Reading Way Too Much Into The Offensive Depth Chart On The Steelers Website

It is hard to read very much into the latest offensive depth chart on the official website of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but we will dissect it nonetheless.

For starters, Mike Adams is listed as the top right tackle as well as the backup at left tackle behind an empty spot. Head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the tackle spot during his pre draft press conference and would not commit to who between Adams and Marcus Gilbert will play on what side. All Tomlin would give us is the fact that both players are left tackle capable and that they have the spring and the summer to figure out who will start where. I do find it funny, however, that Gilbert is not listed at all. Was this just an error or was it done so people will not read too much into it the way that I am attempting to do in this post?

Second-year offensive lineman Kelvin Beach gets the distinction of being the backup right tackle behind Adams as well as the backup left guard behind starter Ramon Foster. Surprising? No, not the least, but keep in mind that Beachum has yet to play a regular season snap at any other position besides right tackle. He did, however, play both left tackle and left guard last year during the preseason and he looked very bad at both spots against inferior competition.

John Malecki, who ended last season on the Steelers 53 man roster after spending most of the season on the practice squad, is only listed as the third string left guard behind Foster and the backup right guard behind David DeCastro. I did find it curious that he is not currently listed as the backup center behind starter Maurkice Pouncey right now. I have written extensively about the lack of interior depth that the Steelers have on their offensive line and this depth chart, albeit far from official, best illustrates that.

The backup tight end spot behind Heath Miller is currently vacant and Matt Spaeth has yet to be added.

As far the running back position goes, Jonathan Dwyer sits at the top with Baron Batch listed way behind him. Both Isaac Redman, who recently signed his restricted tender, and LaRod Stephens-Howling, who was just signed to the roster over the weekend, are not yet listed in the gaps.

Here is something for my conspiracy theory readers to chew on. Redman has signed his tender but has yet to be added to the roster on the roster page of the website. Stephens-Howling, however, has already been added to that same roster page.

As far as the wide receiver position goes, there are zero surprises there.

Will Johnson is currently listed as the Steelers top fullback, as he should be, and David Johnson is nowhere to found.

  • Yeah, I just saw that as well. Perhaps the Steelers Web guy took a lunch break before finishing up. I wonder if Gilbert is not completely healed? They allegedy made a play for Long in FA and have Justice in this week? I thought the G/C depth was the real issue going in but maybe they view the Tackle spot as well.

  • mokhkw

    From what I recall about looking at the Steelers Roster & Depth Chart at their official site over the years, I can’t recall it ever being up to date or correct with what was actually true at the time.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    David Johnson was a stud blocking in 2011. Please look back and you will find a good block sprung nearly every big gain by Mendy. Too bad he got injured last year. Also please note the enphasis on blocking with Spaeth, Johnson, etc. I look forward to a future when I don’t have to be so nervous on 3rd and 1, as I have been for the last 5-6 years.
    If you wish to be great you have to be able to run, despite the opposing defense knowing you’re going to run. That’s what the Steelers have in mind. How long it will take to make this happen, I do not know. It may come quickly if they can have a year like the 49er’s, where their same 5 linemen started every single game. Can yiou even imagine that happening for the Steelers? Maybe the zone blocking will help, with less guys getting crossed up. We shall see.

  • steeltown

    Haha the Steelers website is so slowly updated its kind of comical, they miss things sometimes, little things like Redman not even being listed on the roster.. and you can never rely on their depth chart (just saw Bryan mentioned Redmans absence above)

    Love the Team, love the website, but it doesnt compare to SteelersDepot

  • David Edward

    Yeah don’t read anything into the website depth chart…it’s rarely accurate. They will probably update the roster for the OTAs this weekend. I did notice Jarvis is #91 though. Interesting because I thought they would flip his 29 around and give him 92. Maybe they don’t want to draw too many comparisons to Harrison. I always like to predict which numbers the rookies will wear. So I’ll offer that up below…

  • After last season their web specialist probably has carpal tunnel with all the roster changes and just said the heck with it…

  • steeltown

    I agree.. I like the Spaeth signing. Everyone complained when they brought him back, but Spaeth is one of the higher rated blocking TE’s in the entire League, he’s no Heath Miller, very few have the blocking and pass catching ability that Heath possesses

