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Georgia OLB Jarvis Jones Predicts That He Will Not Get Past The Steelers At 17

Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones is already in New York for the 2013 NFL draft that will begin Thursday night and predicted that he wouldn\’t get past the Pittsburgh Steelers in round one should he even fall that far.

Jones, who was partaking in some sort of promotion for Subway Tuesday morning, that included a bust of him made out chicken salad being unveiled, told Ian Rapoport on the NFL Network, ” “If I even get to 17, I don’t think I get past the Steelers.”

The Steelers are certainly expected to address the outside linebacker position at some point during the draft, and while this is certainly not anywhere close to Babe Ruth pointing to the fence, it is a pretty confident statement being made by Jones.

Jones, who recorded 28 total sacks and 44 tackles for loss in 26 games played at Georgia, has been linked to the Steelers in the first round in many a mock draft this offseason. His draft stock, however, appeared to take a hit after a disappointing pro day showing and continued questions about a possible neck stenosis problem.

So what has led to Jones making such a prediction? According to Rapaport, the Georgia linebacker is listening to what the coaches are telling him and paying no mind to to various mock drafts that inundate the internet.

“Then you got the people that do the mock drafts, they say I\’m way down here, I talk to the coaches, all the coaches don\’t think I\’m gonna get past a certain point, so, coaches – for me personally – the coaches are on something different than all the analysts on TV at home. So, for me, I\’m listening to the coaches, because they\’re the ones that have the draft picks.”

I highly doubt that Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert would outright tell Jones that he will be the pick, but it should be noted that the linebacker did make a pre draft visit to Pittsburgh.

Should the Steelers wind up making Jones their selection, he would be the second oldest player that the Steelers have drafted in the first round in the Colbert era since nose tackle Casey Hampton was selected in the first round of the 2001 NFL draft. Jones will be 23 years, 6 months and 13 days old come draft day, while Hampton was 23 years, 7 months and 19 days old when he was selected.

We don\’t have long to find out if Jones prediction holds true and there still is a pretty good chance that he will be off the board by the time the Steelers are on the clock.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • David Edward

    Well, hopefully someone else grabs him first (ahem…J-e-t-s) so that Steelers don’t have the option to make that mistake.

  • $19122620

    I personally think he is right. If he is on the board (and assuming no unexpected prospect projected to be taken really early is on the board), I think he is the heavy favorite to be their pick. Kenny Vaccaro being the second most likely suitor.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    I am really excited about the players that should be available for us at 17 based on team needs drafting before us. I think that we really cant go wrong with Jones, Vaccaro, Patterson, or Austin (whoever St. Louis like less), or Eifert ( would love to trade back and still grab him). Now if all of these rumors being spread are true about teams wanting to trade back are true then I worry about teams leap frogging us and taking a player like Vaccaro. Also I wonder if the Jets will take Jones or Mingo. That said I know the writers here like the Guards but I think they will likely be gone by 17.

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    I LOVE your idea about Eifert(as I’ve been saying the same thing!), but I really hope both Austin and Patterson go elsewhere since neither of them seem very bright or team oriented. Hopkins, Allen or Hunter sound better to me…maybe if we trade down…..(?)

  • Isaac Reveles

    cooper or eifert

  • dgh57

    Don’t forget OG David DeCastro how he fell to the 24th pick last year! There are 4 OTs and 2 OGs that could possibly go before the 17th pick. So it’s possible a OG is sitting there at 17!

  • hergieburbur

    Vaccaro is solid, but not an exact fit for our defense. I would certainly take him him though. Personally, I would pass on both Patterson and Austin, and there are too many concerns about each. I would much rather get a WR in the 2nd or 3rd, as they drop off is not significant between them all. I would love to trade back a few and still get Eifert. Or take Cooper or an OT if they fall.

  • Donny Simmons

    I’ve been watching alot of tape on Jon Bostic ( ILB-Florida) and he has Black and Gold writen all over him in the 3rd round or Kevin Reddick from UNC. Shawn Williams the safety from Georgia looks very good. I was watching tape on Rambo and Williams was everywhere.

  • Brian Keyser

    How do you think that will go? A Florida guy and a Florida State guy side by side! Lol Could be good…always trying to better one another! =)

  • disqus_5IWNhVT8DI

    Jones would be a great fit. We need a pass rush. If he is gone then Vaccaro

  • Eric MacLaurin

    Cooper, Eifert or Ogletree.

