Potential Targets For The Steelers In Rounds Two & Three Of The 2013 NFL Draft

Now that the first round of the 2013 NFL draft is in the books, it is time look ahead to day two and who the Pittsburgh Steelers might consider drafting in rounds two and three on Friday.

The selection of Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones now means that we can safely scratch that position off of the needs list. The Steelers are expected to draft a wide receiver and a running back at some point during the draft, and I suspect at least one of those positions, if not both, are addressed in the next two rounds.

Only three wide receivers were drafted in round one so that means Justin Hunter, Robert Woods, Keenan Allen and Stedman Bailey are still on the board. Both Hunter and Woods would be the two I would consider the favorites for the Steelers in round two should either continue to fall.

As far as running backs go, none were selected in the first round so that means Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin remain potential targets. I do not expect Lacy to remain on the board much longer, however, but Franklin could possibly be there come time for the Steelers to select. Do they have a second round grade on him? Christine Michael and Le\’Veon Bell remain options for the third round quite possibly, but several expect a run of running backs to start. Will either last to the Steelers pick in the third?

Inside linebacker might be considered an outside option in round two as Arthur Brown, Manti Te\’o and Kevin Minter all remain on the board. Te\’o? Yikes!

As far as safeties go, Jonathan Cyprien is really the only legitimate candidate to be drafted in round two and Phillip Thomas, in my opinion, is a third round prospect.

Tight end wise, Zach Ertz remains undrafted, but I have a feeling that changes before the Steelers are even on the clock in round two. I really don\’t think that he would be the pick anyways.

As far as defensive ends that could play in the 3-4, Cornellius Carradine would be a prospect to be taken in round two. He is coming off of knee surgery and really is a great kid.

Offensive linemen? Barrett Jones could very well be there in the third round and he can play both center and guard. You can likely throw Khaled Holmes into that range as well.

That is quick and dirty look at the Steelers day two prospects and I invite you to add some additional names in the comments.

  • westernsteel

    Hopefully it is not a defensive player, our top draft picks would not see the field this season. A WR in the second and a RB in the third would help the offense.

  • TJimmy

    I would lean toward a running back or Wide receiver. They lost Wallace and Colbert has been lamenting about his running backs since they finished 8-8, knowing how much Rooney’s value the run game.

    Actually I think the Steelers running backs are excellent when they are healthy and there are good linemen in front of them. Losing linemen like Mike Adams and others to injury really hurt their stock IMO.

  • David Edward

    I think Franklin would make a lot of sense @ 48

  • We really need to go offense here, and I’d lean toward WR over RB. The only position I’d take over those two would be MLB if someone like Arthur Brown or Jon Bostic(maybe Kevin Minter, but not one of my favorites) were still available.

  • dgh57

    I hope Hunter and Woods are both still there so we can have our choice between the two!

    If Te’o is drafted I think I just might PUKE!!!!!!!!

  • Russian Steel

    I nominate TE Travis Kelce, Cincinnati, and WR Ryan Swope, Texas A & M for our 2nd and 3rd rd picks, respectively. Both are under the radar players. We can go RB and S in 4th/5th rd. 6th/7th we have 3 picks and can go OG, ILB, and CB. I’m crossing my fingers we sign Max Starks (again) for tackle depth. Maybe they can even let him compete with Marcus Gilbert to start since I really haven’t been impressed with Gilbert. Starks is Mr. Reliable…two Super Bowl winning starts is proof enough for me, and he’s only 30 so he has at least a couple more good years.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    This is crazy and I would not like it, but if Smith or Barkley free fall to them, I could see them taking one of them.

  • hergieburbur

    Keep in mind when Colbert complains, he sometimes does that stuff to send messages as much as to give out his opinion. I trust very little of what he says publicly not to to have a motive behind it.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Woods, Allen and Hunter all go before the Steelers pick, and if that happens I’m not sure there’s another receiver I’d want with the #2 pick.

  • James

    I like both of them picks but Kelce is a luxury that we can’t afford to pick.

