Former Steelers QB Jerrod Johnson Signed By Seattle Seahawks

Former Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson, who was with the Pittsburgh Steelers throughout the preseason last year, was signed by Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday.

Johnson appeared in three pre season games for the Steelers last year and was 14-of-21 passing for 236 yards with two touchdowns in very limited playing time. He was also sacked five times and ran for 36 yards on seven attempts.

The Steelers chose to keep veteran Charlie Batch as their third quarterback over Johnson, who went on to play for the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL after failing to be signed by another team following his release from the Steelers.

Johnson will be try to make the Seahawks 53 man roster as a third quarterback and will need to beat out Josh Portis for spot.

  • TJimmy

    Too bad. I liked what I saw from him last preseason and hoped they would sign him again

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Me too & i think many more fans. If he becomes good enough to be a backup qb there or for some other team I’m going to be sick.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Same here!

  • Ben Peterson

    Seahawks fan here, what should we expect to see from this guy? Is he a dark horse to make the roster in august? I was intrigued when I hear about the signing, and his preseason stats look really good minus the sacks.

  • David Edward

    Ben, I think you guys will like him. He was better than expected last preseason and almost beat out Batch. In reality, they should’ve kept him and Batch and let Leftwich go. Tall kid with good arm that is still mobile enough.

  • Shelob9

    For some reason Steelers fans are in love with this guy, beacuse he played pretty well against 4th stringers at the end of a few preseason games. Obviously his fans here, know somthing that the Steelers and the 31 other teams–who didnt even sign him to their practice squads– didn’t know.

    Tl;dr Steelers fans are in love with quarterbacks who can run, dude can run.

  • SteelSpine

    So much for JJ not being avail for NFL because of the fact he’s playing for a semi-pro league – I never believed he was not available, because any non-NFL league doesn’t count.

    This avoids Seahawks having to use a draftpick to draft a developmental 3rd QB, many of which don’t stick more than a couple years anyway. QBs Steelers drafted late in drafts to be 3rd developmental QBs have not stuck anyway we simply replaced them with the next “3rd QB clipboard carrier” several years later. Alex VanPelt & DDixon actually stuck longer than most of them here. As many draft needs as we have this year, this is not a draft where we have extra picks to use on people who wont be re-signed to a next contract for Steelers anyway; this years draft for Steelers is vital because we have more needs than picks.

    OK JJ probly played against bums in preseason, but the bottom line is upside compared to other backup QBs we had/have: JJ showed at-least as much potential upside than any backup QB on our team. Water under the bridge, & gotta hope Steelers are right for not pursuing JJ this offseason.

  • steeltown

    I agree.. he was servicable at best.. he did have a late 4th Qtr drive to help win a preseason game against 3rd and 4th stringers, but thats about it. I think we were looking for anyone to beat out Leftwich and in retrospect I wish he wouldve, but thats in the past

  • steeltown

    I like Jerrod, but lets not anoint him a level of greatness for servicable play against backups last preseason. He played well at times and had a nice late drive to help set up a game winning kick in the preseason, which was nice to see. Looking back it woudve been nice to have him on roster instead of Leftwich, but only because Lefty is more fragile than Charlie Batch.. or Baron Batch for that matter

    I’d rather draft Dysert, if he falls to the 5th or later

  • steeltown

    Actually drafting mid-late Rd QB this year (or next) makes perfect sense, being that Gradkowski’s deal is for 3yrs, so by the time Grad’s deal is up they’ll know what they have in the young developmental guy and the hope would be that he is ready and can step in as #2

  • TheBlitz

    Exactly my thoughts. I have the feeling the Steelers may have considered to bring him back in camp if they didn’t draft a QB. Now that the Seahawks got him it’s not an option anymore.

    The fact that they did not attempt to sign him before the draft tells me they like some of the late rounds prospects better than Johnson

  • JohnnyV1

    I’m with you guys, I was encouraged by his development last summer and thought he even might make the final 53, or at least practice squad. Then we had the injuries to Ben, Leftwich and this guy didn’t get brought back. We’ll see what he does in Seattle.

  • mokhkw

    Only problem is that by the time he’s ready, he becomes a FA & we lose him. I don’t see the sense in having a QB project tbh.

  • mokhkw

    He makes good sense as a back-up to Russell Wilson as they share some of the same attributes. It’s similar to the 49ers going after Pat White imo.

  • steeltown

    How or why would we lose him..even as a UFA.. he’ll most likely be a 3rd string QB till 2015/16 I think we could retain his services for pretty cheap, if we really wanted to

  • mokhkw

    Problems occur similar to how we lost our 4th Thaddeus Gibson a few years ago. We had injuries & he got claimed once we sent him to the PS. For a QB project, to protect him you need him on the active roster which means dressing 3 QBs every game. Once you get a few injuries to your starters & you have to elevate other players from the PS you risk losing him. In such a QB-needy league, if you have a good one it won’t take long for other teams to start sniffing about.

    I’d rather let another team develop a back-up & then sign him when he’s ready to be a No.2, or claim one from waivers similar to above.

  • steeltown

    Well true.. that is entirely possible

    I guess more so, is our annual injury issues at LB, Safety and OLine.. you’re right with so many starters constantly injured it is hard to keep 3QB’s active

  • Shelob9

    What and rob us of the irony of Leftwich running for a TD in his first start of the season? That was one of the few good parts of last year, I mean if you ignore the part where he broke his ribs and they left him in the game even though he couldn’t throw the ball.

  • The Seahawks waived in in lieu of Tavaras Jackson. Can we PLEASE resign him?