Steelers First Round Draft Pick Jarvis Jones Will Apparently Wear Jersey No.91

Are you ready to buy a Jarvis Jones jersey? If so, it appears that the Pittsburgh Steelers first round draft pick out of Georgia will wear No.91, the same number that the great Aaron Smith wore for so many years, according to the team website.

Many have speculated since his selection Thursday night, that because Jones wore No.29 in college, that he would likely ask for No.92, which of course was most recently worn by outside linebacker James Harrison, whom Jones will be measured against moving forward in his Steelers career.

Smith has been gone for a full season now, and besides, linebacker Brandon Johnson wore Smith\’s number just last season. Many, however, seem to have forgotten that already.

Jones is expected to be in Pittsburgh this afternoon and will be introduced to the media by team president Art Rooney II during a press conference.

  • rob c.

    Kevin Greene

  • Mike.H

    I don’t know what Kevin Greene’s secret is, but he’s always in the QB’s face 2 seconds after ball is snapped — harass and disrupt, almost as good as a sack.

  • Mike.H

    Seems to me Jarvis Jones could add 5 lbs of muscles both upper and lower body and get stronger. I’m sure Steelers Strength and Cond… coach will work on that front. No drafted rookie is a finished product. Go Steelers!

    Would anyone venture a guess how much Big Ben’s next contract will amount to as in yearly salary?

  • rob c.

    That is scary, I am guessing 20+, which is market value. I just hope they structure it right.