  • Jazz

    I agree with you 100%; man, I would love to see Justin Hunter or Woods drop; I’m not quite sold on Keenan Allen, the guy has issues with drugs. Now, I’m not knocking the kid for smoking a little, but you have to be stupid to continue to get high when you know you’re going to be tested at the combine. C’mon Man! What does that say about this kid? Justin Hunter? They say he is too soft; 2nd Round WR Busts? The Steelers have had them, most noticeably, the kid from Texas a few years ago, Limas Sweed. They had a few more as well, but neither of these guys will last until the 3rd round. It wouldn’t surprise me if they selected another defensive player in the second, an ILB or Safety, then go for a WR in the 3rd, take their chances with a RB in the 4th. The problem though, Woods, Allen, and Hunter will not make it out of the 2nd. Go back in history, WR’s typically start flying off the clock like flies midway though the 2nd round.

  • Jazz

    What? Dude! What games have you been watching? Dwyer’s work ethic since he was drafted has been poor. That’s why he has to com out every time he makes a 10 yard run. Redman? Backup at best, but both of them has durability issues. I think they will bring in a RB similar to what they had in Fast Willie Parker

  • JC

    Arthur Brown or Robert Woods in the 2nd. Sharmko Thomas, JJ Wilcox, or Barrett Jones in the 3rd.

  • JC

    Completely agree. If Arthur Brown is on the board though we have to take him and we’ll have a very solid young line backing core with Tiimons, Brown, Woodley, and Jones.

  • Stephen Dale

    The steelers could have traded out the 1st rd and been in position to draft several of those “value picks” you’ve mentioned. Since Tomlin wanted a medical risk in the 1st, it would be like him to want a QB in the 2nd.

  • Jollyrob68

    Why? They took Jones so they can take Manti.

  • Jollyrob68

    Patton or Bailey

  • Jollyrob68

    I think Lacy could fall but won’t get past Rams. If Geno is on the board snatch him up. Arthur Brown would be Awesome or Wr. Rb can be taken in rd 3 or 4

  • Jollyrob68

    Snatch Gino

  • Jollyrob68

    Woods then Thomas or Williams

  • Jollyrob68

    Yes, unless Woods or Hunter are on board

  • Jollyrob68

    If lacy falls or Franklin is still on board. But Wr Hunter,Woods Allen

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Arthur Brown is the guy I would like to see, not sure he will be there though.

    Eifert was the only TE I would consider with our current depth. The other guys aren’t going to be dominant enough to bother with IMO.

    Teo? I dont’ think he fits here. To me I think he ends up in Chicago. He works there IMO.

  • David Edward

    Exactly…agree wirh all of the above

  • David Edward

    Bills will take a WR with one of their two picks and Jets, Chargers, and Panthers are good candidates too. So will definitely be iffy.

  • Milliken Steeler

    I love the pick guys, i really do. That 40 time didnt effect him running people down in a speed conference. It will make Jason pick it up that much more or if he gets hurt or isn’t as productive as we’d like; we can put in Mr Jones. Get after the QB son and keep your head up:) I think he is gonna make Steeler fans smile by the 4th or 5th game of the season unless Worilds just lights it up and takes his time away.

    The safety Vaccaro? He has Quentin Jammer written all over him. Do you guys remember him? Had a couple of okay years but was burnt toast most of the time.

    God, I love my Steelers! Go Black and Gold

  • steeltown

    Soo many good skill players left that could be available through the 2nd and 3rd Rds… Hunter, Woods, Allen, Patton, Bailey, Wheaton, T.Williams, Dobson, Lacy, Franklin, Bernard, Ball, Michael, Bell, Gillislee, Kelce, Escobar…. we’ll get somebody good hopefully

    As I sit here, I really hope we go skill position in the 2nd… so that we can go Safety in the 3rd-4th, (S.Thomas, S. Williams, Wilcox or Swearinger)

  • LouPGH

    Agreed 100%. That is exactly how my mocks went. A lot of value at RB and WR in 2nd Round, especially with the way the 1st Round played out last night. And there are so many good safeties that unless there is a run on them late in the 2nd Round, we could easily get a guy in the 3rd or 4th. For the right guy, I wouldn’t be upset if they traded up from the 4th, were things to play out that way.

  • LouPGH

    With the exception of Harrison’s Super Bowl interception return, how often do you see an OLB run 40+ yards? (And the only thing I timed at 4.9 on that play was the number of minutes Harrison spent sucking oxygen after that return.) Instincts, leverage, short area quickness is what it’s all about. JJ’s play in the SEC demonstrates he has those qualities.

