Steelers 2013 NFL Draft – Five Questions For Our Readers

The 2013 NFL draft gets underway on Thursday, so we will throw out five questions for you to answer that ought to produce some pretty interesting answers in the comments. Most of these questions are related to the Pittsburgh Steelers specifically.

1. Mike Mayock recently released his top 100 prospects heading into the draft. Of his top 40 players, name five that you believe do not belong there.

2. Now that you have removed five from the Mayock top 40, name five players that are not in his top 40 that should be there.

3. The Steelers are currently scheduled to make eight selections in the draft. Will they come away with eight draft picks, or thanks to draft day trades, will they have more or less drafted player?

4.  How many wide receivers will be off the board by the time the Steelers pick in the second round, assuming they stay put in that round. Name those wide receivers off the board.

5. Will the Steelers draft a quarterback during the draft, and if so, which quarterback do you believe they will select?

Number your answers below in the comments for easy viewing.

  • Guest

    1. Players that should not be top 100.

    (David Quessenberry, Jordan Poyer, Dwayne Gratz, Dallas Thomas, and Bennie Logan)

    2. Players that should be in top 100.

    Logan Ryan-CB Rutgers, Sam Montgomery-DE LSU, Shamarko Thomas-SS Syracuse, Tyler Wilson-QB Arkansas, and Jordan Reed-TE Florida.

    3. More…I have them with 9

    4. 5 wr’s off the board. (Austin,Patterson, Hopkins, Allen, and Hunter)

    5. Zac Dysert (Miami, OH) 5th round.

  • David Edward

    1. CB Hayden, ILB Teo, OT Pugh, G Long, DE Moore
    2. WR Hopkins, ILB Ogletree, WR Woods, CB Taylor, RB Bernard
    3. Trades will be tough, I think they end up with 8 still
    4. Austin, Patterson, Hunter, Hopkins, Woods, Allen…so 6
    5. No

  • moderatelysane

    Nice exercise and discussion Dave. My thoughts:

    #1: Tyler Eifert, DJ Hayden are the two that I think don’t fit in the top 40, Matt Elam is borderline. I know you said 5, but I think the rest belong there.

    #2: Deandre Hopkins, Jonathan Hankins, Tank Carradine belong in the top 40.

    #3: I think the steelers with come away with 7 picks due to a mid-round trade

    #4: My favorite question. I think Austin, Patterson, Hopkins, Woods will be gone by 48. Very possible that Allen and Hunter will also be gone. Before today, I was convinced that Austin wouldn’t make it past the Jets. Now that they have 2 first rounders it’s virtually impossible that they’ll pass on him if he’s on the board. Austin is the single playmaker I’d want to have if I’m Rex Ryan who needs to roll the dice on a way to score points this year or get fired. Austin can catch a short pass, nay even an ass fumble, from Sanchez and take it to the house. I wouldn’t like him with the Steelers, especially not at the cost of #17. I buy into the Bucky Brooks dogma of why he isn’t a top draft pick. My hope is that Allen slips to 48 and they grab him. I know there’s a question about the drug test, but as far as I’m aware that’s the only character flag on the kid. The most interesting thing about the predraft visits is that they haven’t brought in a single round 1/2 WR prospect. Hard to imagine they aren’t considering drafting one, so they must not want to tip their hand for fear of being scooped.

    #5: I think the Steelers only draft a QB if one they love drops to a cheap spot. Only indication of bromance thus far is Zac Dysert, but I think he’ll be gone. I would say no QB.

  • 1. Lacy, Minter, Short, Long, Teo
    2. Carradine, Hopkins, Manuel, Ogletree, Bell
    3. 8 no trades
    4. 6…Austin, Patterson, Hunter, Allen, Woods, Hopkins
    5. Sean Renfree, 6th round comp pick

  • steelerfan13

    1. Menelik Watson, Justin Pugh, Justin Hunter, Kyle Long, Margus Hunt.
    2. Tank Carradine, Montee Ball, Johnthan Banks, Larry Warford, Alec Ogletree.
    3. More.
    4. 5. Austin, Patterson, Hunter, Allen, Woods.
    5. Maybe. Depends if a guy drops for some reason.