  • Everything Steelers

    I still think the focus should be inside LB…I think you let Worilds be the starter and throw the support behind him…Foote is getting near the end…you need his replacement

  • Isaac Reveles

    im holding hope Spence can come back. maybe mid season to the end of it

  • Everything Steelers

    by the way everybody is talking(you never know though) he might not ever play again…which is to bad

  • Isaac Reveles

    also we have McFaddin and Role on the roster.

  • Jollyrob68

    Ogletree isn’t on their board. Too many Issues. pure stupidity even before the combine. I’d rather have Manti

  • Jollyrob68

    Agreed Bostic,Reddick & Williams would look good in Black & Gold

  • steeltown

    Unless they can select one of the top ILB’s then I’d say disregard the position altogether, because we do have a ton of young ILB prospects currently on roster (Rolle, Mcfadden, Sly, Wilson maybe Spence) im not saying that any of them are the answer to replace Foote, not saying they arent either, but it does make ILB less of an immediate need, atleast this year

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    Yes we def need to trade down for any of them but the more I read the less likely I think we can make that happen. It seems like every team is hosting a fire sale on draft picks now. As for the other two WRs, I can understand the hesitation of drafting them in the first since we never resign big money seeking WRs. But the new CBA at least guarantees we will get 4 useful years out of them while we still have a franchise QB in his prime.

  • Fivesevenzero Sports-Radio

    If we take another guard in the first were setting our team back.. No team should ever have to draft the same position in the 1st round back to back years unless you want to fail (Hence the Lions (wrs))

  • Randy Neff

    Hopefully the Saints take him at 15 like many mocks are suggesting. There are too many issues with him for the Steelers to take a risk. They need to hit on their picks this year. Certainly at least in the rounds 1-3.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    They better be sure on the medical if they take him.

  • Isaac Reveles

    our O line would be the best in the NFL and our run game would come alive and take pressure off of Ben

  • Isaac Reveles

    i think people tend to be overly dramatic. but if his career is over before it started its a real shame, i thought he could have been something special

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Bostic is on my wish list too.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    He can play OLB sooner for us because he’s not a DE converting. But man they better have already used many medical experts before they risk any 1st round pick.

  • Fivesevenzero Sports-Radio

    Our offensive line will be vastly improved reguardless…If healthy, gilbert, adams, poncey, decastro are gonna improve the OL we just need depth now..Beachem can move to the other guard slot IMO…cooper is good but we have much bigger needs to draft a guard in the 1st round!

  • Fivesevenzero Sports-Radio

    I agree spence is a beast…if he comes back healthy he will out play foote and start!!

  • Nolrog

    Jones would be a great pick. I would look forward to seeing him seeing some action in 2016.

  • Dan

    Draftees should keep their mouths shut before the draft. Especially with predictions as there is a 31/32% chance they’ll be wrong. 99% of everything said by teams before the draft is smoke screen.

  • steeltown

    There’s a good chance that either the Browns, the Jets (twice) or the Saints take him before we pick at 17.. of course there are rumblings that the Jets will play more 4-3 fronts this season, but I guess we’ll see

  • westernsteel

    He could be a very good OLB. But, Worilds could be too. If Worilds has a good season, what do the Steelers do? Probably, sign him to an extension? Then we have a first round pick not contributing to a team that needs production from their early round picks.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    You know this because you have a connection that KNOWS this or you are just such a big fan you can channel tomlins thoughts?

    I think there is a big difference between beating up on women and drinking or smoking in college. It might be an indication that he’s a bad apple but they aren’t stupid enough to write him off without finding out and he’s the best player at one of our biggest need positions.

    The idea that smoking a joint and attacking your girlfriend are in any way the same is twisted.

  • Paul

    Mark my words. Jarvis Jones will be a bust! He is extremely slow and gets smashed from O-Lineman in the run game. No explosiveness to his game. Period! I tried to compare him to Suggs coming out, but I don’t see it. Suggs was a beast on a lower level team than Jones had at Georgia. They have a lot of play makers that teams had to worry about on that field. Not just Jones. In my opinion I sure hope he’s gone before the Steelers pick at 7. Please!!!!

  • Superdriller316

    It’s nice to have your players show up on gameday, but the game just got bigger. We need all of our players to show up everyday. With Samari Rolle filling a lawsuits against the doctor who cleared Jones, I think his medical is still up in the air. I’m not a fan of Jones’s. I know he had a lot of sacks, but most came from others doing their job. I’ve seen a lot of TE’s stop Jones in his tracks. There are the stories about his work ethic and his pro day proved it to be true. He was more worried about flying around the country trying to find a doctor to clear him to play instead of preparing for the combine. We can’t afford to miss on the first round or any round for that matter. I think the risk far out weighs the reward. Like Dave said, I doubt anyone from the Steelers told Jones he would be the pick at 17. Hell, we don’t even know if we will be picking at 17.

