what’s done behind closed doors. That’s not what his coming out was about at all.

    There is also a national spotlight on marriage equality, which is another reason he chose to come out when he did. Helping to show people that same-sex relationships are not evil and that the role models we look up to can be in them offers a strong message for the fight for marriage equality.

  • Wow, that’s crazy!!! 1,138??? …but I don’t know why you’re wasting your time arguing with some of these idiots. You make great points tho.

  • LOL, Bill Sanford is an ignorant hypocritical bigoted flake that can’t spell.

  • RW

    Yeah – thanks. That’s pretty much my last point. I think some are trolling, too, as a couple of these people only have 1 or 2 posts.