  • Chris92021

    1. Te’o, Justin Hunter, Dion Jordan, Kyle Long, DJ Hayden

    2.Hopkins, Ogletree, Ball, Carradine, Banks

    3. More…I actually would like to see a trade from 17 to say, 21 or 23 with Minnesota

    4.3 of them (Austin, Patterson, and Woods)

    5. Yes, and I say Tyler Bray in the 4th round.

  • JC

    1. OL K. Long, ILB M. Te’o,FS E. Reid, DE M. Hunt, OT M. Watson

    2. WR D. Hopkins, WR R. Woods, OT T. Armstead, S JJ. Wilcox, DT JE. Williams

    3. Trade down and accumulate 2 addition picks for a total of 10.

    4. 6 wide receivers will be off the board. (Austin, Patterson, Hunter, Woods, Hopkins, and Allen)

    5. Yes, Ryan Griffin in round 7

  • John Dewald

    1. Te’o, Long, Short, Reid, Allen

    2. Hopkins, Warford, Ogletree (if not concerned about character), Collins, S.Bailey

    3.More than 8

    4. 6 – Austin, Patterson, Woods, Hopkins, Allen, Hunter

    5. Maybe, depends if there is value at the position when they select in the later rounds. As long as it doesn’t happen until round 5 or later, I don’t really care too much.

  • lefnor

    1. S Matt Elam, OL Justin Pugh, DE Margus Hunt, S Eric Reid, DT Kawann Short

    2. QB EJ Manuel, QB Matt Barkley, WR DeAndre Hopkins, DE Tank Carradine, WR Robert Woods,

    3. One small trade down (in the 3rd or 4th round), 9 draft picks.

    4. Six WR: Hunter, Austin, Hopkins, Patterson, Woods, Wheaton.

    5. Zac Dysert, 4-5th round.

  • Brendon Glad

    I’m going to just do 2 right now…

    3. No, I think the Steelers will try to end up with 9 picks…by trading down…probably in the 2nd or 3rd round. If the 2 guards, Vaccaro, and the ND TE are off the board, then it may be in the first round. (My gut no longer feels Austin, with the Sanders matched-offer).
    5. Yes, I think they will draft the kid from Miami, OH in the 6th or 7th round. Seems like a logical and ideal way to draft a QB who Ben would take under his wing and try to make something of him.

  • Brendon Glad

    And if he’s not there, then I kind of hope they don’t. I’m cool with Charlie until he proves otherwise…and there always are retreads or undrafted FA’s for the third guy. I will NOT be happy if they draft one in the first 4 rounds. Too many other holes in depth to fill.

  • Brendon Glad

    4. I think 4 of Mayock’s 6 WR’s will be off the board by the Steelers second rd pick. I think it will be Austin, Patterson, Woods, and Hunter in that order.

  • Brendon Glad

    On a side note…I notice Tyronn Mathieu checked in at number 98. He is the player I am dreading. A) Because he is special as a ball-hawk…VERY SPECIAL…B) Because I watched his combine and he was head-and-shoulders above everyone else in the football drills….miles ahead. C) Because I know the Steelers won’t draft him…and I don’t think they should anyway…not a proper Steeler (in my opinion). D) I know Cincinnati or Baltimore WILL draft him (unless the Lions or Raiders snatch him)…it’s only a matter of where.
    Therefore, anyone who knows of a good hookup for weed in the Cincinnati or Baltimore areas should make sure to tweet that to him…lol. I have a feeling he’s gonna be a pain in Steelers Nations butt for awhile unless he screws it up.

  • Brendon Glad

    Oh, and DON’T rule out New England drafting him either. That might make me vomit. Watch them pass on him for 3 or 4 rounds then make a sudden trade and swoop him up in a spot that will make everyone sick. That would be about their luck/skill.

  • Brian Tollini

    Let’s try this again….

