Steelers Mock Draft Exercise – First Four Rounds – List 20 Players

As much time as I spend on my mock drafts, my final one is my favorite as I usually add nine names of players that I considered in addition to my actual pick. The result of that is a list of around 60-70 players, because the last few rounds normally include a few duplicates. I like to judge myself by that list compared to the actual draft of the Pittsburgh Steelers, because the odds of getting every pick wrong are extremely high.

With the calendar now turning to April, we will have a little mock draft exercise and give everyone a chance to list five players in the first four rounds that you think the Steelers will legitimately pick. You should end up with a list of 20 players, and this list will be fun to look back at after the draft is over.

List the players in each round in the order from most likely to least likely. Between now and the draft, I will try to come up with a game for the final mock draft that will assign a score to each pick. In other words, if the first pick of yours in each of the four rounds is correct, you would have a perfect score of four. The lower the score, the better.

I will list mine below to show you what we are looking for in this post. In the final mock, we might do ten picks in each round with the winner receiving some sort of prize.

These exercises will help you widen your scope and knowledge of players and build better scenarios. Consider it a small big board exercise.

Round 1

1. Jonathan Cooper

2. Kenny Vaccaro

3. DeAndre Hopkins

4. Arthur Brown

5. Tyler Eifert

Round 2

1. Robert Woods

2. Quinton Patton

3. Jonathan Cyprien

4. Kevin Minter

5. Jamie Collins

Round 3

1. T.J. McDonald

2. Corey Lemonier

3. Trevardo Williams

4. Eric Reid

5. Giovanni Bernard

Round 4

1. John Simon

2. Jon Bostic

3. Le\’Veon Bell

4. Stedman Bailey

5. Brian Winters

  • RD 1
    1)WR Cordarrelle Patterson
    2)WR Tavon Austin
    3)WR Keenan Allen
    4)CB Dee Milliner
    5)CB Desmond Trufant

    RD 2
    1)S Jonathan Cyprien
    2)MLB Jon Bostic
    3)S Shamarko Thomas
    4)OG Larry Warford
    5)WR Quinton Patton

    RD 3
    1)RB Montee Ball
    2)WR Ryan Swope
    3)WR Stedman Bailey
    4)MLB Nico Johnson
    5)OLB Cornelius Washington

    RD 4
    1)RB Marcus Lattimore
    2)RB Stephan Taylor
    3)RB Kenjon Barner
    4) MLB A.J. Klein
    5) OLB Chase Thomas

  • Round 1:

    1. Kenny Vaccaro

    2. Keenan Allen

    3. Arthur Brown

    4. DeAndre Hopkins

    5. Jarvis Jones

    Round 2:

    1. Andre Ellington

    2. Robert Woods

    3. Zach Ertz

    4. Jamie Collins

    5. Kevin Minter

    Round 3:

    1. Shawn Williams

    2. Justin Hunter

    3. John Simon

    4. Marcus Lattimore

    5. Vance mcDonald

    Round 4:

    1. Shamarko Thomas

    2. Kevin Reddick

    3. Jonathan Jenkins

    4. Terrance Williams

    5. Nathan Williams

  • Dustin lucas

    I’m sorry but there is NO chance a guard gets taken by the Steelers in the first round. Not with Foster re-signed and multiple high round picks spent on the line in recent years. Not going to happen. Too many holes elsewhere.

  • SteelersDepot

    You can’t read, can you?

  • SteelersDepot

    Sorry Dustin, I am going to have to make an example out of you. Please don’t take it personal. Consider it me doing you a favor.

  • SteelersDepot

    A quick note on using an alias. There a few here that post under multiple names. I am going to start filtering these out as there is no room for this here. I will simply block the IP. Understood? Go elsewhere for that nonsense.

  • Kysteeler

    I like the idea of this! (used CBS rankings for a baseline for Rds)

    Round 1: (Kenny Vaccaro S),
    Arthur Brown LB, Star Lotulelei NT, Jonathan Cooper G, Keenan Allen WR.

