2013 Draft

Statistical Look At The 2013 Draft Class Top Wide Receivers

Judging college players by stats alone is always a foolish thing to do because each faces a different level of competition and are used differently in a wide variety of offenses. Just because it isnt the end all, do all, however, doesn\’t mean that isn\’t totally worth a look.

When comparing the top draft hopeful wide receivers for this exercise, we will look at their yards per catch, touchdown percent, first down percent, 15 yard catch percent, 25 yard percent, red zone catch percent and red zone touchdown percent to see how each compare to one another.

The stats for each player in the table below are sortable by clicking on the header of each category, and it should give you an idea of where each one ranks in comparison with the others.

Perhaps the thing that jumps out the most when looking at these stats, is that West Virginia wide receiver Stedman Bailey ranks no worse than 5th in each of the above statistical categories. His teammate Tavon Austin, however, ranks very low in severakl of these statistical categories. In fact, his highest ranking is seventh, and that is in the red zone catch percentage category.

Austin did, however play the most games of the receivers listed and clearly had the most receptions and yardage.

I will let you add your own statistical observations in the comments below, and in the next post, we will look back at the top 10 wide receivers drafted over the course of the last two years to see if anything sticks out as far college statistics go.

Stedman Bailey35209322315.44119.6%12358.9%7033.5%3818.2%3215.3%2210.5%
Justin Hunter24106181217.11817.0%7974.5%5148.1%2119.8%87.5%65.7%
Cordarrelle Patterson124677816.9510.9%3678.3%2043.5%817.4%48.7%36.5%
Aaron Dobson39165239814.52414.5%9457.0%5432.7%3018.2%2313.9%116.7%
DeAndre Hophins38204299214.72713.2%13666.7%7134.8%3316.2%188.8%136.4%
Terrance Williams40202333416.52713.4%11858.4%7135.1%3919.3%125.9%73.5%
Quinton Patton25182259414.32413.2%9652.7%4926.9%2915.9%2413.2%137.1%
Robert Woods37251292411.63212.7%13553.8%7128.3%2510.0%4015.9%228.8%
Markus Wheaton42226297913.2167.1%15869.9%7432.7%229.7%2511.1%104.4%
Keenan Allen33206257612.5178.3%11455.3%6029.1%2311.2%2311.2%115.3%
Tavon Austin49285341112.02910.2%14651.2%7024.6%3512.3%3010.5%155.3%
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