Steelers 2013 Draft – Share Your Six To Eight Special Players In Round One

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin met the media on Monday to talk about the upcoming draft. Early on in the press conference, here is what Colbert had to say about the pool of players they are looking at.

“The draft, as always, as it shaped up, we think that we\’re in real good shape,” said Colbert “We\’re picking 17th and we\’ll be picking from a pool of 150 guys that we\’ve identified. Realistically, I think there\’s probably, in this group, there\’s probably six to eight guys that we think are special players. Beyond that, there\’s a nice group of potential starters that I think you\’ll be looking at in rounds two and three, and beyond that, in four through seven, we\’ll be looking at depth.”

With the above said, let\’s do a pre draft exercise. In the comments below, please list your six to eight players that you deem special in the first round. Please rank those players from highest to lowest.

  • untitled

    Luke Joeckel
    Eric Fisher
    Star Lotuelei
    Dee Milliner
    Shariff Floyd
    Dion Jordan
    Ezekiel Ansah
    Jonathan Coooer

  • Thom Kay

    Dion Jordan, Luke Joeckel, Eric Fischer, Ziggy Ansah, Sharrif Floyd, Tyler Eifert

  • Kirby Hogenmiller

    1) Cordaralle Patterson
    2) Deandre Hopkins
    3) Tyler Eifert
    4) Barkevious Mingo
    5) Tavon Austin
    Those are the only players worth considering.

  • My 8 players are not the best 8, but ones that the Steelers have a realistic chance to draft…

    1)WR Cordarelle Patterson
    2)WR Tavon Austin
    3)CB Dee Milliner
    4)OLB Ziggy Ansah
    5)CB Desmond Trufant
    6)FS Kenny Vaccaro
    7)OLB Jarvis Jones
    8)TE Tyler Eifert

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    1.Jonathan Cooper
    3.Tyler Eifert
    4.D.J. Fluker
    5.Bjoern Werner
    6.Star Lotulelei
    7.Damontre Moore
    8. Jarvis Jones

  • TheBlitz

    Ok I will redo my exercise all together.
    This time I will list 8 special players that could be available at 17

    1- Jonathan Cooper (or Warmack – one of them could still be available)
    2- Jarvis Jones
    3- Kenny Vaccaro
    4- Tevon Austin
    5- Xavier Rhodes
    6- Tyler Eifert
    7- Alec Ogletree
    8- Manti Te’o

  • alan sheaffer


  • steeltown

    Star Lotuelei
    Dee Milliner
    Ezekiel Ansah
    Dion Jordan
    Xavier Rhodes
    Jarvis Jones
    Jonathan Cooper
    DeAndre Hopkins
    Tyler Eifert

    …I know, thats 9 players, had to throw in Eifert

  • Kysteeler

    1. Jonathan Cooper OG
    2. Xavier Rhodes CB
    3. Tyler Eifert TE
    4. Tavon Austin WR (Colbert notes the size variations at the position, but all is normal outside Austin)
    5. Lane Johnson OT
    6.Kenny Vaccaro S

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Forget the ranking; I’m gonna do this moneyball style… best player for right fit at better price/pick.

    Tyler Eifert
    Shamarko Thomas
    Sio Williams
    Jon Bostic
    Justin Hunter
    Kapoor Lewis-Moore
    Lane Johnson
    Jonathan Franklin.

    Now the top is a likely pick toward bottom where fit is tremendous but not likely to happen.

    Each individual bring exactly what we need for this season and when next year we start letting players go (my prediction is that we might cut Brett Keisel, Ryan Clark, and likely asking Heath Miller to take a paycut or we cut him)

    So considering our class of 2008 is a mess, this is very important, we draft not just for now but next year too. The challenging part is trying to balance the needs.

  • mokhkw

    You missed the point. 🙂 Idea is to list your 6-8 “special” players, not who you think the Steelers will draft.

