Statistical Look At The 2013 Draft Class Top Wide Receivers

Judging college players by stats alone is always a foolish thing to do because each faces a different level of competition and are used differently in a wide variety of offenses. Just because it isnt the end all, do all, however, doesn\’t mean that isn\’t totally worth a look.

When comparing the top draft hopeful wide receivers for this exercise, we will look at their yards per catch, touchdown percent, first down percent, 15 yard catch percent, 25 yard percent, red zone catch percent and red zone touchdown percent to see how each compare to one another.

The stats for each player in the table below are sortable by clicking on the header of each category, and it should give you an idea of where each one ranks in comparison with the others.

Perhaps the thing that jumps out the most when looking at these stats, is that West Virginia wide receiver Stedman Bailey ranks no worse than 5th in each of the above statistical categories. His teammate Tavon Austin, however, ranks very low in severakl of these statistical categories. In fact, his highest ranking is seventh, and that is in the red zone catch percentage category.

Austin did, however play the most games of the receivers listed and clearly had the most receptions and yardage.

I will let you add your own statistical observations in the comments below, and in the next post, we will look back at the top 10 wide receivers drafted over the course of the last two years to see if anything sticks out as far college statistics go.

Stedman Bailey35209322315.44119.6%12358.9%7033.5%3818.2%3215.3%2210.5%
Justin Hunter24106181217.11817.0%7974.5%5148.1%2119.8%87.5%65.7%
Cordarrelle Patterson124677816.9510.9%3678.3%2043.5%817.4%48.7%36.5%
Aaron Dobson39165239814.52414.5%9457.0%5432.7%3018.2%2313.9%116.7%
DeAndre Hophins38204299214.72713.2%13666.7%7134.8%3316.2%188.8%136.4%
Terrance Williams40202333416.52713.4%11858.4%7135.1%3919.3%125.9%73.5%
Quinton Patton25182259414.32413.2%9652.7%4926.9%2915.9%2413.2%137.1%
Robert Woods37251292411.63212.7%13553.8%7128.3%2510.0%4015.9%228.8%
Markus Wheaton42226297913.2167.1%15869.9%7432.7%229.7%2511.1%104.4%
Keenan Allen33206257612.5178.3%11455.3%6029.1%2311.2%2311.2%115.3%
Tavon Austin49285341112.02910.2%14651.2%7024.6%3512.3%3010.5%155.3%

  • Lamarr56

    I really love DeAndre Hopkins and think he would really help the offense. He is a bigger, very physical reciever who runs good routes, catches the ball well, and is well devoloped. Unlike a wideout like Patterson, Hopkins is a polished reciever who had great college production. He plays like a Anquan Boldin or a Roddy White type of player. He will be a great player, who is a great red zone target. Hopkins will probably go in the later half of the draft, but I think he is worth the pick at 17, or trade back 5 and pick up an extra 5th round pick. He will not disappoint in the NFL.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    I like all WRs listed above. I really like Stedman Bailey who ran a 4.46! Also, Ryan Swope (not listed above) who grabbed a lot of attention for running a 4.34-second 40. Ultimately, I think the Steelers will address the need at WR in 2nd or 3rd round. This is a very good class of WRs.

  • grw1960

    Also a Hopkins fan,To me he seems like a combination or Hines Ward and Reggie Wayne. A Gamer that likes to win and will mix it up when he needs to.

  • Clint Martin

    Swope there it is!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Steelers are going to Swope in and draft him in 3rd round!

  • Clearly, Cordarrelle Patterson is the best receiver on that list. I can’t wait until the Steelers draft him at #17.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Glad at least you have a sense of humor Clint!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Maybe due to potential but not statistically..Also, there were some negative reviews about his maturity during interviews at the NFL combine

  • RW

    I still really like Robert Woods, but Patterson, Hunter and Bailey are all guys I wouldn’t mind taking. Not really a Tavon Austin fan as so many others are.

  • zyzak

    I want Hopkins and Bailey

  • mlc43

    There are more than a few receivers on that list that will help the Steelers get better; none are worth the 1st round pick. The Steelers will be able to pick a great WR in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

  • Rubem Dornas

    Disagreed. How can you say that? He is injury prone and by his numbers, he doesn’t have experience. Only 12 games? No, thanks!

