Packers Need To Offer NT Steve McLendon $2 Million Plus To Make It Tough For Steelers To Match

It was reported Wednesday evening that Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent nose tackle Steve McLendon visited with the Green Bay Packers. While no offer sheet has been signed as of yet, the obvious question being asked, is how much could the Steelers afford to match.

The Steelers currently have $742,760.00 in cap space at their disposal, and when added to the $1.323 million right of first refusal tender given to McLendon, that means the Packers would have to sign the Troy product to a one-year offer sheet worth more than $2 million to make it tough for Pittsburgh to match.

Should the Packers decide to offer McLendon a long-term deal offer sheet, the first year cap hit would also have to exceed the $2 million number to make it rough on the Steelers. Anything lower than that, and they might be doing Pittsburgh a favor depending on the total value of the deal. It should be noted that the Packers, much like the Steelers, aren\’t known as being a team to just throw money around.

Since being signed originally as an undrafted free agent in 2009, McLendon has played less than 400 snaps on defense. While he certainly does project as a player that can start and be productive moving forward, it would be pretty surprising to see the Packers invest a lot of money into a player that would likely rotate in on their defensive line.

McLendon has shown that he can also play the three, four and five technique in addition to playing the zero and the one. Even so, you would think that Packers aren\’t looking at him to be a starting defensive end. If indeed they are, that is the only way I could see them giving McLendon an offer sheet that the Steelers couldn\’t match.

The Packers had plenty of cap space to work with headed into Wednesday and likely still have more than enough after signing linebacker Clay Matthews Wednesday to a long-term extension.

The deadline to sign restricted free agents to offer sheets is Friday, so we will not have long to wait to know the outcome of this.

  • Shieldzy

    After signing Clay Matthews and trying to work out a deal with Aaron Rodgers, I don’t see the Packers trying to pay more than $2 million for McLendon. I don’t think there is any need to worry.

  • dgh57

    If McClendon signs with the Packers that would move the need for a NT up in what is needed in this draft! I hope somehow we find a way to keep him. The talent behind him is far from a sure thing!

  • RMSteeler

    They’ll do the same thing as Sanders. If the Cowboys make an ungodly offer, they can let him go. A lot of money invested in him may have been wasted. Or, they can cut or restructure. Probably cut someone like Keisel, who’d not likely to be picked up. Don’t know if they would have time to restructure, unless they’ve worked it out in advance with a couple of guys if a situation like this comes up.

  • walter mason

    Dont teams have to spend to the cap limit now?

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I think he would rather start here and the visit was just to see if he could increase his pay and/or find out his value when it comes time to us signing him long term.

  • SteelersDepot
  • hergieburbur

    Older or not, Keisel is coming off one of his best seasons statistically. He wouldn’t have a lot of trouble getting picked up somewhere.

  • dgh57

    The Packers are somewhere between $17 & $18 million under the Salary Cap! So if you ask me there’s plenty to worry about!!

  • Michael Pearce

    Kiesel would be picked up immediately. He was our best DL last year.

  • Nolrog

    The Steelers still have contracts they can restructure. Not preferable, but possible, so it wouldn’t be hard to match 2 million if they wanted to.

  • walter mason

    Thanks for posting Dave. I think everyone needs to read this as it will have a huge affect on free agency in the near future. Some FA players will be overpayed as teams try to get in compliance with the cash minimum and cap strapped teams like the Steelers will lose FA’s because they will not be able to match.