    Round 2: (Kevin Minter LB),
    Robert Woods WR, Justin Hunter WR, Khaseem Greene LB, Barrett Jones C/G

    Round 3: (John Simon LB),
    Shawn Williams S, Andre Ellington RB, TJ McDonald S, Corey Lemonier LB, Brian Schwenke C/G

    Round 4. (Kenjon Barner RB),
    Chris Harper WR, Stedman Bailey WR, Mike Gillislee RB, Le’von Bell RB

    5. WR
    6. OG/C
    6. DE
    7. Florida player if not taken before this

  • i would love reid in the third but i think he will be gone in the second before our pick

  • nicolaisim

    Round 1
    1) OLB Jarvis Jones
    2) WR Tavon Austin
    3) OLB Barkevious Mingo
    4) S Kenny Vacarro
    5) OG Jonathan Cooper

    Round 2
    1) WR Quinton Patton
    2) S Eric Reid
    3) WR Keenan Allen
    4) RB Eddie Lacy
    5) S Jonathan Cyprien

    Round 3
    1) WR Ryan Swope
    2) OLB Corey Lemonier
    3) RB Kenjon Barner
    4) MLB Jon Bostic
    5) WR Stedman Bailey

    Round 4
    1) OLB Brandon Jenkins
    2) RB Stephan Taylor
    3) S Robert Lester
    4) OG Brian Winters
    5) MLB A.J. Klein

  • steeltown

    1) J.Jones
    2) Cooper
    3) Vaccaro
    4) Eifert
    5) Arthur Brown

    1) Hopkins (wishful thinking)
    2) Minter
    3) Gio Bernard
    4) Cyprein
    5) Woods

    1) Reid
    2) T.Williams
    3) Lemonier
    4) M.Lattimore
    5) Swope

    1) Bostic
    2) B.Jenkins
    3) L.Bell
    4) A.Dobson
    5) Brian Winters

  • David Edward

    Love the idea Dave! Can’t wait for the 10 picks per round because it allows for trades and such.

    Round 1
    1. G Chance Warmack
    2. ILB Arthur Brown
    3. WR Cordarelle Patterson
    4. G Jonathan Cooper (wishful thinking)
    5. TE Tyler Eiffert
    Round 2
    1. S Eric Reid
    2. RB Gio Bernard
    3. WR Justin Hunter
    4. WR Robert Woods
    5. G Larry Warford
    Round 3
    1. WR Aaron Dobson
    2. ILB Jon Bostic
    3. S Shamarko Thomas
    4. OLB Corey Lemonier
    5. NT Brandon Williams
    Round 4
    1. RB Zac Stacy
    2. OLB Trevardo Williams
    3. OLB Ty Powell
    4. RB Kerwin Williams
    5. SLASH Denard Robinson

  • dgh57

    Rd. 1: 1) WR “Nuke the Nukem” Hopkins
    2) SS Kenny Vacarro
    3) LG Jonathan Cooper
    4) ILB Author Brown
    5) TE Tyler Eifert

    Rd. 2: 1) FS Eric Reid
    2) WR Robert Woods
    3) C/G Barrett Jones
    4) ILB Kevin Minter
    5) S Jonathan Cyprien

    Rd. 3 1) RB Montee Ball
    2) RB LeVeon Bell
    3) SS Shamarko Thomas
    4) DE Marcus Hunt
    5) OLB Corey Lemonier

    Rd. 4 1) ILB Jon Bostic
    2) WR Stedman Baily
    3) OG Brian Winters
    4) RB Marcus Lattimore
    5)RB Kenyon Barner

  • Great, now just 19 more players for you to list.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt




    4)t.mathieu(I would draft him now if not earlier because he’s gettin a lot of interested teams looking his way and the way I do my draft is who I wouldn’t wanna play against /needs/and who I wouldn’t wanna see go to teams like pats ravens or niners


  • Flavio Mej√≠a

    First Round
    Chance Warmack
    Jonathan Cooper
    Jarvis Jones
    Kenny Vaccaro
    DeAndre Hopkins (Steelers trade down to mid 20s and get an axtra pick)

    Second Round
    Zach Ertz
    John Jenkins
    Jamie Collins
    Quinton Patton
    Eric Reid

    Third Round
    Montee Ball
    E.J. Saringer
    Kiko Alonso
    Trevardo Williams
    Cornelius Washington