    I would like to take a look at Swope numbers, I liked this kid at the Combine.

  • David Edward

    This is a good list of the top WRs as they are all in my top 80 overall and (depending on who they are) should be considered with the picks @ 17, 48, 79. It depends really on what the Steelers are looking for as to who they should go with. I’ll group them accordingly…
    *Multipurpose Weapon – Tavon Austin, he’s hard to really compare to the others since he was used in many different ways. As an outside #1 WR his size limits him somewhat, but he has the speed to run by DBs and take the top off. He fits nice with the screens Haley likes to run and can carry it out of the backfield on occasion. Plus, he’s a dangerous return man. Fills a few roles with one pick, but likely to be gone @17.
    * Tall Deep Threat – Patterson, Hunter, Williams, and Dobson are in this category. All are 6’2 or over and have the speed to stretch the field. This tends to be the type of WR you would envision as a replacement for Wallace. Patterson has the most upside of any and can be the next Julio Jones, but is also the most raw and gamble if he doesn’t develop. Would have to use #17 to get him. Hunter at 6’4 with a 40″ vert could be a matchup nighmare for DBs, but he’s inconsistent and has potential to be a Limas Sweed…could go late 1st or slide to 48. Williams is a nice outside deep threat but needs to develop into a complete WR…he will still be there @48 but that’s too high @79 though he wouldn’t be a bad pick. Dobson is a guy who can be a lot like Patterson with big upside but at a lower price, if he’s there @79 he’d be hard to pass up.
    Possesion Guy with Size – Allen and Hopkins are the two here. Both have good hands and can catch and run, but the are a step slow to be true deep threats at NFL level. However, both can be complements to Brown. Both are potential 1st rounders but 17 is a bit high.
    *A Bit of Everything – that would be Woods, Patton, and Bailey. These guys were productive in college and may be able to do so in NFL but they are missing prototype size and speed. 6’0 and under and basically 4.5 guys isn’t bad but these guys may have already reached their potential. Woods will go the highest and might not make it to 48.Bailey and Patton will be there but are better value if you get them @79 rather than reach.
    More of the same – Wheaton is similar to what they already have, particularly Sanders in terms of size/speed. At one point he was a potential 1st rounder but has slipped a bit and could be there @79.

  • Stedman Bailey is a b etter all around WR, he is great in the redzone, he know how to get open. Patterson is talented but he does not practice well and we dont want a player like that on the Steelers.

  • He is my Draft for the Steelers. What do you think?
    1. Eddie Lacy RB Alabama : A RB that can carry the ball 25 times per game.
    2. John Simon DE/OLB OSU : A Vrable type OLB, with a great motor.
    3. Stedman Baily WR WVU : The guy know how to get open, great after the catch.
    4. Khassem Greene LB Rutgers : can play ILB or OLB. flys to the ball.
    5. Ricky Wagner OL Wisconson : OT that can also play OG, good value pick.
    6a. David Bass DE Missouri Western : This guy is amazing worker, sleeper with upside.
    6b. Shamarko Thomas SS Syracuse : Tremendous Character, leadership qualities
    7. Josh Boyce WR TCU : great hand, get the ball at its peak.
    This is a big draft for the Steelers. They need to get players that leat, sleep, and dream football not just players the show up on Sundays(Hard Workers). They need leaders in the locker room. I think I covered alot of their needs in my picks.

  • steelmann58

    If they draft Simon in round two i am going puke

  • SteelerCop

    What about a CB…the second biggest need on our team!

  • SteelerCop

    If we can’t get an outstanding OLB with the first pick…then I hope Tavon Austin is available…He would be the next “slash”…and he can fill many holes for the STEELERS. He can play slot and stretch the field with Mike Wallace speed…he can play punt/kick returner…he can play third down RB…we need al those things! 🙂

  • Injury prone? Where on earth did you get that info? DISAGREED!!!

  • Yeah, that’s why most analysts have Patterson going in the 1st rd. and Bailey in the 2nd or 3rd. I’m sure you got the info on his practice habits from the same guy that told Rubem he’s injury prone.