    Nevermind…you’re not the only one. 🙂

  • Pete

    Luke Joeckel
    Eric Fisher
    Lane Johnson
    Jonathan Cooper
    Chance Warmack
    Tyler Eifert
    Dion Jordan
    Barkevious Mingo
    Star Lotulelei

    I’m guessing here but most are projected to be gone by 17. I only see Eifert, Cooper or Warmack as possibilities at 17 among this group.

  • mokhkw

    1. Lane Johnson

    2. Star Lotululei

    3. Dion Jordan

    4. Tavon Austin

    5. Margus Hunt

    6. Jonathon Cooper

    7. Leon Sandcastle

  • steeltown

    Of course, the realistic possibility of a few of these guys falling is next to zero.. so if we’re talking ‘possible’ guys there at #17 which has to be factored into their thinking, I guess….

    Xavier Rhodes
    Ezekiel Ansah
    Jarvis Jones
    Kenny Vacarro
    Jonathan Cooper
    DeAnder Hopkins
    Barkevious Mingo
    Tyler Eifert

    …and then when considering what Colbert said about DE’s or lack there of then I would consider adding a DL prospect that project as 3-4 DE like maybe Sheldon Richardson

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    If I understand right you’re asking which are the 8 guys in this year’s draft that Colbert thinks are special?

    Eric Fisher

    Luke Joeckel

    Star Lotulelei

    Shariff Floyd

    Dee Milliner

    Tavon Austin

    Chance Warmack

    Tyler Eifert

  • 1.Fisher

  • $19122620

    1. Dion Jordan, OLB, Orgeon
    2. Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah
    3. Ziggy Ansah, OLB, BYU
    4. Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    5. Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina
    6. Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
    7. Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia
    8. Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

  • John Dewald

    There really aren’t any “special” players in this draft. The lack of elite QB talent has been discussed at length but there is a lack of “special” talent across the board. There is no Calvin Johnson, Peterson, Polamalu, Ngata, Orlando Pace…etc., in this draft.

    Well, Warmack might qualify but I wouldn’t draft him at 17 either since he no longer matches the blocking scheme. I can’t think of anyone I would draft rather than trade down for an additional 3rd round pick (preferably twice).

  • dgh57

    1. Cooper
    2. Eifert
    3. Floyd
    4. Lotulilei
    5. Rhodes
    6. Hopkins
    7. Vacarro
    8. Jordan

  • John Mazza

    really? like Sandcastle is gonna fall to us anyway.. pissed

  • dgh57

    I like your #7 pick!! He is sure to make multiple Pro Bowls and who knows maybe even the HOF!!! LOL!!! 🙂

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Special players list:

    Luke Joeckel
    Eric Fisher
    Dion Jordan
    Dee Milliner
    Jonathan Cooper
    Ziggy Ansah
    Star Lotulelei
    Tavon Austin

  • RW

    1. Luke Joeckel

    2. Shariff Floyd

    3. Star Lotoulelei

    4. Jonathan Cooper

    5. Chance Warmack

    6. Tyler Eifert

    7. Matt Elam

    8. Robert Woods

    I suspect many of you will be surprised by the latter 2, but I do think they qualify as “special”. I would add a 9th (Tavon Austin) but this excersize was limited to Colbert’s thoughts. I ultimately think there are 9 elite players (those mentioned above) and the next line would be the excellent players:

    1. Jarvis Jones

    2. Dion Jordan

    3. Bjoern Werner

    4. Khasheem Greene

    I think the above four players are excellent pass rushers, but not of the same mold as in previous years.

  • Dan

    Only including players that could conceivably be available at #17.

    1.) Chance Warmack

    2.) Jonathon Cooper

    3.) Tavon Austin

    4.) Tyler Eifert

    5.) Jarvis Jones

    6.) Kenny Vaccaro
    7.) Dion Jordan

  • Dan

    Sandcastle has too mand red flags for me. He has yet to produce a birth certificate. He’s always wearing sunglasses and to my knowledge has never submitted to a drug test.