    Fourth Round
    Kevin Reddick
    Shawn Williams
    Tyler Bray
    Darrick Rogers
    Sean Porter

  • ROUND 1
    1. Cooper
    2. Warmack
    3. Vaccaro
    4. Eifert
    5. A.Brown
    ROUND 2
    1. Patton
    2. Cyprien
    3. Hunter
    4. Woods
    5. Reid
    ROUND 3
    1. Lemonier
    2. TJ Mcdonald
    3. Bernard
    4. L. Bell
    5. T. Williams
    ROUND 4
    1. Dobson
    2. Winters
    3. Simon
    4. Bailey
    5. Bostic

  • Clint Martin


  • The Fighting Ingies

    Round 1
    1. G Jonathan Cooper
    2. SS Kenny Vaccaro
    3. DE Star Letulelei
    4. WR DeAndre Hopkins
    5. ILB Alec Ogletree

    Round 2
    1. WR Justin Hunter
    2. OLB Kaseem Greene
    3. G Larry Warford
    4. S Eric Reid
    5. TE Zach Ertz

    Round 3
    1. SS Shamarko Thomas
    2. OLB Jaimie Collins
    3. WR Ryan Swope
    4. RB Christine Michael
    5. CB Tyrann Mathieu

    Round 4
    1. ILB Jon Bostic
    2. RB Mike Gilislee
    3. TE Dion Sims
    4. FS DJ Swearinger
    5. TE Jordan Reed

  • Clint Martin

    !st rd

    1.Lane Johnson OT
    2.Barkevious Mingo OLB
    3.Jonathan Cooper G
    4.Kenny Vaccaro SS
    5.Cordarrelle Patterson WRF

    2nd Rd
    1.Jonathan Hankins DT
    2.Robert Woods WRF
    3.Jonathan Banks CB
    4.Zach Ertz TE
    5.Jamie Collins OLB

    3rd RD
    1.Jonathan Cyprien SS
    2.Quinton Patton WRF
    3.Cornelius Washington OLB
    4.Kyle Long OT
    5.Margus Hunt DE
    4th RD
    1.Brandon Jenkins OLB
    2.Nico Johnson ILB
    3.Stepfan Taylor
    4.Matt Scott QB
    5.Christine Michael RB

    5th RD
    1.Knile Davis RB
    2.T.J. McDonald FS
    3.Landry Jones QB
    4.David Quessenberry OT

    5.Marquise Goodwin WRS

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    Round 1:

    Star Lotulelei (Haloti Ngata)

    Tavon Austin (WR)

    Jonathon Cooper (G)

    Jarvis Jones (OLB)

    Cordarelle Patterson (WR)

    Round 2:

    Deandre Hopkins (WR)

    Margus Hunt (DE)

    Robert Woods (WR)

    Manti Teo (MLB)

    Kevin Minter (MLB)

    Round 3:

    TJ McDonald (S)

    Jonathon Franklin (RB)

    Marcus Lattimore (RB)

    Stedman Bailey (WR)

    Mallicah Goodman (DE)

    Round 4:

    Stephan Taylor (RB)

    John Simon (OLB)

    Knile Davis (RB)

    Cobi Hamilton (WR)

    Tyran Mathieu (S)

  • grw1960

    Round 1- S K. Vaccaro _ OG J. Cooper _ LB A. Brown _WR D. Hopkins _ WR C. Patterson
    Round 2 -WR R. Woods _ WR Patton _ S Cyprien _ RB G. Bernard _
    ILB Minter
    Round 3 – S T.J. McDonald _TE G. Escobar _ OLB J. Collins _ RB C. Michaels _ WR A. Dobson
    Round 4 – S Shawn Williams _RB L. Bell _ OLB Corey Lemonier _ OT X. Nixon _OLB J. Simon

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Solid Dave!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Not the end of the Worilds! See where I went with that?!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Swope there it is!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    My list of 20:
    Rd 1
    1 Kenny Vaccaro
    2 Star Lotulelei
    3 Tavon Austin
    4 Arthur Brown
    5 Tyler Eifert

    Rd 2
    1 John Jenkins
    2 Robert Woods
    3 Jonathan Cyprien
    4 Margus Hunt
    5 Stedman Bailey

    Rd 3
    1 Ryan Swope
    2 TJ McDonald
    3 Trevardo Williams
    4 Christine Michael
    5 Gavin Escobar

    Rd 4
    1 Brian Winters
    2 Tharold Simon
    3 John Simon
    4 Dion Sims
    5 Nico Johnson

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Fontana hurry and post your list of 20!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Swope there it is!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Fart sound!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    I really never thought of Shark Thomas in the 3rd! Good big board Fighting Ingies!