  • Dave left out his community college numbers, so what’s the point in comparing his statistics to the others on the list.

  • David Edward

    Hi Dennis, I like some of the players you picked but some of your rounds are way off. Let me help out a bit…
    Lacy – he’s one of the top RBs yes, but @17 you would be reaching a bit. In today’s NFL, taking RBs in 1st isn’t considered good value unless it’s an AP type guy. If you said RB @48 I’d be ok with that.
    Simon – way too high @48. Yes he has some Vrabel in him but may not be able to be a starter in NFL. 4th round is more like it.
    Bailey – 3rd is correct for him. Good pick there if a few other WRs are already gone.
    Greene – I think he fits better in a 4-3 as WLB and there are guys I like better at ILB. He’ll likely go higher than 4th anyway.
    Wagner- he didn’t have a great year so probably will go late. I’d rather see them take a top OL who can start if one falls to them in 1st and sign a couple of vets to backup.
    Bass – maybe if he can convert but there are mid-round OLB who I like better. Plus, I wouldnt spend two picks on OLB as you suggest.
    Thomas – now there’s a guy I like…best pick on your list. Problem is, he will be long gone by 6th round. They need to take him @79 (3rd) if they want him…he might even go before 79.
    Boyce – another guy I like who can be a faster version of Hines. Again though, he will be long gone by 7th. He’s and early third day guy..meaning 4th or maybe 5th round.

  • nbaballer1

    I love his ability and tape I think we’d be better off seeing who is there in the second though

  • nbaballer1

    What do you guys think about da’rick Rodgers? He will be there when we pick in the second and maybe 3rd. He has size speed and good hands. I don’t see how we could pass on him unless we take a receiver in the first.
    My top receivers that I’d want us to take would be:
    Keenan Allen
    Deandre Hopkins
    Justin hunter
    Da’rick Rogers
    (I want us to take one of these guys, not all of them)

  • nbaballer1

    Who would you count as “outstanding” for an olb in the first?

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Don’t put words in my mouth! Who said I was comparing his statistics to the others on the list? The ex-juco spent one so-so year at Tennessee (46 catches, 778 yards, 5 TDs).

  • SteelerCop

    Jones…or any of the other OLB selected before him…I even like Moore! I would trade down to gey him…and an extra draft pick. 🙂

  • nbaballer1

    idk about moore but i’m all for jones in the first and taking a big wide receiver like Da’Rick Rogers or Justin Hunter in the 2nd or 3rd.

  • SteelerCop

    I like that idea too! We need a big possession WR too. 😉

  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I said he’s the best receiver on that LIST, and you said NOT STATISTICALLY. So, ……..Unmmm(think)

    The reason I like him so much is because he’s a duel threat and can provide immediate help on special teams. You say he had a so-so year on a 5-7 football team, but I see a guy who scored 10 all purpose TDs that year and has 46 all purpose touchdowns in 3 years playing ball.

  • mokhkw

    1st Rd talent if he didn’t have the OTF issues (3 failed drug tests at Vols led to his dismissal). He may be the most talented WR in this years Draft & would definitely take a chance on him in the 3rd if he was available.

    Put it this way, if people are willing to spend a 3rd on a midget DB like Mathieu then Rodgers is well worth the risk.

  • Thanks, I was goning to go with Authur Brown in the 1st and Le’veon Bell in the 4th. And sorry everyone, I don’t think the Steelers need a CB.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    You would take him over Austin? I have Austin ranked at 18 and Patterson ranked 21 overall! If you are talking about a dual-threat I think Austin is ‘da’ man!

  • I dunno. Good question. I like Austin, but Patterson is my favorite, so I’d go with him. I want a 1st rd receiver, so I feel like those 2 and maybe K. Allen are worthy of the 17th pick.

  • David Edward

    Quick update here on Keenan Allen…he ran in the 4.7s @ his pro workout. Obviously, that’s not good, although he might get a tad faster once OTAs roll around and he has more workout time to build up the knee. Either way it basically puts him firmly in that possession WR category.