Report: Free Agent T Winston Justice Visiting Steelers Monday

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN on Twitter, free agent tackle Winston Justice is visiting with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday and is also scheduled to visit with the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday.

The Steelers did not draft an offensive lineman during the 2013 NFL draft, and even though they signed a handful of undrafted free agents afterwards, they still have question marks as far as depth goes on the offensive line.

Justice, who started 12 games with the Indianapolis Colts last season, after spending his first six seasons in the league with the Philadelphia Eagles, is a right tackle that had is problems pass protecting last season.

Justice was also hampered by a concussion and biceps injury last season that forced him to miss time.

The Steelers won\’t have a lot of salary cap space to work with until June, so if they are indeed interested in signing Justice, they will need him to take a one-year qualifying contract for the minimum that comes with a lower cap hit.

  • No Thanks..

  • steeltown

    Justice once upon a time was a good Tackle coming out of college, he had some pretty good yrs with the Eagles… I wouldnt mind having him compete in camp for a backup spot

    Even if one of the UDFA’s makes the Team AND Malecki proves capable, we could still use another body for depth

  • hergieburbur


  • RW

    Could take him or leave him. Would rather the G/C Caldwell.

  • Any chance we see Hampton or Starks resign for minimum? Are they getting any interest? I haven’t heard anything.

  • Damn, you remember this kid coming out of high school? Still, I’d rather have Max if he can get his attitude adjusted to a backup role.

  • Chris92021

    No no no. Please call Max Starks instead.

  • nikgreene

    Haven’t heard anything about them getting any interest. Bringing Starks back as insurance makes sense, but it would be for the minimum, and he would strictly be a backup. However, I think they’ve moved on from Hampton. McClendon was signed to a long term deal, and they have a couple young guys with upside in Ta’amu and Fangupo to provide depth.

  • george

    Right….just what we need a tackle that has problems protecting the qb

  • LucasY59

    I would rather they bring back Starks instead of Justice (they need a backup LT, not a RT that has trouble in pass pro) but, will Starks be willing to take a minimum contract as well as accept a backup role? (He said he wasn’t when free agency started, maybe now that he has not had anyone interested in signing him)

    Hampton’s only chance of being re-signed is if there is an injury to Mclendon, Keisel, Hood or Heyward (hope it doesn’t happen)

  • SteelSpine

    I guess there won’t be justice after all. Steelers aren’t known for having justice:) But there is room on roster or PS for a cheap OT.