  • Lamarr56

    Is brown actually considered as a possible 1st round pick, I’ve heard his name tied to our 2nd, but not at 17

  • Clint Martin


  • Clint Martin

    Just to let everyone know my alias is asshole.I am just sayin.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    1st: Eifert, Warmack, Cooper, Richardson, Vaccaro
    2nd: Hopkins, Reid, Greene, Porter, Carradine
    3rd: Cyprien, Bostic, Kelce, Franklin, Dobson
    4th: Gillislee, Barner, Logan, Swanson, Amerson

  • mokhkw

    Round 1

    1. Xavier Rhodes CB
    2. Jonathon Cooper OG
    3. Chance Warmack OG
    4. Star Lotulelei DT (Medical)
    5. Kenny Vaccaro S

    Round 2
    1. Jesse Williams DT
    2. Arthur Brown OLB/ILB
    3. Jonathan Cyprien S
    4. Sylvester Williams DT
    5. Manti Teo ILB

    Round 3
    1. Da’Rick Rogers WR (Character)
    2. Trevardo Williams OLB
    3. John Jenkins DT
    4. Phillip Thomas S
    5. Gavin Escobar TE

    Round 4
    1. Le’Veon Bell RB
    2. Marcus Lattimore RB (Medical)
    3. Chris Harper WR
    4. Nico Johnson ILB
    5. Montori Hughes DT

  • mokhkw

    Not at this stage, but with 3 weeks still to go anything could happen.

  • James

    I like this game!

    Round 1
    1. S Kenny Vaccaro
    2. G Jonathan Cooper
    3. WR DeAndre Hopkins
    4. WR Keenan Allan
    5. TE Tyler Eifert

    Round 2
    1. ILB Kevin Minter
    2. G Larry Warford
    3. S Jonathan Cyprien
    4. WR Robert Woods
    5. OLB Jamie Collins

    Round 3
    1. WR Ryan Swope
    2. S TJ Mcdonald
    3. RB Knile Davis
    4. RB Christine Michael
    5. OLB Trevardo Williams

    Round 4
    1. OL Barrett Jones
    2. OLB John Simon
    3. ILB John Bostic
    4. ILB Andrew Jackson
    5. TE Travis Kelce

  • HJ

    quick favor, Dave could you please unblock me from twitter, you have the best steeler twitter account. I guess you blocked me by accident during the steelers playoff loss last year.. thank you

  • 1. Kenny Vaccaro
    Jonathan Cooper
    Tavon Austin
    Xavier Rhodes
    Alec Ogletree
    2. LeVeon Bell
    Justin Hunter
    DeAndre Hopkins
    Jonathan Cyprien
    Kyle Long
    3 Phillip Thomas
    Jonathan Franklin
    Tyrann Mathieu
    Jamie Collins
    Stedman Bailey
    4. Cornelius Washington
    Jordan Reed
    John Simon
    Kiki Alonso
    Marcus Lattimore

  • Luke Shabro

    Great website, great podcast. You and David T. rock. Here’s my projection which won’t come true at all. Cheers
    1st Round

    1.Jarvis Jones OLB
    2.Jonathan Cooper G
    3.Kenny Vaccaro SS
    4.Barkevious Mingo OLB
    5. Keenan Allen WR

    2nd Round

    1.Robert Woods WR
    2. Eric Reid S
    3. De’Andre Hopkins, WR
    4. Zach Ertz TE
    5. Kevin Minter ILB

    3rd Round

    1.Montee Ball RB
    2.Quinton Patton WR
    3.Travis Kelce TE
    4.T.J. McDonald FS
    5.Jonathan Cyprien SS

