Make Or Break Year For Steelers LB Stevenson Sylvester According To Coach Keith Butler

During his talk with the media on Saturday, Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler was asked if 2013 was a make or break year for fourth-year linebacker Stevenson Sylvester.

“No doubt for him,” said Butler. “He knows that. That is something I talked to him about at the end of the season. I talked to all of them about this at the end of the season. It doesn’t matter the reason that you are not on the field. If you are hurt like LaMarr Woodley, he was hurt. It doesn’t matter the reason that he wasn’t on the field, he just wasn’t on the field.

“We have to remedy where that reason is and the same thing with Sly. Sly was injured. We had little nagging injuries here and there. We had a few of those last year. We have to eliminate those and keep ourselves in position where we are available and can play during the year and not be sitting on the sideline watching the game with me because they have an injury. So we have to do things to try and correct that if we can.”

In summation, Butler managed to send a message to not only Sylvester, but Lamarr Woodley as well. The Steelers former fifth-round draft pick from 2010 hasn\’t even played 100 snaps on defense since coming into the league and thus did not receive a restricted free agent tender back in March after his rookie contract expired.

There was no market for Sylvester in free agency and the Steelers signed him back to a one-year deal for the minimum just a few weeks ago. He should make it to training camp with the team, but it is up to him to prove that he deserves a roster spot this year.

  • steeltown

    He sure did.. he did not seem pleased.. of course, like Butler he never raises his voice or shows emotion, but in his words you could tell he was not happy with Woodley and Sylvestor and their ongoing injury issues

  • TheBlitz

    On a side note, it sounds like Butler was working hard to get Arthur Brown in the 2nd. I was hoping that was the pick too.

  • SteelSpine

    I thot last season was the make or break for Sly. But heading into last year’s training camp I thought Sly had the advantage to grab ILB spot, but as we know he got hurt. Cant make the club in the club.

  • steeltown

    To be honest, between M.McFadden and Vince Williams.. I don’t see Sly making too much noise this yr

  • Stephen Dale

    There are a number of guys who need to step up : C Brown ; E Sanders; D Paulsen; W Johnson; R Golden; all the DLmen—————

  • Totally agree..we will see what Rolle can do as well.

  • steeltown

    I agree.. I like what Rolle brings to the table and hope he can make a splash in preseason. The reason I say that is his speed, we need the sideline to sideline speed (why they drafted Spence) he could be used on obvious passing downs to match up with speedy RB’s and TE’s… we have in the past carried 9LB’s on the final roster, so a lot of that might depend on the OLB position (5OLB’s and 4ILB’s or vice versa)