  • Paul

    I sure hope so, because I see BUST all over him. Nothing about him excites me. No explosion at all! Period.

  • Shea Fahr

    Why would we draft a OLB project when we already have our presumed starters in Woodley and Worilds for years to come? If he is the BPA, then fine and/or trade back and pick up some rounds. Why would we draft for Depth at 17?? Take Cooper or Warmack at 17 and let’s start blowing some holes open in the red zone and score some points with the men already on the roster. We all know a top tier Red Zone Oline can make even the most average QBs, RBs and WRs look like All Pros.

  • Shea Fahr

    The game is won or lost in the trenches as they say.

  • Shea Fahr


  • Mike.H

    Any views on Steelers not playing back up’s against Cleveland? We could’ve picked #12 or #13. Thoughts?

  • Mike.H

    …Steelers fans: Any views on Steelers not playing back up’s against Cleveland? We could’ve picked #12 or #13. Thoughts?

  • steeltown

    That’s a nice thought from a fans perspective.. but the players and coaches have to much pride to lose on purpose. You never want to end on a bad note, especially to a Division rival… and quite frankly if they did, I would lose respect for them

  • David Edward

    Well said Superdriller

  • Donny Simmons

    Guys we need to draft a WR, ILB and FS/SS or RB in the first 3 rounds.
    Heath will be back by the 4th game so Tyler Eifert is not a option. We
    need more help than a TE will bring this year

  • Steelers32

    I read something on draftek today i have never seen or heard of before… the idea of moving Jones inside…besides screaming that they are 2 very different positions other thoughts?…

  • SteelSpine

    Worth it to bring it up after draft. I heard woulda been #15 but that was just 1 poster. If it’s #12-13, theres more room for future critique. We played starters to win a meaningless game (& got at-least 1 vet starter injured) insteada taking advantage use the game to get better look at current depth before fine-tuning draft priorities before this draft. In other words shoulda treated it as a preseason game before draft, & the worst that could happen is get to draft up several spots higher in draft. If either of these 2 things happen, then will be critique:

    1) how much a team gives up to trade up for any spot in #12-15. If Steelers were drafting that high there could be more suitors willing to give up a pick for it than there will be to trade up to our #17. What if in this draft someone gives up their 2nd rounder to move up to #12-15, that’s an extra 2nd rd we need. OK thats too iffy to worry about. So:

    2) how well the picks #12-16 perform in NFL. If any of those players becomes a pro bowler, ouch last year’s Steelers coaches will be criticized for many years into future.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Bust? Bust…through an offensive line! He’s a sack artist!

  • lefnor

    An Arthur Brown, Marcus Wheaton/Justin Hunter, JJ Wilcox, Le’Veon Bell/Christine Michael draft would be great.

  • Richard Edlin

    If there’s one thing Manti definitely didn’t do, it was attacking his girlfriend.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I’m gonna laugh my ass off when we pass him for other prospect. Stupid stunt to get teams’ attention.

  • grw1960

    Ya I read an article before the combine about that possibilty, But after his 40 time was recorded. Jones was deemed too slow to be a 3 down ILB by the same writer.
    I guess it is stil possible if the Steelers sceme him like the Ravens do Suggs.

  • grw1960

    if they draft a OLB early in the draft. the Steelers must have little faith in Worilds being there in 2014 .
    The Steelers do need better depth at the OLB Position. As Carter has yet to show anything and Robinson is only starting his 2nd season.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Dave that is the most thumbs ups I’ve ever seen on this site! You must be excited! 16 and counting!

  • Ryan Callahan

    “Project”? He is the most polished and productive rush linebacker in the draft. I hope my Browns take him at 6, and don’t pick an “upside” guy who had a good combine and crap production in college.

    Jones is probably the best defensive player in the draft and maybe the best period.

  • Chris Ranieri

    As I’ve said a few times on here…I’m a Georgia guy, and I’d love it if the Steelers took Jarvis……
    ….in the second round.

    I really saw him as first round talent throughout UGA’s season this year but combined with his pro day results and the needs of the Steelers I feel like it just can’t be justified to take him at 17.

  • mokhkw

    Wow. Can’t believe any player would be so naive to believe what a coach says in an interview.

    “I’m listening to the coaches because they’re the ones that have the draft picks…” Really? Someone better tell Kevin Colbert he can take this week off then.

    Draft History is filled with players who were told that a team would pick them at a certain spot & then don’t. Ask Tom Brady.

