Steelers Bring In LB Jamie Collins, LB Khaseem Greene, S Jonathan Meeks & S Phillip Thomas For Pre Draft Visits

In addition to Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones making a pre draft visit on Tuesday, Bob Labriola reports that the Pittsburgh Steelers are also hosting Southern Mississippi outside linebacker Jamie Collins, Rutgers outside linebacker Khaseem Greene, Clemson safety Jonathan Meeks and Fresno State safety Phillip Thomas for pre draft visits.

Jamie Collins

4.64 in the 40-yard dash…1.58 10-yard dash…2.68 20-yard dash…4.32 20-yard shuttle…11.55 60-yard shuttle…7.13 three-cone drill…41 ½-inch vertical jump…11’6” broad jump… Bench pressed 225 pounds 19 times…33 3/8-inch arm length…9 7/8-inch hands…80-inch wingspan.

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Khaseem Greene

4.71 in the 40-yard dash…1.65 10-yard dash…2.69 20-yard dash…4.20 20-yard shuttle…7.58 three-cone drill…30-inch vertical jump…9’2” broad jump… Bench pressed 225 pounds 17 times…31 7/8-inch arm length…9 ½-inch hands…77 ½-inch wingspan.

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Jonathan Meeks

4.55 in the 40-yard dash…1.67 10-yard dash…2.63 20-yard dash…4.72 20-yard shuttle…7.13 three-cone drill…33 ½-inch vertical jump…9’7” broad jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 23 times

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Phillip Thomas

4.53 in the 40-yard dash…1.58 10-yard dash…2.58 20-yard dash…4.10 20-yard shuttle…6.94 three-cone drill…35-inch vertical jump…10’2” broad jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 14 times…30 ¼-inch arm length…9 ¼-inch hands…74 3/8-inch wingspan.

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  • steeltown

    Collins and Greene are two very good looking prospects. Greene isnt talked about much but that guy is very very athletic, people bash him for his size, but look no further than James Harrison whan saying that size will limit NFL production. Collins also is very athletic

    I like both of these OLB prospects

    I dont know much about either Safety prospect, but damn it looks like Phillip Thomas had a monster senior season, despite the very mediocre film above

  • RW

    I like the OLB prospects. The safeties are both career backups.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Man i would not mind having Jamie Collins, he is going to be an animal

  • zyzak


  • Kevin Gobleck

    What position would we have K. Greene play being he could be both inside and outside?

  • kev4heels

    That tape did not help Thomas at all. He looks averse to contact.

    Love Collins in the 3rd.

    Greene looks like an ILB to me.

    If Ansah or Vacarro are gone at 1.17 and Jarvis Jones is there, we are taking him.

  • steeltown

    Thats a good question, he could be very versatile. We need more speed up front, which they tried to address with Spence, both guys Collins and Greene a pretty fast for LB’s

  • TsarPepe

    Is this a clue that the Steelers will look at safety in the lower rounds?

  • steeltown

    I think they’ll select Safety early AND late

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I like Greene in the 2nd but like you said he maybe better fit for us as an ILB

  • steeltown

    Agreed.. if they dont go OLB/DE early, then I like J.Collins in the 3rd.. though he may be selected earlier than that, he had a great showing at the combine

  • David Edward

    Collins is a great athlete and was a QB in HS, played S first two years at Southern Miss then moved to DE. He has the potential to be a rush/cover/contain OLB which is what Steelers need. He’s one of risers on the board and might not make it to 48 but would be a decent pick there if he is.

    Greene and Pitt’s Ray Graham have the same dad. He’s best suited for the 4-3 as a WLB but could probably fit at ILB in 3-4 if he gets better at shedding blocks. Arthur Brown/Jamie Collins would be better for Steelers 1/2 than Jones/Greene if they wanted to imitate ’07…which I don’t think they will.

    Thomas? eh, nothing special. Ran a 4.65 @ combine and I think he’s more of a 4.6 guy than the 4.53 @ pro day. Not someone I would expect to come in and do all of the things they would want the SS to do well. He’d be an upgrade over Mundy though…lol. 4th round guy to me.

    Meeks would be a late round guy and picking him would mean they missed out on all of the better guys unless they plan on picking two.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I’m just waiting for shamarko thomas to make the visit… come on, Steelers!

  • I just watched the meeks video and i have no clue why noone is talking about goodman?! This kid is relentless against a stout LSU line and i could see him taking over ziggys spot in 2 yrs… What round is he projected in and at what position would he most likely be used as? All i noticed was goodman, never noticed meeks at all

  • David Edward

    Yeah Gooman ate the LSU RT alive, but I think that kid was a freshman. Still, Goodman has the athletic ability to be good in the NFL. He had a great pro day and may have jumped into the 3rd round. Problem is that he’s more of a 4-3 DE. For a 3-4, he’s kinda stuck in the middle…would need to put on 20 lbs to be 34DE or drop 15-20 to be 34OLB. He ran a sub 4.7 @ pro day…so that’s much better than Jarvis Jones who’s 30 lbs lighter. I can see Goodman as a guy the Steelers use as a nickel/dime DL where they have the 2 DL with hand down and 2 OLB up…and as he continues to add weight in an NFL program he can be a full 3-4 DE. He has long 36.5″ arms which is ideal.

  • I could see him losing some weight much like woodley did, esp if he is running a sub 4.7 40 time… He just has a great motor and his knowledge and use of hands seem to be pretty decent… I would think getting him in the 3rd round is adequate and a steal in the 4th… Im still not sold on jones as I hink he is way undersized to be an NFL OLB, i dont think he would be good in run defense either, from tape i saw against bama he was getti g consistantly blown off the line… Id almost trade out of first round if possible because of middle round depth… We need depth everywhere!!! I do like lacey in 2nd round however but if we go after anyone in first round i have my eyes on tyler eifert, i think he is the next gronk… Him and miller together is lethal

  • James

    I don’t see Collins lasting to the 3rd, if he’s still on the board in the 2nd then we have to take him

  • James

    Yep Collins looks like a great pick for us! I just hope he’s still there in the 2nd

  • TsarPepe

    You also wrote that they will select WR early and late. That’s 4 draft picks for 2 positions. What about all the other holes that need to be filled?

  • steeltown

    I said two WR “could” be drafted.. obviously depends on the E.Sanders situation and how the draft plays out, pure speculation at this point, but obviously we are lacking depth at Safety, WR and RB

    But actually, now that we’re on the topic I could see (in any order): 2 Safeties & 2 WRs taken and then RB, LB, OL and TE or DL

  • JDR

    Goodman kicked LSU’s ass…. he jumps right out at you on that film.. his best position would be 4-3 DE, but then again Bruce Smith was a 3-4 DE at about 275 Goodman reminds me of Smith… no way would i want him to be a LB, he belongs on DL , don’t take him away from a position he can dominate…after seeing his tape, I wondering why i haven’t heard about him before (unless he just didnt show up or was injured other games) if he is available in the 3rd that is a steal