  • How dare you criticize me!!! LOL 🙂 I didn’t thumbs down you btw. That was some other jackoff.

  • lefnor

    Arthur Brown ILB
    Dion Jordan OLB
    Ziggy Ansah OLB
    Barkevious Mingo OLB
    Kenny Vaccaro S
    Justin Hunter WR
    Tavon Austin WR

  • Brian Tollini

    and the questionalble 40 time is a concern…has the hands of Dwight Stone and the quickness of Bubby Brister.

  • Brian Tollini

    1. Chance Warmack

    2. Star Lotulelei

    3. Kenny Vacarro

    4. Jonathan Cooper
    5. Tavon Austin
    6. D.J. Hayden
    7. Jarvis Jones
    8. Sheldon Richardson

  • Trey Eastwood

    1. Dion Jordan
    2. Ziggy Ansah
    3. Tavon Austin
    4. Tyler Eifert
    5. Kenny Vaccaro
    6. Eric Fisher
    7. Chance Warmack
    8. Barkevious Mingo

  • JC

    This is in no particular order. 1) OT Eric Fisher 2) G Chance Warmack 3) G Jonathan Cooper 4) DT Shariff Flyod 5) DT/DE Star Lotuelei 6) TE Tyler Eiffert 7) S K. Vaccaro 8) DT Sheldon Richardson

  • 1. LT Joeckel
    2. LT Fisher
    3. CB Milliner
    4. DT Floyd
    5. NT Lotulelei
    6. RB Eddie Lacy
    7. OG Jonathan Cooper
    8. WR DeAndre Hopkins

    At RD1 I fully expect RB Eddie Lacy since Neither Jones Nor Moore are welcoming personalities in the locker room and expect to only work one day a week. Plus a TE is a wasted pick, we have six capable players on the Depth Chart now and don’t need more…..we need to fill holes, not continue to over stock other positions. Oh and depth at Safety doesn’t dictate that we reach for a back up in RD1. I could probably list you 6 2 8 S’s that are just as capable as Vaccaro.

  • Garrett Hunt

    1. Luke Joeckel
    2. Star Lotulelei
    3. Jarvis Jones
    4. Dee Miliner
    5. Warmack
    6. Cooper
    7. Deandre Hopkins
    8. Tyler Eifert

  • Tito Marin

    1 Tyler Eifert.
    2 Jarvis Jones
    3 Tavon Austin
    4 Justin Hunter
    5 Matt Elam
    6 Jonathan Cyprien
    7 Deandre Hopkins
    8 Arthur Brown

  • Garrett Hunt

    It would be really interesting to read this comments section 3-4 years from now

  • Shannon Stephenson

    The special players
    1 Cooper
    2 Warmack
    3 Lotuleilei
    4 Floyd
    5 Fisher
    6 Joekel

  • JC

    I’m a big Arthur Brown fan.

  • David Edward

    Interesting exercise because it’s hard to tell if Colbert meant 6-8 guys they could pick @17 or 6-8 blue-chippers. Anyway, for anyone that may have read some of my previous posts, I’ve said there are 12 guys in my overall tier 1…meaning 12 blue chip players. So from that list I’ll pick 8 below:

    1. Cooper – ideal LG who you can plug-n-play right away, the next Pouncey
    2. Austin – in spite of size, the most dynamic playmaker in the draft who is a mmultipurpose weapon if used correctly
    3. Jordan – OLB who can rush, cover, and contain and is a superior athlete
    4. Lotulelei – powerful enough to control middle at NT but can be effective as 34DE too…Ngata Jr?
    5. Fisher – looks like a natural at LT who can handle speed, bull, or any kind of rusher
    6. Eifert – can do it all as a TE but like having a #3 WR out there too. Creates mismatches all over if used properly
    7. Warmack – also plug-n-play LG who may be all-pro for rest of decade, a little less athletic than Cooper though
    8. Joeckel – set-it-and-forget-it LT who may not wow but will get the job done better than the rest

    The other 4 in my tier 1 were OT Johnson, DL Floyd, CB Miliner, CB Rhodes

  • moderatelysane

    Warmack, Allen, Austin, Lattimore, Fisher, Arthur brown, dion jordan

  • SteelerDave

    The top talent which we have no chance at unless we trade up (which will not ever happen)…..