    As an aside: my God, I loved that play.

  • rob.pghsteelersfan

    I hope WR and RB are addressed in the next two rounds. I would go with Hunter or Allen.

    I can’t believe Austin went so early. Not that I wanted him at all.

    I know it’s not Steelers related but if I was Min. I would have taken Patterson and Geno Smith in rd. 1. AP can’t be the whole offense. With Jennings, Patterson, AP and Smith their offense could have been crazy.

    Also, I still think Ari. should get a QB Palmer stinks. Oak. and Jax. Need QBs as well. Should be an interesting round 2, and with manu teams at the top needing QB help good WRs could fall to Pittsburgh.

  • LouPGH

    The Cowboys traded down from #18 and only got a 4th Round pick for dropping more than ten spots in the 1st Round. You’re forgetting that to trade you need a willing trading partner. Clearly teams were not interested in moving up at that point. (The exception being that late round NE/MN trade in which Belichick ate the Vikings lunch AND their dessert.)

    If you’re going to criticize the pick, at least do it fairly. JJ played two seasons at Georgia, destroying QBs, sticking guys for losses, and forcing a ton of turnovers, with that “medical risk.”

  • Ahmad

    Only one QB was taken last night so I expect an early run on QB’s. A lot of good WR’s dropped last night as well as most of the good ILB’s. This means that the Steelers should have a nice choice of WR’s to pick from if they so desire. If they are thinking safety, I agree Cyprien is the only legit option left. Considering the amount of talent that fell last night and our draft positioning, I say we have a good shot at Cyprien. I think that if Cyprien falls, the Steelers should trade down a few spots in the 2nd round.

  • steeltown

    Agreed.. leverage, short area quickness, instincts and a high motor

  • westernsteel

    Excellent? Colbert said the backs they have aren’t good enough. If they were excellent they would have stuck with one guy last year….it was embarrassing.

  • dgh57

    I will PUKE because I will be getting a double dose of BAD picks and because it’s at the top of the draft where you really need picks to pan out!!

  • NW86

    My order of preference:
    But really, I think the only guys from that list that could still be on the board are Allen and Franklin, so my guess is we end up with one of them.

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    Larry Warford and Aaron Dobson

  • LouPGH

    Group-drinking of the Kool-Aid led to Austin being way over-valued, in my opinion. I don’t fault MN for taking Floyd, they got a lot of value for the pick. Not sure about Rhodes, but I know it was an area of need for them. As for BA: it’s his first season, so I think he will get a pass if they decide to wait on drafting a QB. Better to find the right guy a year later than to pick a guy who doesn’t fit the system. I think Palmer will be very good in a BA offense if they can keep the pressure off of him.

  • dgh57

    I want Shamarko Thomas real bad and so if a run starts on Safeties they should take him(if still there) in the 2nd! If no run on Safeties we might be able to get him in the 3td rd. But I would also want Lacy or Bell so it would be had to choose for me!

  • My dream scenario is Phillip Thomas in the 2nd, Marcus Lattimore in the 3rd, and by some miracle getting Stedman Bailey in the 4th.

  • steeltown

    You have a crystal ball or something?.. just asking

  • steeltown

    Agreed.. I do not want T’eo……. something tells me the Ravens will move up in the 2nd and grab him. They have a late 2nd, 3rd and a ton of 4th, 5th and 6th Rd picks

  • steeltown

    I like all players/picks mentioned… though I hope we get one offensive skill position tonight, preferrably in the 2nd and then Safety in the 3rd PLEASSSE

  • RW

    Definitely not Bostic in the 2nd. He’s good, not great – career backup IMO.

  • steeltown

    I really like Dobson

  • RW

    With the exception of the Bills, all those teams could be looking QB in the second as well (obv. chargers and panthers have starters, but have been linked to QBs in various mock drafts)

  • rob.pghsteelersfan

    Yeah it’s better to wait if your guy isn’t there. Cleavland should have waited and not picked Weeden. That’s another team that needs a QB.

