Steelers NT Steve McLendon Official Contract Numbers

An agent friend has passed along the contract numbers of the three-year, $7.25 million contract signed Thursday by Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Steve McLendon and they are a little different from my original guess.

McLendon\’s base salaries for all three years are as follows: 2013 $900,000, 2014 $2,425,000 2015 $2,250,000. The salary cap charges for McLendon in all three years are set to be 2013 $1,458,333, 2014 2,983,333, 2015 2,808,334.

McLendon was previously scheduled to count $1.323 million against the 2013 cap under because of his restricted tender, and his new contract only increases that amount by $135,333.

Now that the contract has been filed with the NFLPA, the Steelers currently have $607,427.00 in available cap space at their disposal.

  • NW86

    So it didn’t make the current cap situation quite as tight as we thought. It makes 2014-2015 a little bit bigger of a hit, but still not bad if he remains a starter. I still think this is a very good contract for the Steelers.

  • zyzak

    Still don’t know what the attraction is to McLendon?

  • steeltown

    An increase of $135,000 from his tender amount… brilliant

  • walter mason

    Hes an upgrade over Hood.

  • For the presumed starting Nose Tackle, all I can say is the wrath of Kahn strikes again. This is absolute value for the position as it relates to a 3-4 scheme!

  • alex

    we need more value out of our $10Million men as we will get from this one $2Million man…

  • alex

    are we looking to get compensatory picks for Mendy, Wallace, and KLewis next year? (one first rounder and two third rounders)

  • Barcat

    We will recieve compensatory picks for sure, but not a first round, there are 32 compensatory picks handed out each year, and they do not start until round 3. Then there is some crazy formula that equates the guys you lost versus the guys that you picked up in FA. Never a first rounder unfortunately…

  • Barcat

    I agree Shea, Hampton did an awesome job for us all those years, but he sure got paid to so it…if McClendon can offer some much needed help with the pass rush and improve his run stopping skills, he could be great.

  • David Edward

    Good contract structure and overall good value for starting NT if he plays like most think he is capable.