    LT – Joeckel – will definitely go in top 5, no way we get him.
    DT – Floyd – best suited as a pass rushing DT in a 4-3 scheme, not likely on our board.
    OLB – Jordan – the top OLB in the draft, will not be there at 17.
    LT – Fisher – nearly as good as Joeckel will also be long gone in top five.
    CB – Milliner – highly unlikely he falls lower than ten.
    LT – Johnson – also gone in top ten picks, would need to trade up to land him.
    DT – Lotulelei – the best NT in years, sadly gone in top ten as well.

    Players who could be around at 17 depending on trades and others teams reaching…..

    OLB – Mingo (least likely to fall far enough)
    WR – Austin (not worth a 1st, too deep of pool)
    FS – Vaccaro (not worth a 1st, too deep of a pool)
    CB – Rhodes (really would love us to grab him at 17 as he is an ideal fit)
    DE/OLB – Ansah (truly best suited as a RDE not an OLB)
    CB Trufant (most likely gone before Rhodes but if there he is our man),
    DT – Richardson (he could fall but he is a 4-3 DT and does not fit for us)
    OLB – Jones (has the talent to be top ten but medical questions persist, avoid Jones)
    OG – Warmack, OG – Cooper (one of them will be there and Cooper is my choice for LG)
    DE – Werner (with us he would be an OLB but honestly his talent set is best for a 4-3 DE)
    TE – Eifert (would be perhaps the best value and safest pick available at 17)

    Wild Card – ILB – Te’o (doubt we’d take him but one never knows)

    As I see it we will either select Cooper, Eifert or Rhodes and I would be very happy with any of these three.

  • mokhkw

    😀 If I’m not getting thumbs down then it means I haven’t been posting…..

  • steeltown

    I agree.. I see them as most likely to be around when we select and I would be happy with any of those three prospects (Cooper, Eifert or Rhodes) and to the dismay of many fans, Jarvis Jones might be there as well

  • Andrew

    Kenny Vaccaro – Lane Johnson – Xavier Rhodes – Jarvis Jones – Bjoern Werner – Jonathan Franklin – Deandre Hopkins – Tyler Eifert

  • Ahmad

    1. Luke Joeckel
    2. Chance Warmack
    3. Jonathan Cooper
    4. Star Lotulelei
    5. Kenny Vacarro
    6. Dee Milliner
    7. Eric Fisher

  • Jon Crissinger

    1. Dion Jordan
    2. Star Lotulelei
    3. Lane Johnson
    4. Jonathan Cooper
    5. Chance Warmack
    6. Cordarelle Patterson
    7. Ziggy Ansah

    8. Tavon Austin

  • SteelerDave

    Some sights actually have Lotulelei falling far enough and if so, I say grab him in a hurry.

    Jones simply should not be our pick if there. We need an OLB who will be here long term, not gambling on health or off-field issues.

  • steeltown

    Not to mention we have no idea how productive Worilds will be as a full time starter, or Adrian Robinson for that matter

    I’d be more inclined to take a top CB (or trade back and take Safety) since Ike, Troy and Clark will be gone soon. I think the only OLB/DE I’d take in the first would be Dion Jordan or Ansah (purely because he’s a freak) or maybe Bjorn Werner though they seem better suited for 4-3

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Here we go Steelers! This week is dragging on! Come on Thursday! Happy draftivus too all!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Sandcastle is too mustachio!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    There should be a particular order (read above)! I didn’t give you a thumbs down by the way!

  • $19122620

    There, I obviously didn’t read the whole page, haha!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    I’ve been guilty of that myself!