    1. Arthur Brown, Kawaan Short, Keenan Allen, and Justin Hunter are the only four

    2. Jamar Taylor, Matt Barkley, Blidi-Wreh Wilson, and DeAndre Hopkins

    3. I have them with 9

    4.5 off the board, Austin, Patterson, Hopkins, Allen, and Hunter

    5. Zac Dysert in the 5th.

  • Brendon Glad

    After watching Austin at the combine, and seeing the Steelers initial reaction to free-agency…(keeping Burress, letting Wallace go, and appearing to be letting Sanders go), I totally thought that the Steelers would draft Austin, and I actually was pretty excited about it. (He looked like a mish-mash of Deshawn Jackson, Wes Welker, and a splash of Darren Sproles to me…(when Sproles doesn’t line up at RB). Basically I thought they might look at Austin as a guy who actually can take handoffs even from the RB position and run with the ball a couple times a game (like Rainey did), but also will be an excellent slot receiver to start with, then eventually be a Wes Welker type WR as a starter.
    But when they surprised me and matched the Sanders offer, I’m off of that now. I came away from the combine pretty unimpressed with the WR’s. I admit, I don’t like NCAAF, so I rely a lot on the SR bowl and combine stuff to gather my judgements. But there were 4 guys, relatively speaking, who I liked as WR’s where value as a draft pick could be possible in the draft. I loved Austin, and consider a 1st round pick to be good value with him. I liked Woods, and consider a mid-second round pick to be good value with him. I liked the kid from WSU, and the kid from Duke and think they could have nice value in the 3rd and 5-7th rounds respectively. I think the rest of them that I can recall probably will be drafted higher than they should be.

  • RW

    Shouldn’t be in top 40: Te’o, Pugh, Kyle Long, Margus Hunt, Eric Reid

    Should be in the top 40: Hopkins, Ogletree, Woods, Ertz, Carradine

    Steelers will have more than 8 draft picks (10 total predicted)

    WRs off the board @ 2nd rd pick: Austin, Patterson, Hopkins, Hunter

    Maybe to the QB (I know that’s a cop-out). Should be Bray or Dysert if they do.

  • grw1960

    1- I can only come up with 2,OT Pugh and OG Kyle Long.
    2 – WR hopkins and WR Woods
    3 – Less , I think they will trade up either in the 3d or 4th round for one player. Similar to last year.
    4- Four WRs gone.
    5- QB Matt Scott or Ryan Griffen,

  • Shannon Stephenson

    5 gone: Pugh OG, Long OG/OT, Moore DE, Minter ILB, Cyprien S

    5 added: Manuel QB, Hopkins WR, Ogletree ILB, Hankins NT, Glennon QB

    We will stay at 8 picks

    5 WR’s will be off the board by the time we draft

    The Steelers will draft a QB late: Dysert, Griffin or Cameron.

  • 1. M. Watson, D. Moore, Pugh, Lacy, Short.
    2. Warford, Hopkins, J. Collins, Banks, Woods.
    3. Ten. (Trade down in 1st) pick up extra 3 and 5
    4. 4- Austin, Patterson, Hopkins, Woods
    5. Yes. Either Dysert in the 5th or Griffen in the 7th.

  • Flavio Mejía

    1. Out: D.J. Hayden, Justin Pugh, Kyle Long, Margus Hunt, Kawann Short
    2. In: Alec Ogletree, DeAndre Hopkins, Robert Woods, Johntan Banks and Zach Ertz
    3. Ideal scenario is the Steelers trade down twice twice taking 3 picks each time for a total of 12. I don’t know if they have cap enough to sign all of them, that will be the main factor here. It will be good if they trade down at least once and take 10 picks but sincerely, I think they will with the original 8.
    4. Tavon Austin and Cordarelle Petterson for sure. And Maybe Keenan Allen, DeAndre Hopkins and Robert Woods.
    5. If they trade down and have a lot of third down choices the guy is Tyler Bray. I think this guy can be a good football player. The problem with him is behavior. If they take Bray I wish they keep Charlie Batch in the organization to train him nos as QB but as a man. It will help that Ben take some chats with him explaining his own mistakes. What they need is to make this kid understand that from now he needs to conduct himself as a pro and not as the king of campus.

  • Thom Kay

    1. Xavier Rhodes, Kyle Long, Menelik Watson, Kevin Minter

    2. Alec Ogletree, Jonathan Hankins, Alex Carradine, Terron Armstead,

    3. Eight picks

    4. Five: Austin, Patterson, Hunter, Hopkins, Allen,

    5. Yes. Matt Scott.