    4th Round
    1.Jordan Reed TE
    2.Marcus Lattimore RB
    3.John Simon, OLB
    4.Tyler Bray QB
    5.Kiko Alonso ILB

  • JG4

    Round 1- 1. Tyler Eifert, 2. Kenny Vaccaro, 3. Jarvis Jones, 4. Jonathan Cyprien, 5.Jesse Williams

    Round 2- 1. Jaime Collins, 2. Kevin Minter, 3. Khaseem Greene, 4. John Jenkins, 5. Quinton Patton

    Round 3- 1. Jonathan Franklin, 2. Phillip Thomas, 3. Jon Bostic, 4. Terrence Williams, Tyrann Mathieu

    Round 4- 1. Tony Jefferson, 2. LeVeon Bell, 3. Brian Schwenke, 4. BW Webb, 5.Marquise Goodwin


    Round 1:
    1) OG Jonathan Cooper (North Carolina)
    2) OG Chance Warmack (Alabama)
    3) WR/RB Tavon Austin (WV)
    4) WR DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson)
    5) OLB Jarvis Jones (Georgia)

    Round 2:
    1) WR Terrance Williams (Baylor)
    2) RB Christine Michael (Texas A&M)
    3) TE Travis Kelce (Cincinnati)
    4) SS DJ Swearinger (South Carolina)
    5) CB Rob Alford (Southeastern Louisiana)

    Round 3:
    1) CB/S Tyrann Matthew (LSU)
    2) WR Da’Rick Rogers (Tennessee Tech)
    3) SS Duke Williams (Nevada)
    4) CB BW Webb (William & Mary)
    5) ILB Kevin Reddick (North Carolina)

    Round 4:
    1) OLB Michael Buchanan (Illinois)
    2) RB Ray Graham (Pitt)
    3) CB Sanders Commings (Georgia)
    4) FS Bacarri Rambo (Georgia)
    5) WR Corey Fuller (Virginia Tech)

  • SteelerFanInMD

    THis is a little late , but here’s my picks:

    Round 1.

    1) vaccaro ss tex
    2) cooper og unc
    3) warmack og ala
    4) jones de ucla
    5) lotulelei dt utah

    Round 2.

    1) Lacy rb ala
    2) reid fs lsu
    3) williams wr baylor
    4) wood wr usc
    5) jones de ucla

    Round 3.

    1) thomas fs fresno st
    2) williams wr bay
    3) simon olb osu
    4) moore olb uconn
    5) ryan cb rut

    Round 4.
    1) king wr geo
    2) wreh-williams cb uconn
    3) taylor rb stanford
    4) dysert qb mia-oh
    5) mcdonald fs usc

  • moderatelysane

    OK Dave. I love this exercise. This is a lot more meaningful than just a straight mock, and more thought-provoking. I’ll take a crack at it. I suspect my 3rd and 4th rounds may have a twinge of optimism, but there’s alot of dumb teams in the NFL that let talent slip farther than it should. Here goes:

    1st round: Vaccaro, Keenan Allen, Barkevious
    Mingo, Deandre Hopkins, Jonathan Hankins

    2nd round: Deandre Hopkins, Robert Woods, Arthur
    Brown, Eddy Lacy, Damontre Moore

    3rd round: Quentin Patton, Gio Bernard, Jonathan
    Cyprien, Corey Lemonier, Sam Montgomery

    4th round: John Simon, JJ Wilcox, Marcus
    Lattimore, Markus Wheaton, Stepfan Taylor

  • moderatelysane

    Wow! It can’t be easy to get blocked by dave. LOL.

  • $19122620

    Round 1: (1) Jarvis Jones, (2) Kenny Vaccaro, (3) Arthur Brown, (4) Tyler Eifert, (5) Jonathan Cyrien.

    Round 2: (1) Jonathan Franklin, (2) Eddie Lacy, (4) Montee Ball, (4) Jamie Collins, (5) Sio Moore.

    Round 3: (1) Christine Michael (2) Le’Veon Bell, (3) Blidi Wreh-Wilson, (4) Phillip Thomas, (5) Shamarko Thomas.

    Round 4: (1) Josh Boyce, (2) Tavarres King, (3) John Simon, (4) Tharold Simon, (5) Duke Williams.