Report: Steelers To Bring Free Agent RB Ahmad Bradshaw In For Another Visit Just Prior To Draft

Ian Rapoport of reports via Twitter on Wednesday that the Pittsburgh Steelers plan to have free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw in for another visit just prior to the draft taking place.

Before we go any further, I always like to caution you about any report made by Rapoport, who doesn\’t have a great track record as far as his accuracy goes.

The Steelers had Bradshaw in for a visit a few weeks ago, at which time he took a physical. The former New York Giants running back, however, was still wearing a boot on his right foot at that time as he continues to recover from his January surgery.

Should the Steelers decide to match the one-year, $2.5 million offer sheet given to restricted free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders by the New England Patriots, they would be left with a little less than $750,000 in salary cap space if no other contract restructures or player terminations are made. That would clearly not be enough cap room to sign Bradshaw.

The Steelers more than likely want to have the doctors check the progress of Bradshaw\’s foot rehab just prior to the draft, in case they are unable to come away with a top running back as one of their selections.

Pro Football Talk also reported Wednesday that the Cincinnati Bengals have also expressed interest in Bradshaw and a visit could happen in the next two weeks.

  • TsarPepe

    I think we should read this just the other way around: the fact that the Steelers want to see Bradshaw again is a sign that they won’t match the offer to Sanders.

  • mghjr88

    Regardless of the Sanders situation, I wouldn’t want Bradshaw in Pittsburgh. He’s not a bad player but we’ve seen his ceiling and he won’t be scratching it again.

  • zyzak

    Why would Pgh sign a guy that is hurt? The Giants knew he couldn’t run so they cut him

  • LucasY59

    If the Steelers sign Bradshaw, do they take back the tender on Redman (can they)? especially if they plan on drafting a RB as well. The $ saved from Redman’s tender would hopefully cover Bradshaws contract. If they match Sanders offer (doesn’t look like they will) its the only way they can afford Bradshaw, If they don’t bring Sanders back they have some cap room and would have pretty decent depth with Dwyer, Bradshaw, Redman, and the Draft pick. with the Injury problems last year (no one could start at RB for more than 2 games in a row) I guess that would not be a bad Idea to have those 4 on the roster, but it also seems like a lot of players that will want to be on the field, (Barron Batch may be in the mix as well, so possibly 5 RBs?)

    If they had the 3 vets the Draft pick could be a guy like Marcus Lattimore. he wouldn’t need to contribute much this season and could be available in the 3rd or probably 4th rd and then take over as the feature back 2014, when either Redman or Dwyer (or both) are likely gone and Bradshaw would be the backup.

    Another RB that could be a good pick if they sign Bradshaw is Kenjon Barner wouldn’t need to be an everydown back with the other players on the roster, but would be a huge big play threat (much more than Rainey was last year) especially if they use more zone blocking. (could also be the return guy since AB will be the #1 WR and will not be returning anything this season)

    other RB draft prospects that I like are Andre Ellington, Le’Veon Bell, and Stepfan Taylor (all with a 3rd rd pick or later) I don’t like the idea of using a pick any earlier than the 3rd on a RB because of the other positions/players that could/need to be drafted in the 1st and 2nd rd and because the RB’s that should be available in the 3rd or later are not that much of a down grade from the RBs projected to go in the late 1st/2nd rd. I would not be happy if the take Eddie Lacy or Gio Bernard (unless they were available in the 3rd, not likely) especially Lacy since his pro day was not impressive at all (performed so bad he could end up being a 3rd rd pick)