  • steeltown

    I think Cyprein goes early, first 10 picks or so… but you’re right QB’s should go and there are a ton of CB’s as well so hopefully we can land a good WR or RB in the 2nd and then go Safety in the 3rd because after Cyprein and maybe Phillip Thomas the rest of the Safety group are more 3rd-4th Rd grade

  • steeltown

    Agreed.. a majority of Austin and Geno Smiths TD production came from little flick plays, bubble and slant passes and so forth.. those wont work as well at the next level. Still explosive players though

  • dgh57

    Since you brought up the Cowboys, that had to be the most dumbest trade I have ever seen or heard of!!!! They still managed to reach with a guy who some expected to go in the 3td rd!! Then they can’t seem to figure out WHY they had back to back 8-8 seasons! Could it be because Jerry Jones is running things in Dallas!

    Then I wonder if the 49ers tried to move up to 17 but the Steelers said no because they desperately wanted J.Jones.

  • dgh57

    They did take Patterson with the 29th pick. With only C. Ponder as their starting QB I thought for sure G. Smith would’ve gone to the Vikes!

  • RMSteeler

    I expect a small run on QB at top of 2nd by teams that wanted to take one in the first, but took BPA. Then a run on CB’s. Should be a relative wealth of WR’s in the 2nd, and the same for RB’s in the 3rd. Look for the Patriots to try and steal best talent from Steelers with their mid round picks, but they don’t have enough to get them all.

  • Gerald Sikie

    Larry Warford won’t fit in a zone blocking scheme

  • You’ve got to take woods or hunter if they are there. Things could get interesting if Lacy and Arthur Brown is available

  • dgh57

    No I don’t! I suppose I’ll warm up to the Jones pick as time moves on. Right now I’m in the digesting the news stage with J.Jones. I just hope he proves me wrong!

  • rob.pghsteelersfan

    .Ponder sucks.. Why stick with hik when you can get a better uy

  • LouPGH

    I have a friend who is a huge Cowboys fan (He’s from Dallas, so I can accept that.), and he was furious last night. I believe he said he wanted to “kick Jerry Jones in the crotch” or “punch [him] in the throat,” I don’t remember which.

    I’m guessing the Steelers didn’t try to move down because Jones was available. They said they talked about Eifert at #17, but I doubt they looked into the possibility of trading down because he was projected to go just a few picks later.

    Seeing as the 49ers didn’t have to give up much to move up, I’m guessing the Cowboys were desperate to move back and the 49ers, with all their picks, were the only team willing to trade with them. The 49ers probably could have got Eric Reid at the end of the 1st Round, but they were just hedging their bets. Not even sure they could afford the salaries of all the rookies they would bring in if they didn’t trade away some picks.

  • dgh57

    Well that’s Cleveland for you!! I wouldn’t of expected it any other way.

  • Fivesevenzero Sports-Radio

    Robert woods would be such a steal!! Woods are lacy would be great. Giovanni Bernard is also a beast would love him as well

  • dgh57

    Exactly, and they signed Matt Cassell who sucked in Kansas City! So they double suck at the QB position!!

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I think they still plan on bringing in Bradshaw if they have to. At the moment, I think they will see how the draft falls, but the reality is, this team will stay with it’s board and figure it out from there.

  • Dan

    I signed on with a lot to say this morning, but now Dave’s article pretty much says it all. I have to think it is likely there will be a run on receivers early in the 2nd, but if Hunter or Woods are available, they’d be great picks at #48.

    Controversy aside, I don’t think we could pass on Te’o if available, but for the anti-Te’o faction, I don’t think they’ll be much to worry about. He’ll be gone by 48.

    Lacy would be a steal at 48. I don’t see where Franklin is generally regarded as 2nd round talent.

    NT Jenkins might be a consideration.
    On an unrelated note, Jerry Jones is a moron.

  • Brian Tollini

    Robert Woods and Shamarko Thomas…in a perfect world.

  • Steelers32

    Hunter/ Minter/ Allen c’mon baby

  • I know but he’ll be gone by the 3rd rd I’m thinking. I like him but not sure he can play the Mack. Looks more like LT.

  • Jollyrob68

    Jerry needs a Real GM

  • Jollyrob68

    Dallas was stupid because he should of gotten a 2&4.

  • Jollyrob68

    Who do you pick Lacy,Brown or woods?

  • LouPGH

    I mean, I’ll concede that they are not a terribly well managed team, but any idiot can read a draft chart. It seems to me they didn’t like what was available at #18, and they were so desperate to move back — and there were so few teams interested in trading up — that the SF trade was the best offer on the table.