Steelers 2013 NFL Draft – First Round Draft Pick Poll

Pencils down. It is now time for you to vote in the poll below as to who you think the Pittsburgh Steelers will draft in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft that gets underway this evening in New York City. The list of names include all of the players that I have seen associated as possibly being the pick over the course of the last several months. I believe only 400 votes can be accepted in this free poll and I ask that you only vote once. Feel free to add more about your choice in the comments below.

  • SteelerDave

    I admit that I have reservations about Eifert being 17 worthy but would not object to him being selected. My vote went to Rhodes whom I feel offers the most value at 17 in a near tie with Cooper. What will be interesting is if Lotulelei falls to 17, he would be hard to pass on.

  • Cordarelle Patterson WR Tenn. This. team lacks playmakers after losing Wallace and mendenhall. Can help immediately in the return game. Plus this a veteran team with players that should help him reach his potential

  • Jason

    I think running back is a huge need and I think Lacy won’t be there in the second. He’s the closest thing to Bettis in awhile.

  • Drew

    I sure hope they find a way to trade down.

  • dgh57

    One of the top guards despite what the nay sayers think! Just FIX the run game, PLEASE!! But I’ll be happy with 1 of the top WRs or Safeties also.

    I’m so glad the draft is finally here. Its been so long it seems like since our season ended!

  • ron cuglietta

    Trade back with SF for the 31, 34& their 2nd. That way we can fill a lot of needs. We should get a S, OLB & RB

  • Eric MacLaurin

    When I did my full first round mock at we ended up with Ziggy 2.0 but I voted here for Ogletree expecting Ansah doesn’t fall that far. It really does point out the possibility of someone special falling to 17 though.

  • The Fighting Ingies

    That would be great but unlikely If they go by the draft value point chart. SF would over pay if they do that trade.

    #17 is 950 points vs 1160 (#31 600 + #34 560)

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Steelers have gone lineman several drafts now. I think they want to upgrade LE. I will go against the crowd and say they pick DE Datone Jones, UCLA, with the first selection.

  • SteelersDepot

    Mike Hokslong, you need glasses.

  • ron cuglietta

    SF has few needs and a lot of picks (13). They need safety help. So maybe they are willing

  • ron cuglietta

    Tyler Eifert would have an immediate impact. Dont think he will be there at 17

  • disqus_MIgcf3OwjT

    kevin harper kicker from pitt