    What was this guy’s wonderlic score?

  • mokhkw

    Just curious as to what you guys have seen of Spence at an NFL level to say that.

    All I saw was an under-sized LBer who struggled against 2nd & 3rd string guys in the pre-season.

  • Fivesevenzero Sports-Radio

    Not to be harsh but you clearly know nothing about football and clearly didn’t struggle in preseason. was basically running our 2nd unit as a rookie in Lebeau defense (which takes kids years to learn).. He was incredible at Miami as well the kid may be “slightly” undersized but the kids got game (If hes healthy)

  • Superdriller316

    What???? If that was the case, draft TE’O, or Minter. Pass on Jones all together.

  • Nolrog

    That’s why we’ve spent the last 4 first round picks and 6 of our top 8 picks over the last two years on the lines. You can have great trenches, but with crap skill players, you can’t win either.

  • Nolrog

    I’d really like to see Spence come back strong.

  • Nolrog

    Draftees should keep their mouths shut even after the draft.

  • Nolrog

    T’eo is terrible. I wouldn’t draft him at all.

  • Nolrog

    It would have been 11 for the record. You play to win the game.

  • joed32

    You don’t lose games on purpose, besides our backups would have beaten them anyway.

  • Shea Fahr

    I suppose he could but if history tells us anything, rookie defenders take a year or 2 and sometimes 3 to get the complicated defense scheme down and start. That’s why I said project. I would so much rather see them shore up this offense with early picks so we can score more points.

  • steeltown

    Agreed… and I think the Steelers do have faith in him or they wouldve done everything within their means to keep Harrison on roster. When discussing depth, you’re right I dont see much behind the starters, except A.Robinson who seems to have some upside (speed rush capabilities) so yes, I think they should draft OLB, but for depth purposes… and as Colbert mentioned Rds 4-7 are for depth, would love a guy like Malliciah Goodman in the 5th Rd (he was in for a predraft visit) he’d be another DE convert to OLB

  • steeltown

    Yep.. exactly.. and for that reason I hope they dont draft OLB early. We do need depth though, so maybe a mid Rd prospect like M.Goodman to battle with Chris Carter in camp

  • Chad H

    Only player at pick 17 is Eifert. If not trade out of first round.

  • Chad H

    4.92 in the forty with medical concerns makes you a 3rd round pick at best. Great production in college but so did Tebo.

  • Shea Fahr

    Yeah but now Colon is gone and Foster is solid but flat footed and better suited as a back up at G and RT. Foster was on his way to being the back up last year before DD was injured. We still have a couple question marks on the line…especially if there is an injury or 2 that pop up.

  • mokhkw

    lol yea, I think most people don’t realize this is part of the draft process. Confide in a young man what you intend to do with him & see if he’s mature enough to keep it to himself.

    If he does then he might stay on your board, if he doesn’t – well, you can say something about his maturity level I guess & take him off your board.

    Or it’s just a simple smokescreen to try and get a team picking ahead of the Steelers to make that selection & hopefully leave the player you’re really after still sitting there at 17. ie if the Saints aren’t sure about Jones, hearing that the Steelers want him – we’ve got a great history of LBers – might persuade them to take him.

    I would guess that any potential 1st Round Pick who the Steeers interview would leave with the impression that the Steelers will take him at 17. What else can you do, tell him he doesn’t have much chance & then leave him wondering if the Steelers really wanted him at all if he was selected?

    A Steelers Coach ( not the GM mind you) may have told Jones this but when the Pick arrives & if Jones is still there, he’ll be part of a pool of players who they’ll consider who have no doubt all been told the same thing:

    If you’re there at 17, we’ll take you…..

    ….if there’s no-one we like better! ( is the part they leave out).

  • Superdriller316

    24th on Mayock’s big board is far from terrible. I would take Te’o over Jones solely on his IQ and work ethic.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Fair enough, that’s true. Just that he’ll be a better fit as WILB which is the position Timmons play. He’s an outside linebacker for Georgia that scheme the whole defense around him… his stats and production both are overrated because of this and dude’s bad at run defending. Just don’t see it as Worilds and Alan Robinson both are easily ahead of Jarvis on depth by season opener, if we let Worilds go I still see Alan Robinson get the nod due to his better overall game and Colbert knows it.

    If.. I mean IF we can’t trade down and both Eifert and Patterson is gone by then (debateable that Steelers like D. Hopkins but heard he’s not on the board for 17th pick) then maybe yes… i’d hate the pick because by time he get a good playing time he’ll be 26, 27. Bleh.

  • steeltown

    I have to disagree.. on tape, he’s explosive

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