Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Made His Thoughts Clear On Emmanuel Sanders Situation In March

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert was asked about the possibility of losing restricted free agent Emmanuel Sanders a few weeks at the owners meetings and was pretty straight forward with his response.

“We’ll wait to see what fits. If a player makes sense, if we think he’s a better player and we can make it fit financially, then we’ll investigate,” said Colbert. “There are really no limitations on looking for other guys.”

So now that Sanders has signed a one-year offer sheet with the New England Patriots, Colbert will have the ultimate say as to whether or not he leaves. As I pointed out in my last post, there are ways to create the necessary cap space, assuming of course that the offer sheet is only for $4 million.

Colbert also made it sound like he was also open to looking at other free agents, should Sanders wind up leaving. The Steelers have already had free agent wide receiver Steve Breaston, who had his best statistical years under offensive coordinator Todd Haley, for a visit. If his knee checks out, he would be a much cheaper alternative to Sanders.

Early Doucet is another wide receiver that was drafted while Haley was with the Arizona Cardinals, and like Breaston, he too is currently a free agent.

We will know in a matter of five days if Colbert thinks that it makes sense to keep Sanders. He was well aware that he could be in this situation and his decision will have a big effect on what happens in the draft later on this month.

  • steeltown

    “if we can make it fit financially”

  • SteelersDepot

    What part of that are you struggling with?

  • JohnnyV1

    Early Doucet, Steve Breaston? Those two are not comparable to Sanders at this point in time, period. If those guys were good, they’d be signed. The Patriots are willing give up a 3rd Rd draft & $4 pick to get him. What did 49ers send to Baltimore for Anquan Bolder, a 6th Rd pick! The two guys mentioned above are free agents and have no offers. Let’s not devalue Sanders that much.

  • steeltown

    Not struggling with it at all, just restating it for all of the fans who think we ‘have to’ match the offer sheet

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Maybe we could pick up the Wvu duo now?

  • steeltown

    Who is devaluing him?

    Its a numbers game, as in cap room, the Steelers could have Breaston AND Doucet for cheaper than Sanders would cost in 2013 or they could sign Breaston for 2-3yrs for that same amount

  • JohnnyV1

    Two guys with no market and no job vs a guy who has a market set at a 3rd pick & $4million. Those two sets don’t equate, therefore one would need to devalue the Sanders set to equate those two sets.
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  • steeltown

    I think Bryan was just mentioning Breaston and Doucet due to their history with Haley and the fact that Breaston has visited, i dont think he was comparing or valuing one or another over Sanders… also Breaston has shown to be a productive player, the only reason his market ‘value’ is down is due to a knee injury, sort of like Ahmad Bradshaw

  • At 2.5 mill, I would consider keeping Sanders…at 4 mill one year NO.

  • JohnnyV1

    None of what you wrote is unknown to me. Cotchery is better than Doucet or Breaston, right now. Cotchery had a tough time getting on the field last year, as he was WR #4. Doucet & Breaston are not good, they may have been, but they now are not. Things change quickly in the NFL due to injuries. I felt, and still feel, making comments that Sanders is not worth it ($4 million) and for less money we could get Doucet & Breaston is devaluing Sanders worth to the team. You can have the last word.
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  • Chris Ranieri

    To me this is a test I’m confident Colbert can pass. He knows ES’s value to the team better than us all and how he fits in now and in the future. I’ll support whatever decision they make. I just hope we can pick up a good receiver in the draft!

  • steeltown

    Apparently it is now being reported at $2.5MIL… that changes things

  • JPDQ

    You think it was really necessary to make a comment like this?

  • You mean when the steelers gave him an original round tender?? 1.3 and change?..that IS their initial value on him. And if Steelers choose not to match the 2.5 one year on Sanders, why would you not want a cheap experienced vet that knows Haley’s system in and out to fill the gap?? There plenty of quality players out there waiting for their phones to ring…not just those two.

  • JohnnyV1

    Time will tell all.

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  • walter mason

    I hear you but I think the Steelers offered 1.3 because they thought they could get away with it. I think the Steelers would consider matching the 2.5 if it not for the 3rd round pic, which is tempting.

  • Pat Lopez

    What was so “clear” about his thoughts? “We’ll wait and see what fits.” Clear to me is not “wait and see.”