  • David Edward

    Bell #44 – Ike has his 24 and Cromartie has the 42 if you flip his digits around..but 44 seems like a good fit
    Wheaton #10 – he can’t wear his #2 as a WR in regular season, but he may be destined for 82 if/when McCoy is gone. I can see him with the 10.
    Thomas #26 – Golden has his 21, so unless he wants to switch Shamarko will have to find another one..26 seems possible
    L. Jones #8 – they don’t give out his #12 since that was Bradshaw, so 8 seems like a fit of what’s left of the single digits
    Hawthorne #30 – think he wore 1 in college but 21,31, and 41 already taken. Van Dyke switched to 23 so I can see Hawthorne with 30
    Brown #17 – yes, I’m giving him Wallace’s number so that he can feel faster than his 4.6. I think he wore 19 which Moore has right now
    V. Williams #49 – I was going to give him 91, but that is Jarvis. Vince wore 11 but obviously can’t in NFL. 49 will be a camp # until a 50 or 90 something is available for regular season. Maybe they end up giving him 98?
    N.Williams #92 – he wore 94 but that is Timmons. I thought Jarvis would be 92, but maybe they give it to Williams…could also see 98 but maybe
    they hold off giving that out until they’re sure Hampton isn’t coming back.

  • David Edward

    Now I take it a step further and predict the rest of the new guys…

    Stephens-Howling #34 – his number at Pitt since they won’t give out Bettis’ 36
    Dunn #15 – Moye has his 14 so a switch is possible
    Woods #13 – not much left for WR
    McNeal #29 – not much left for RB
    Baxter #38 – not an OLB number but if he makes the team he can switch
    Ingram #45 – actually his college number and can keep as a LS
    Golic Jr./Hagans #61 – UDFA rookie OL and DL are probably going to have to share numbers for the time being
    Madsen/Rashad-White #64 – will share unless they bring Legursky back
    Embernate #67 – wore 68 in college, might have to share this with a DL
    Farrell #69 – might have to share with Fangupo unless Starks isn’t coming back for sure, then thay can give him his 78
    Arnfelt/Wade #71 – another share
    Hubbard/Hunter #74 – I think Hubbard wore 74, but another share

  • Steelersguru

    Yeah unfortunately usually ESPN’s depthcharts were more current. Ourlads always kept deep depthcharts but had to pay to be member.

  • steeltown


  • steeltown

    Haha… they just added Redman to the roster

  • I agree, Pee Wee Parker. It’s moot now, but in my opinion Barrett Jones was the right pick for the first of the fourth-round picks (since he was gone by our second pick) or even as our third-round pick. Hindsight is 20/20, Marcus W may be a great addition, and so might Schmarko–I hope they are! However, our offensive line seriously needs talented depth; plus B Jones might realistically have competed for (and upgraded) our starting positions at LG, RT, and LT…and offer a quality talent to back up Pouncey and DeCastro. Jones won the Outland Trophy his junior year as a left tackle, so while he’s not projected as a left tackle in the pros, he can certainly play the position–plus neither Gilbert or Adams have shown they’ll be any better. Maybe Marcus would have been available in the fourth, and maybe Schmarko would have lasted for three more picks to our second 4th round pick. I expect they’ll both be good players, but considering the possible scenarios, I wish the team would have prioritized solidifying the offensive line when B. Jones was available for their 3rd or 4a picks.

  • I agree it would have been nice if they could have addressed the C/G depth and I would suspect we may see a Vet Free Agent signing or two very soon..

  • ….but still no Gilbert?

  • I’m guessing that they simply took last year’s depth chart, which was likely never updated when a few last minute IR moves were made, and deleted names for guys who were FAs. Guys who signed back on early enough were left on the depth chart, but most names were just deleted. Look at the blank spots…. LT (Starks), backup OC (Legursky), Sanders was already a “half starter” or whatever Tomlin called it, Mendenhall is gone (#3 RB), #2 and #3 QB (both gone), #2 TE (Pope gone), NT (Hampton gone), #2 SS/FS (Mundy, Allen gone). The only real changes appear to be OLB and CB being updated with Worilds and Allen being named starters.

    More than anything, it looks like someone took a depth chart from late 2012 and just deleted names and added back in a few of the bigger name IR guys.

  • David McCune

    Al Bundy was a Steeler too